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[00:00:21 UTC] pacific_blue: should be able to loop it...?
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[00:09:47 UTC] frogor: Aww, you don't want to list my pyMacWarranty?
[00:09:49 UTC] frogor: :)
[00:10:07 UTC] frogor: Admittedly, my model list is out of date.
[00:10:11 UTC] frogor: But mine also works offline.
[00:10:34 UTC] frogor: Guess I could update that.
[00:10:49 UTC] frogor: pacific_blue: If you know python, mine can do bulk lookup
[00:11:14 UTC] frogor: Oh right, I added non-python bulk lookup as well
[00:12:27 UTC] frogor: Such an odd day today.
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[00:15:17 UTC] gneagle: frogor: didn't list yours (but almost) did because it hasn;t been updated in a while and I wasn't sure it still worked.
[00:15:30 UTC] frogor: Yeah. I'll have to give it some love.
[00:15:36 UTC] gneagle: Plus the original request was for pretty model names, not warranty info
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[00:16:10 UTC] gneagle: later
[00:16:19 UTC] frogor: ciao
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[00:18:51 UTC] frogor: gneagle: Guess I need a list ;)
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[00:23:21 UTC] pacific_blue: frogor if it makes you feel better, I'll use yours when i don't have a deadline for it.
[00:23:27 UTC] frogor: lol
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[00:29:00 UTC] ctdawe: Hello all.
[00:30:49 UTC] adamcodega: hey hey
[00:31:25 UTC] adamcodega: ctdawe: Ruckus demo starts next week.
[00:31:48 UTC] ctdawe: adamcodega I'd to hear more. I'm likely to apply to join their partner program.
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[00:32:15 UTC] adamcodega: Cool.
[00:32:23 UTC] adamcodega: We're working with a local company.
[00:32:30 UTC] ctdawe: Also looking for anyone who runs a Digital Asset Management server.
[00:32:40 UTC] ctdawe: adamcodega That's cool. Where are you located?
[00:32:48 UTC] adamcodega: Rhode Island.
[00:33:29 UTC] ctdawe: I don't know anyone in that neck of the woods, but tbridge is a Ruckus partner and would likely be willing to give you feedback as well.
[00:33:30 UTC] JustinEsgar: adamcodega: where in RI?
[00:33:45 UTC] adamcodega: JustinEsgar: capitol city
[00:34:03 UTC] JustinEsgar: providence?
[00:34:05 UTC] JustinEsgar: I went to URI
[00:34:08 UTC] adamcodega: ctdawe: cool, we have a pretty good crew I feel, experience using the product in different deploys.
[00:34:10 UTC] adamcodega: JustinEsgar: Nice.
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[00:34:25 UTC] JustinEsgar: not really :)
[00:34:28 UTC] adamcodega: Hah.
[00:34:33 UTC] JustinEsgar: when i went there that place sucked
[00:34:37 UTC] adamcodega: How long ago?
[00:35:03 UTC] ctdawe: I've got a drinking buddy out here who went to URI, I think.
[00:35:16 UTC] JustinEsgar: i was there 98-2002
[00:35:37 UTC] adamcodega: Hmm
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[00:36:19 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: i have a bunch of DAMs
[00:36:26 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: and i wouldnt recommend anything
[00:36:38 UTC] adamcodega: mosen: Damn.
[00:36:43 UTC] ctdawe: mosen That's the impression that I get.
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[00:36:49 UTC] JustinEsgar: damn DAMs
[00:37:02 UTC] ctdawe: mosen Got a customer who went with Expression Media back when Microsoft was going to break into that digital media business.
[00:37:06 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: im about ready to just roll a custom DAM :)
[00:37:09 UTC] ctdawe: mosen Now they're stuck.
[00:37:20 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: ahhh right
[00:37:35 UTC] ctdawe: This is a customer who took three years to upgrade their web site. I'm not going to suggest a custom solution.
[00:37:43 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: then, portfolio i guess
[00:38:03 UTC] JustinEsgar: the issue with DAM's is you are locked
[00:38:06 UTC] JustinEsgar: when you pick one
[00:38:08 UTC] JustinEsgar: you have to hope for the best
[00:38:10 UTC] mosen: yep
[00:38:15 UTC] JustinEsgar: it's like a database program
[00:38:17 UTC] JustinEsgar: you pick filemaker
[00:38:19 UTC] ctdawe: Or you build your own database.
[00:38:20 UTC] ctdawe: Right.
[00:38:22 UTC] JustinEsgar: and boom you are fucked for life
[00:38:30 UTC] ctdawe: I worked for a company for a while that pushed Cumulus.
[00:38:42 UTC] ctdawe: We sold a bunch of it but never made it clear to the customers that it required work.
[00:38:56 UTC] ctdawe: They'd send me out to install it, and of course I could get it installed.
[00:39:14 UTC] ctdawe: But tagging your half a million images with metadata? Yeah, I hope you have somebody for that.
[00:39:24 UTC] JustinEsgar: taskrabbit
[00:40:18 UTC] ctdawe: mosen Any recent experience with Cumulus?
[00:40:51 UTC] JustinEsgar: ya know 10.9 server is great when it works
[00:40:59 UTC] JustinEsgar: but if you have a problem troubleshooting it is a bitch
[00:41:09 UTC] ctdawe: JustinEsgar That's a hell of a caveat.
[00:41:20 UTC] JustinEsgar: got some weird shit happening at aclient
[00:41:28 UTC] JustinEsgar: honestly i think it's b/c the server is out of physical ram
[00:41:46 UTC] JustinEsgar: but users in InDesign working directly off the server - randomly the sharepoint will disconnect
[00:41:50 UTC] JustinEsgar: and then Indesign crashes
[00:42:34 UTC] ctdawe: I had one last week claimed that there were 10,000 users connected to the file server.
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[00:42:48 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: no, we had a few demos
[00:42:57 UTC] JustinEsgar: ctdawe: yeah today i saw 33 users connected
[00:43:02 UTC] JustinEsgar: there's only 14 people in the office
[00:43:13 UTC] JustinEsgar: someone/somehow connected with a different internal IP like 15 times
[00:43:15 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: it didnt really seem to go anywhere even in the space of 5 years
[00:43:24 UTC] ctdawe: mosen Cumulus?
[00:43:25 UTC] JustinEsgar: but everyone is gone now, and i rebooted the box - still maxing out on ram
[00:43:38 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: yeah.. although that was only first impressions :) i could be wrong
[00:44:06 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: plus they had their own database i think?
[00:44:49 UTC] ctdawe: Closest Canto partners are in California.
[00:45:50 UTC] ctdawe: mosen As opposed to something reasonably accessible at the back end of Portfolio?
[00:46:08 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: only if you bought into the portfolio sql extension, which is now $$$
[00:46:27 UTC] ctdawe: This is going to be a bundle of fun, I can see that already.
[00:46:33 UTC] JustinEsgar: i'm gonna disable the acount that was logged in multiple times - it's a freelancer account so i wanna see who's fucking up
[00:46:47 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: the pricing jumps about 50k to use sql
[00:46:59 UTC] ctdawe: HAHAHAHAHAHA
[00:47:32 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: I hated extensis so much, I wanted to write a DAM out of spite
[00:48:05 UTC] ctdawe: Technology issues, or vendor behavior issues, or both?
[00:49:27 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: once they got taken over, the pricing skyrocketed, and the support didnt exist
[00:49:53 UTC] ctdawe: And so you're rolling your own?
[00:50:24 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: not at the moment, im just using OSS projects, to fill the void albeit not well :)
[00:51:05 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: but I actually couldn't get approval because the price brackets changed on portfolio so that our license went from 10k to something around 90k
[00:51:20 UTC] ctdawe: Wow.
[00:51:28 UTC] ctdawe: Are you at an agency of some kind?
[00:51:31 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: yup
[00:52:02 UTC] mosen: for the moment we just live with half a dam
[00:52:27 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: if you find one that works well, let me know :)
[00:53:11 UTC] ctdawe: I'll plan to let you know if I learn anything new. I already know this customer is going to balk at the $2K price for the entry level portfolio server.
[00:53:32 UTC] ctdawe: As Apple says, thanks for the input.
[00:53:44 UTC] ctdawe: But it's actually helpful in that I know now not to look for miracles.
[00:53:47 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: sorry, the whole DAM industry is a wasteland
[00:54:28 UTC] mosen: ctdawe: previously one of our clients paid a company to do a really horrible coldfusion implementation (what year is it??) and it was multiple thousands per month :)
[00:55:19 UTC] ctdawe: Yeah, I know someone here in Seattle who was with a company that was rolling their own internally and talking about selling it to their customers.
[00:55:33 UTC] ctdawe: He said that it was unsellable to anyone sober.
[00:56:36 UTC] mosen: haha, luckily it really doesnt take much to exceed the already low standards of dam systems
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[01:00:11 UTC] ctdawe: Any chance you've run across Picturepark?
[01:01:00 UTC] mosen: nope, havent seen it
[01:01:31 UTC] ctdawe: Cool.
[01:04:11 UTC] mosen: good features
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[01:07:49 UTC] ctdawe: Really what the customer wants is a library of photos that's accessible by multiple concurrent users, and it's going to be a bit of work to explain to them that this is more complicated than they think it is.
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[01:09:55 UTC] mosen: yeah, especially for such a simple use case
[01:10:51 UTC] mosen: there are a lot of single user ones that are like that. unfortunately.
[01:21:03 UTC] bruienne: evening
[01:21:20 UTC] bruienne: man I almost lost access to my icloud account
[01:21:34 UTC] bruienne: someone must've been trying to access it and it got locked out
[01:22:04 UTC] bruienne: I turned on TFA a while back and it looked like I didn't have the recovery key
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[06:06:04 UTC] dokihara: Wow some people come here pretty late
[06:06:58 UTC] danajc: late night maintenance :(
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[06:16:14 UTC] kbotnen: hmm.. 10.9.3 update today, exciting.
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[06:24:43 UTC] Creops: .
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[06:38:19 UTC] Mac_Write: How do I set up a group of tasks to run as a set? I tried adding to the folder but no go for list of computers
[06:40:56 UTC] Mac_Write: I need to do Logout current user, run software update, restart
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[08:43:45 UTC] squirke: morning all
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[09:08:49 UTC] Hesan: Morning y'all
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[09:31:22 UTC] Aniceton: Hello, anyone lese got memory leaks with 10.9.x running server app with profile manager?
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[11:40:57 UTC] Aniceton: so none got memory leaks with 10.9.x?
[11:41:28 UTC] MagerValp: it's been out for what, 12 hours? and the US is still asleep
[11:42:01 UTC] Aniceton: I have had memory leaks for few weaks now
[11:42:15 UTC] MagerValp: oh sorry, misread it as 10.9.3
[11:42:16 UTC] Aniceton: after updating server app I belive to latest version
[11:42:31 UTC] Aniceton: its killing me :(
[11:42:40 UTC] MagerValp: yeah we gave up on PM after 10.8
[11:42:50 UTC] MagerValp: once we reached ~600 clients it just imploded
[11:43:01 UTC] Aniceton: I think its PM
[11:43:17 UTC] MagerValp: especially if you sign your profiles the clients effectively DDoS the server
[11:43:29 UTC] Aniceton: yeah profiles are signed
[11:43:38 UTC] MagerValp: how many clients?
[11:43:48 UTC] Aniceton: around 60
[11:43:57 UTC] MagerValp: shouldn't be terrible then
[11:43:59 UTC] Aniceton: gonna be 400 soon
[11:44:04 UTC] MagerValp: yeah that's not good
[11:44:19 UTC] MagerValp: migrate away from PM before that
[11:44:28 UTC] Aniceton: its just terrible, virtaul memory 75GB Swap 30Gb and it dies
[11:44:30 UTC] MagerValp: we moved to Absolute Manage for profile management, has been working well
[11:44:51 UTC] MagerValp: also https://code.google.com/p/lion-computer-profiles-handler/
[11:45:03 UTC] MagerValp: ^- just drop your profiles in a package
[11:46:21 UTC] Aniceton: its been working nicly on ML
[11:46:28 UTC] Aniceton: 10.9 ruined it for me
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[12:12:07 UTC] adamcodega: The morning has returned yet again.
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[12:35:30 UTC] dknuth: hmorning guys
[12:35:33 UTC] dknuth: hey MagerValp
[12:35:39 UTC] dknuth: hey adamcodega
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[12:37:09 UTC] adamcodega: Aye.
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[12:43:06 UTC] adamcodega: I was testing speakerphones earlier and was using this to do so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aELcXyjpts
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[12:46:21 UTC] adamcodega: I find it interesting that desk.com doesn't even use the stupid desk.com email themes in their support.
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[12:58:38 UTC] donmontalvo: Interesting..."Junki": https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=10636
[12:58:43 UTC] patgmac: MagerValp: you around?
[12:59:14 UTC] Allister: patgmac: were you curious about AutoDMG?
[12:59:29 UTC] Allister: we updated the profiles yesterday
[12:59:40 UTC] *** Golby has joined ##osx-server
[13:00:11 UTC] patgmac: Allister: yes. Getting an error with latest AutoDMG and newly d/led 10.9.3…
[13:00:24 UTC] Allister: k, what's the error?
[13:00:48 UTC] patgmac: "Failed to mount /Apps/Install OS X Mavericks.app/contents/sharedsupport/installesd.dmg"
[13:01:03 UTC] Allister: you're lowercasing stuff as shorthand?
[13:01:26 UTC] MagerValp: I'm guessing it's already mounted for some reason
[13:01:27 UTC] MagerValp: hdiutil info
[13:01:41 UTC] MagerValp: (or just quit all apps and reboot the machine)
[13:01:43 UTC] patgmac: I rebooted
[13:01:49 UTC] *** eholtam has joined ##osx-server
[13:01:50 UTC] patgmac: allister: yes
[13:01:53 UTC] patgmac: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16148095/Screen%20Shot%202014-05-16%20at%209.01.18%20AM.png
[13:02:22 UTC] MagerValp: what does hdiutil info tell you?
[13:03:25 UTC] adamcodega: donmontalvo: yep saw that too.. hadn't had a chance to watch all of the video.
[13:04:11 UTC] patgmac: MagerValp: no mountable file systems. I'll try to re-download.
[13:04:23 UTC] Golby: Morning
[13:04:38 UTC] MagerValp: why not check hdiutil info first?
[13:05:00 UTC] MagerValp: it's a common error if the dmg is already mounted
[13:05:28 UTC] *** gmarnin has joined ##osx-server
[13:05:41 UTC] patgmac: MagerValp: it shows no mention of it. And I rebooted so it shouldn't be mounted.
[13:05:58 UTC] MagerValp: and if you manually try to attach the dmg in the finder?
[13:06:38 UTC] patgmac: no mountable file systems
[13:06:42 UTC] MagerValp: ah
[13:06:43 UTC] *** Mikedodge04 has joined ##osx-server
[13:06:44 UTC] MagerValp: well then
[13:06:45 UTC] patgmac: it's borked
[13:06:47 UTC] MagerValp: yeah
[13:07:02 UTC] patgmac: I should have tested that first :-)
[13:07:26 UTC] patgmac: But just updated AutoDMG so I immediately suspected that. I'm sorry for ever doubting you. ;-)
[13:07:27 UTC] Allister: patgmac confirmed the Users changed to /777 symptom
[13:07:39 UTC] patgmac: I did not
[13:07:47 UTC] patgmac: That was the other guy that replied to me
[13:07:58 UTC] Allister: I mean I just did on a clean image
[13:08:05 UTC] Allister: not -R, but 777
[13:08:17 UTC] patgmac: eww
[13:08:34 UTC] patgmac: did this not happen to anyone on the latest seed?
[13:08:40 UTC] Allister: /Lib and /Lib/Java also has issues
[13:08:48 UTC] MagerValp: yeah, /Users is 01777 on my mac pro, updated from MAS
[13:08:53 UTC] MagerValp: and hidden
[13:09:05 UTC] patgmac: damn
[13:09:49 UTC] Allister: haven't noticed hidden yet
[13:09:54 UTC] Golby: I just updated from MAS and i'm just noticing the same
[13:10:02 UTC] patgmac: Makes me feel like testing the betas was for nothing if Apple is sneaking last second changes into the final
[13:10:03 UTC] Golby: But I updated another machine yesterday and didn't see it
[13:10:06 UTC] MagerValp: I think it's limited to MAS deltas
[13:10:09 UTC] MagerValp: but I haven't verified
[13:10:26 UTC] Allister: inconsistency is the worst part
[13:10:32 UTC] patgmac: I've updated 3 so far and haven't seen it. All from MAS. Going to try some combo's from AM next.
[13:10:39 UTC] Golby: Both of my updates so far were MAS deltas
[13:10:45 UTC] eholtam: I have two machines with the seeds and neither show the Users issue
[13:10:57 UTC] MagerValp: no seed here
[13:10:58 UTC] eholtam: anyone look at the logs of those affected yet?
[13:11:08 UTC] Allister: well kindof who cares about the /Users
[13:11:17 UTC] Allister: 777 is BAAAAAAD
[13:11:21 UTC] eholtam: Users
[13:11:24 UTC] MagerValp: well it's 01777
[13:11:27 UTC] MagerValp: sticky bit is set
[13:11:55 UTC] Allister: sticky bit wasn't set on /Users/Shared I just looked at
[13:12:05 UTC] *** hfike has joined ##osx-server
[13:12:19 UTC] MagerValp: oh, true
[13:12:24 UTC] MagerValp: my bad
[13:12:50 UTC] Allister: nah, different deal, /Lib/Java being admin group instead of root....
[13:13:17 UTC] Allister: and 775 instead of 755
[13:13:28 UTC] Allister: seems kindof doh
[13:13:57 UTC] *** hansen_m has joined ##osx-server
[13:14:03 UTC] Golby: Allister on my machine that had hidden Users /Lib/Java is set properly but the machine that did not have the hidden Users java is set wrong.
[13:14:05 UTC] bruienne: howdy
[13:14:21 UTC] bruienne: so this hiding folders thing is more than just an anomaly
[13:14:21 UTC] Allister: bruienne: welcome to the crisis room
[13:14:25 UTC] bruienne: great stuff
[13:14:37 UTC] bruienne: Allister: bring me up to speed, quickly
[13:14:43 UTC] Allister: ha
[13:14:47 UTC] * bruienne grabs a clipboard
[13:15:03 UTC] *** foigus has joined ##osx-server
[13:15:14 UTC] Allister: I literally can csshX to one of the 30 clients I've loaded into munki so far, this si no good
[13:15:18 UTC] bruienne: I'm going to need a ball of twine, a paperclip, three ping pong balls and an angle grinder
[13:15:21 UTC] bruienne: no time for questions!
[13:15:35 UTC] Allister: when I nod my head you hit it
[13:15:44 UTC] *** Comsystec has joined ##osx-server
[13:15:49 UTC] adamcodega: HAH!
[13:15:53 UTC] adamcodega: I love that line, Allister
[13:16:40 UTC] Allister: my coworker comes up and says 'fyi, I couldn't get an IP from wireless after I updated at home'
[13:16:47 UTC] Allister: and I'm like, I really don't care
[13:17:15 UTC] *** chrfr has joined ##osx-server
[13:17:42 UTC] adamcodega: Hah.
[13:17:43 UTC] *** Lincee has joined ##osx-server
[13:17:56 UTC] adamcodega: I troubleshot someone's home wi-fi
[13:17:58 UTC] foigus: Allister: While factual, your bedside manner could use work?
[13:18:01 UTC] adamcodega: Step one, delete saved Wi-Fi config
[13:18:14 UTC] adamcodega: Step two, tell them to call Verizon and get rid of this WEP foolishness
[13:18:20 UTC] Allister: foigus: y'think
[13:18:52 UTC] *** crcaterham has joined ##osx-server
[13:19:53 UTC] adamcodega: Verizon, you so silly
[13:20:18 UTC] bruienne: "hit the bricks, loser."
[13:20:33 UTC] bruienne: it's the Nick Burns school of customer service
[13:20:44 UTC] adamcodega: I lo-ate those videos
[13:20:46 UTC] adamcodega: love/hate
[13:21:01 UTC] adamcodega: People watch stuff like IT Crowd and The Website is Down and don't understand who we're making fun of here.
[13:21:10 UTC] Allister: foigus: I had to rush out a re-image this AM and we didn't have enough info, machine got wiped before recording hostname, a little more stressful than a Friday should be
[13:21:19 UTC] *** dgretch has joined ##osx-server
[13:21:35 UTC] Allister: but, coffee works
[13:21:48 UTC] *** dgretch has parted ##osx-server
[13:21:49 UTC] eholtam: gone are the days of testing before deploying?
[13:22:01 UTC] Allister: meh
[13:22:12 UTC] adamcodega: eholtam: the test is the deploy, the deploy is the test
[13:22:31 UTC] Allister: the way they think the meme goes is 'I don't _often_ test my code...'
[13:22:34 UTC] foigus: Where's Bill O'Reilly when you need him...
[13:23:40 UTC] *** rustymyers has joined ##osx-server
[13:23:43 UTC] eholtam: http://i.imgur.com/0UGRarR.jpg
[13:24:03 UTC] adamcodega: now my head hurts eholtam
[13:24:20 UTC] *** gneagle has joined ##osx-server
[13:24:23 UTC] eholtam: adamcodega, it's Friday, that's expected
[13:24:30 UTC] adamcodega: Truth.
[13:25:34 UTC] adamcodega: How many changes can I do in one Friday.
[13:25:36 UTC] rustymyers: anyone know if there is a tool/method for setting up Repesado/Margarita for multi-site environments, where groups of admins would have permissions to personal catalogs?
[13:25:43 UTC] * dknuth hands adamcodega some advil
[13:25:45 UTC] rustymyers: adamcodega: all the changes!
[13:25:59 UTC] Allister: rustymyers: 'personal'?
[13:26:04 UTC] eholtam: if you do change be sure not to document because Friday
[13:26:21 UTC] gneagle: @rustymyers: Trying to understnad exactly what you are trying to do.
[13:26:28 UTC] patgmac: rustymyers: ah, de-centralized IT? Sounds familiar.
[13:26:35 UTC] adamcodega: rustymyers: just flush every config in JSS
[13:26:38 UTC] *** thoule has joined ##osx-server
[13:26:57 UTC] gneagle: rustymyers: Why not just have each group set up their own Repesado/Margarita server?
[13:27:07 UTC] gneagle: Or Reposado
[13:27:30 UTC] Allister: well cascading wouldn't necessarily be a *bad* idea...
[13:27:37 UTC] gneagle: Each can then be managed by each group as they see fit.
[13:27:51 UTC] gneagle: Cascading just adds complexity here.
[13:27:59 UTC] rustymyers: gneagle: we're looking to see if providing a central service would be benefitial, and possible. So that other units do not have to run their own servers, unless they wish to.
[13:28:11 UTC] gneagle: So do that.
[13:28:24 UTC] gneagle: And any group that doesn't want the central one can run their own.
[13:28:30 UTC] rustymyers: provide a single catalog for all groups?
[13:28:35 UTC] patgmac: gneagle: but he wants to give them some control
[13:28:39 UTC] gneagle: No need for any integration
[13:28:55 UTC] *** tbridge has joined ##osx-server
[13:28:58 UTC] rustymyers: yes, we want them to be able to use the service to their needs, without mandating catalogs
[13:29:04 UTC] gneagle: Too complex for such a simple thing
[13:29:05 UTC] adamcodega: ACLs
[13:29:20 UTC] gneagle: Make a thousand branch catalogs, then
[13:29:34 UTC] gneagle: Each group can have ten of their own
[13:30:06 UTC] patgmac: gneagle: he probably also needs to ensure each business unit can't mess with another biz unit's branches.
[13:30:12 UTC] rustymyers: patgmac: yes
[13:30:17 UTC] patgmac: (I work in a similar env)
[13:30:19 UTC] gneagle: And might I point out: it's Python. Fork it and do what you want.
[13:30:35 UTC] rustymyers: we can set up a server that allows everyone in, but it allows them to manage all the catalogs
[13:30:55 UTC] bruienne: setup multiple reposado instances, with one data store in the back
[13:31:05 UTC] rustymyers: gneagle: sure, just wanted to see if anything existed before ventruing on our own. don't want to reinvent the wheel
[13:31:15 UTC] * dknuth forks coffee, adds irish
[13:31:24 UTC] FireAllianceNX: morning folks
[13:31:36 UTC] * FireAllianceNX would like some Irish too.
[13:31:46 UTC] gneagle: No one has built anything like that to my knowledge.
[13:31:53 UTC] *** russeller has joined ##osx-server
[13:31:54 UTC] rustymyers: bruienne: would be possible, but could grow to be unmanagable?
[13:31:59 UTC] * dknuth hands FireAllianceNX some irish coffee
[13:32:28 UTC] patgmac: rustymyers: would be slightly better than multiple servers though
[13:32:29 UTC] FireAllianceNX: w00t, donut fridays + coffee
[13:32:41 UTC] bruienne: rustymyers: possibly, you'd have to figure out the separation of maintaining the different frontends vs. the payloads
[13:33:16 UTC] FireAllianceNX: hmmm wonder why The Luggage can't copy the payload back to the folder where the Makefile is from its own temp dir
[13:33:37 UTC] gneagle: Depending on your bandwidth/Akamai config, you could just have each group have their own reposado instance _without_ a backend datastore -- just use Apple's.
[13:33:38 UTC] patgmac: afk
[13:33:57 UTC] jaharmi: rustymyers: the closest i've seen is multiple servers with branch information synchronized
[13:34:45 UTC] jaharmi: apple's CDN Is the backend, but that doesn't distribute administrative control the way you're talking about
[13:34:51 UTC] diwanicki: AppleCare still has the best hold music, +1 for curation and QJ's
[13:35:00 UTC] gmarnin: Sometime like Mandrill for Reposado
[13:35:38 UTC] adamcodega: http://blog.uberconference.com/hold-music-songs/
[13:35:45 UTC] gneagle: gmarnin: ?
[13:35:49 UTC] *** Tecnico1931 has joined ##osx-server
[13:36:13 UTC] Tecnico1931: http://munkiforjamf.github.io/junki/
[13:36:37 UTC] gmarnin: Mandrill is a multi-user web front-end for managing a Munki repository. Isn't that what rustymyers is looking for but for Reposado?
[13:36:38 UTC] foigus: diwanicki: Back when I was employed by a AASP, I remember Apple's holiday mix of music. It was great--not the same dozen songs retreaded over and over and over
[13:37:11 UTC] *** bheinz has joined ##osx-server
[13:37:30 UTC] Allister: gmarnin: could be a similar paradigm
[13:37:33 UTC] gneagle: gmarnin: I don't think Mandrill gives multiple virtual munki servers
[13:37:38 UTC] adamcodega: Tecnico1931: donmontalvo and I were mentioning that earlier
[13:37:40 UTC] rustymyers: gmarnin: sounds about what we're looking to do
[13:37:47 UTC] gneagle: Which is close to what rustymyers seems to want
[13:37:55 UTC] gmarnin: Ok, close
[13:38:17 UTC] gmarnin: Call it a starting point
[13:38:27 UTC] Allister: rustymyers: if you have good links to a central server, and Mandrill delegates access maybe you don't need multiple instances
[13:38:44 UTC] bruienne: this could be put together with docker quite easily actually - setup a container that holds individual units' metadata and config, and a shared linked data storage container for the synced payloads
[13:38:57 UTC] Tecnico1931: @adamcodega i think is a very interesting work flow i been talking to the creator for over month about it
[13:39:23 UTC] jaharmi: Tecnico1931: it's an awfully long shell script
[13:39:25 UTC] bruienne: multiple containers can mount a storage-only container and access the data in it
[13:39:31 UTC] adamcodega: I still haven't gotten through the six minute demo video.
[13:39:35 UTC] Allister: ha
[13:39:53 UTC] Allister: spoiler: he thinks you need multiple updates to patch office, this is baaad
[13:39:59 UTC] rustymyers: Allister: I think we'd like to avoid multiple instances. I'm all for units wanting to run their own server, if they choose, but we're trying to fill the gap for units that have no desitre, or ability, to run their own server (as simple as it is).
[13:40:00 UTC] gneagle: bruienne: And then one person does `repoutil --purge--products all-deprecates` and another person screams
[13:40:30 UTC] gneagle: rustymyers: Yet those same people will be able to manage catalogs?
[13:40:36 UTC] Allister: gneagle: but if all they can manage is one catalog...
[13:40:38 UTC] gneagle: managing catalogs is the hard part
[13:40:47 UTC] rustymyers: gneagle: you have a good point, there
[13:41:09 UTC] Allister: Mandrill doesn't make that easier, necessarily, it's text-heavy
[13:41:19 UTC] Allister: (as far as I've seen)
[13:41:36 UTC] * dknuth mines rtrouton's git for filevault scripts
[13:41:46 UTC] gneagle: Stop talking about Mandrill, it has nothing to do with reposado
[13:41:54 UTC] adamcodega: Tecnico1931: I don't like manually updating software as a user, but I like the idea of it for larger programs that you don't want to be auto updating themselves.
[13:42:35 UTC] *** chrfr has joined ##osx-server
[13:42:41 UTC] jaharmi: 1291 lines
[13:43:13 UTC] gneagle: jaharmi: Don't count the lines of Python in Munki....
[13:44:26 UTC] adamcodega: We all need to become coax engineers or cable companies will continue to lie to us about cable modems and signal levels.
[13:45:00 UTC] dknuth: jaharmi: munki is subject to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.
[13:45:33 UTC] dknuth: you cannot observe how many lines of python are there while also making it work.
[13:45:47 UTC] *** justinrummel has joined ##osx-server
[13:45:48 UTC] donmontalvo: I like the name..."junki" is less racist.
[13:45:49 UTC] donmontalvo: <just saying>
[13:45:53 UTC] *** cvgs has joined ##osx-server
[13:45:53 UTC] *** dirkg has joined ##osx-server
[13:45:56 UTC] *** tvsutton has joined ##osx-server
[13:45:58 UTC] *** rystic has joined ##osx-server
[13:46:04 UTC] dknuth: "munki" is racist?
[13:46:07 UTC] dknuth: seriously?
[13:46:20 UTC] *** CaOsKid has joined ##osx-server
[13:46:34 UTC] donmontalvo: I've heard conversations about the name and logo. I don't think it is, but some do.
[13:46:57 UTC] donmontalvo: I mean "Casper" could be spun the same way. ;)
[13:46:58 UTC] *** mgilan has joined ##osx-server
[13:47:11 UTC] gneagle: I like the name, too: says "quality".
[13:47:12 UTC] *** swy has joined ##osx-server
[13:47:14 UTC] donmontalvo: "Junki" reminds me of my old car.
[13:47:19 UTC] *** jaharmi has joined ##osx-server
[13:47:29 UTC] donmontalvo: @gneagle: hahaha...good pernt
[13:47:53 UTC] adamcodega: gneagle: Lunki. Tunki. Funki. Let's keep this going.
[13:48:08 UTC] rustymyers: Spunki
[13:48:15 UTC] jaharmi: gneagle: completely agree on that, but it's more like software and less like a single giant script.
[13:49:11 UTC] jaharmi: the project is interesting in several ways. i do like how a response to not running other software that offers no certifications* is to write more software that offers no certifications
[13:49:16 UTC] adamcodega: xsZunki.
[13:49:30 UTC] gneagle: jaharmi: heh
[13:50:06 UTC] gneagle: maybe he's planning to offer cerifications.
[13:50:12 UTC] adamcodega: Time to give up on my mDP-DVI cable.
[13:50:18 UTC] gneagle: Nice scam if you can get away with it
[13:50:31 UTC] gneagle: like the commercial companies do
[13:50:52 UTC] jaharmi: gneagle: i have heard that it can be hard to win contracts without certifications in some geographies. for example, that's supposed to be one reason why Acquia is creating a line of Drupal certifications.
[13:51:21 UTC] gneagle: That's just sad.
[13:51:41 UTC] squirke: deskbeers have arrived - w00t!
[13:51:51 UTC] jaharmi: i think on the podcast where i heard this discussed, India and Europe were mentioned
[13:52:04 UTC] *** vmiller has joined ##osx-server
[13:52:30 UTC] donmontalvo: @jaharmi: Certs are definitely considered when companies are bidding on large contracts...usually when the company putting out the RFQ just wants to save money. Like the Four Seasons Restaurant hiring certified McDonalds "chefs" to reign in costs.
[13:52:36 UTC] dknuth: is there any documentation on deploystudio's plugins
[13:52:57 UTC] patgmac: dknuth: only thing I could find was mention of a sample plugin included in the download.
[13:53:02 UTC] gneagle: dknuth: "is there any documentation on deploystudio" there -fixed that for you
[13:53:28 UTC] dknuth: patgmac: love.
[13:53:30 UTC] hfike: i hope to test for my munki cert at PSU. I think the requirement to pass is to be able to buy gneagle a drink….plus $100
[13:53:38 UTC] dknuth: dammit, brain
[13:54:01 UTC] gneagle: hfike: I think the price established here earlier was $500.
[13:54:13 UTC] jaharmi: dknuth: muahahahahaha
[13:54:14 UTC] gneagle: No EDU discounts.
[13:54:18 UTC] hfike: the cert is just a selfie with gneagle
[13:54:20 UTC] adamcodega: student upcharge?
[13:54:31 UTC] donmontalvo: @hike: good one
[13:54:35 UTC] gneagle: In fact: certs for EDU people are $800
[13:54:39 UTC] hfike: gneagle i'll submit the PO right away
[13:54:48 UTC] dknuth: patgmac: well, that's better than nothing, i guess
[13:55:08 UTC] jaharmi: gneagle: that certainly seems like an increase increase over the last time i heard
[13:55:17 UTC] gneagle: Inflation
[13:55:19 UTC] jaharmi: darn autoduplication
[13:55:30 UTC] gneagle: Supply and demand
[13:55:40 UTC] gneagle: Market fluctuations
[13:55:47 UTC] gneagle: Cost of business adjustments
[13:56:35 UTC] hfike: gneagle especially when the internet pipes are clogged…have to pay for the internet fast lane
[13:57:21 UTC] *** satchel has joined ##osx-server
[13:57:41 UTC] mwohlgemuth: hi
[13:57:46 UTC] tbridge: man am I glad my hovercraft was ready for Hovercraft to Work Day
[13:59:26 UTC] squirke: tbridge: dammit - I missed that memo
[13:59:34 UTC] squirke: mine's still in the shop
[13:59:52 UTC] swy: rainy in DC, is it?
[14:00:12 UTC] tbridge: 3" overnight
[14:00:42 UTC] tbridge: including 1.5" between 5:30 and 6
[14:00:43 UTC] tbridge: er
[14:00:46 UTC] tbridge: 5:30 & 7
[14:00:48 UTC] tbridge: either way
[14:00:56 UTC] tbridge: my garden had a lot of puddles this morning
[14:01:00 UTC] tbridge: thankfully my basement did not
[14:01:25 UTC] hfike: tbridge my sump pump outside my garage has gotten a nice little work out the last few days
[14:02:01 UTC] adamcodega: Oh, I get it now. He took the J from JAMF.
[14:02:33 UTC] hfike: quick…where is that slowpoke png from yesterday???!
[14:02:47 UTC] *** Riddl0rd has joined ##osx-server
[14:03:04 UTC] hfike: adamcodega muwhahaha http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/jdeng/Images/Slowpoke.png
[14:03:12 UTC] *** Riddl0rd_ has joined ##osx-server
[14:03:23 UTC] adamcodega: Thanks
[14:03:28 UTC] adamcodega: I made it a HipChat emoticon too
[14:04:53 UTC] kujeger: why png when you can svg: http://kumini.kujeger.net/dump/Slowpoke_Slow_poke.svg
[14:05:35 UTC] Riddl0rd_: sup
[14:06:23 UTC] hfike: kujeger very nice
[14:06:24 UTC] *** satchel has parted ##osx-server
[14:07:09 UTC] gneagle: adamcodega: The M was already used, the A didn't really work. the F might have been an alternate choice.
[14:07:24 UTC] adamcodega: gneagle: Cunki oh wait nevermind
[14:07:27 UTC] bruienne: circling back on the docker + reposado thing - I'd be mounting the shared data container read-only, and having a master process in the data container take care of any syncing/purging
[14:07:28 UTC] adamcodega: Dunki!
[14:07:38 UTC] bruienne: such that there'd be no surprises with suddenly missing data
[14:07:39 UTC] adamcodega: Cause helping employees update their software is A SLAM DUNK!
[14:08:37 UTC] bruienne: now I'm intrigued.
[14:09:09 UTC] gneagle: bruienne: Don't even need the overhead of Docker for that.
[14:09:17 UTC] hfike: oh hai https://status.creativecloud.com/
[14:09:24 UTC] gneagle: Just apache virtual sites
[14:09:29 UTC] gneagle: Maybe not even that
[14:09:51 UTC] bruienne: yeah you can just point to a shared resource for the payloads
[14:09:59 UTC] bruienne: since it's separate in its config
[14:10:09 UTC] gneagle: http://sus.my.org/dept1/index.sucatalog, http://sus.my.org/dept2/index.sucatalog
[14:10:15 UTC] bruienne: right
[14:10:41 UTC] gneagle: Allow the admins to edit catalogs in dept1, dept2, etc
[14:11:26 UTC] gneagle: But the downloads are symlinked to a directory they can only read
[14:11:44 UTC] gneagle: only "reposado_root" can change that.
[14:14:13 UTC] gneagle: back later
[14:14:16 UTC] *** Comsystec has joined ##osx-server
[14:23:06 UTC] patgmac: Just checked 3 user machines that updated themselves to 10.9.3….2 of them have 777 for the Users dir.
[14:24:20 UTC] Frosh: Is it possible to ask apple to transfer the license of apple remote desktop from one account to another?
[14:24:35 UTC] patgmac: Frosh: from the MAS?
[14:24:43 UTC] Frosh: MAS?
[14:24:48 UTC] Frosh: The app store
[14:24:57 UTC] patgmac: yes, app store or retail?
[14:25:11 UTC] Frosh: retail?
[14:25:19 UTC] Frosh: I thought there was only app store
[14:25:25 UTC] Frosh: from app store i think
[14:25:28 UTC] patgmac: Is the license from the Mac App Store or a retail boxed copy?
[14:25:34 UTC] hfike: I've only seen 1 user update themselves and /Users is drwxr-xr-x 6 root admin…should i be looking at that a different way?
[14:25:35 UTC] Frosh: apple store
[14:26:15 UTC] dirkg: i've seen it split between have the /Users dir hidden and not
[14:26:59 UTC] mwohlgemuth: ping grahamgilbert ?
[14:27:17 UTC] grahamgilbert: mwohlgemuth: what can I do for you?
[14:27:36 UTC] mwohlgemuth: i was wondering if you are managing ssh on your macs with puppet?
[14:27:42 UTC] grahamgilbert: I am
[14:27:46 UTC] Frosh: patgmac: would I just call apple?
[14:27:59 UTC] mwohlgemuth: basically i want to ensure the localadmin is part of com.apple.access_ssh
[14:28:05 UTC] mwohlgemuth: if someone removes it, add it back
[14:28:07 UTC] patgmac: Frosh: How much did you pay for it? That would narrow it down. Was it $50-ish or over $250?
[14:28:27 UTC] jaharmi: mwohlgemuth: possible to do that with a nopkg in munki using an installs key that checks membership, fwiw
[14:28:28 UTC] mwohlgemuth: if someone adds himself, dont overwrite that as long as the localadmin still has access
[14:28:32 UTC] Frosh: Apple Remote Desktop 79.99
[14:28:36 UTC] mwohlgemuth: jaharmi oh
[14:28:44 UTC] jaharmi: installcheck_script, i meant
[14:28:51 UTC] patgmac: Frosh: then you got it from the MAS. It's tied to an Apple ID.
[14:28:57 UTC] mwohlgemuth: i have a package, but i was looking for a continuous application hence my thought of puppet
[14:29:05 UTC] Frosh: Can I switch it out of that id and into another?
[14:29:18 UTC] Frosh: the person used his peersonal instead of the team id
[14:29:22 UTC] jaharmi: mwohlgemuth: not an unreasonable thought
[14:29:24 UTC] patgmac: Frosh: not that I'm aware but if anyone can do it, it's Apple.
[14:29:33 UTC] Riddl0rd_: is 10.9.3 save to install ?
[14:29:44 UTC] patgmac: Frosh: this is what VPP2 is intended for.
[14:29:46 UTC] grahamgilbert: mwohlgemuth: natewalck wrote a Class that will help you here https://github.com/dropbox/puppet-osx_utils/blob/master/manifests/add_user_to_group.pp
[14:29:55 UTC] mwohlgemuth: sweet
[14:29:57 UTC] mwohlgemuth: thanks!
[14:30:05 UTC] grahamgilbert: Make sure the group exists, then use that
[14:30:09 UTC] grahamgilbert: that's what I do
[14:30:24 UTC] patgmac: Frosh: technically, you're supposed to buy a copy for each tech, not share a team ID.
[14:30:42 UTC] patgmac: Frosh: but use VPP2 if you can so licenses can be revoked later if needed.
[14:31:15 UTC] hfike: i'm still using the boxed copy…updated via MAS
[14:31:47 UTC] patgmac: Frosh: unless in fact you did buy enough licenses (in volume from store.apple.com for instance) and just redeemed with a team ID.
[14:35:58 UTC] patgmac: It appears repairing permissions fixed the /Users folder.
[14:36:36 UTC] tvsutton: I haven't seen anything weird with /Users in my 10.9.3 delta
[14:36:36 UTC] *** Hork has parted ##osx-server
[14:37:00 UTC] swy: My home 10.9.3 was normal too. Updated like a regular consumer, via App Store.
[14:37:02 UTC] bruienne: if it fixes it then it's not the package BOM that's changing permissions/visibility
[14:37:03 UTC] hfike: patgmac does that persist after reboot?
[14:37:14 UTC] bruienne: because repair permissions goes by that info when it runs
[14:37:20 UTC] bruienne: something else stupid must be going on
[14:37:36 UTC] patgmac: hfike: Can't verify, user machines I was running commands on remotely.
[14:37:42 UTC] patgmac: Permissions differ on "Users"; should be drwxr-xr-x ; they are drwxrwxrwx
[14:37:42 UTC] patgmac: Repaired "Users"
[14:38:00 UTC] patgmac: It also fixed /Users/Shared
[14:38:10 UTC] patgmac: Permissions differ on "Users/Shared"; should be drwxrwxrwt ; they are drwxrwxrwx
[14:38:10 UTC] patgmac: Repaired "Users/Shared"
[14:38:10 UTC] adamcodega: Does anyone know if I boot off of an external drive, can I still check the hardware serial on a Mac?
[14:38:24 UTC] patgmac: adamcodega: yes
[14:38:28 UTC] bruienne: adamcodega: yes with system_profiler as usual
[14:38:34 UTC] mwohlgemuth: or ioreg
[14:38:42 UTC] bruienne: so many options
[14:38:48 UTC] adamcodega: Perfect thanks.
[14:40:54 UTC] mwohlgemuth: theres even a performance comparison here: http://www.jaharmi.com/2008/03/15/to_get_mac_serial_numbers_scripts_is_ioreg_or_system_profiler_faster
[14:41:16 UTC] adamcodega: Heh
[14:41:20 UTC] bruienne: that jaharmi - always benchmarking things
[14:41:29 UTC] tvsutton: acidprime might have you beat here: https://github.com/acidprime/serial
[14:41:31 UTC] patgmac: tvsutton: I haven't seen it either on machines I've updated, but I checked on users machines that updated themselves, presumably through MAS.
[14:41:41 UTC] adamcodega: jaharmi: i never showed you my hotel betting trick at the Hyatt
[14:42:08 UTC] Allister: the fact I'm getting it _intermittently_ with a clean image is super annoying
[14:42:19 UTC] bruienne: not surprising using IOKit is crap ton faster
[14:42:29 UTC] bruienne: system_profiler polls all the things
[14:42:37 UTC] mwohlgemuth: its the other way round?
[14:42:41 UTC] bruienne: Allister: for real?
[14:42:55 UTC] mwohlgemuth: with ioreg you need the extended -l option to get the serial number
[14:42:56 UTC] tvsutton: Permissions differ on “usr/lib/libruby.2.0.dylib”; should be lrwxrwxrwx ; they are lrwxr-xr-x .
[14:42:58 UTC] tvsutton: wtf?
[14:42:59 UTC] Allister: yup, same vintage, too
[14:43:06 UTC] mwohlgemuth: with ssystem_profiler you get the SN in the short version
[14:43:07 UTC] Allister: tvsutton: saw that too
[14:43:17 UTC] bruienne: staying away from this mess for now
[14:43:22 UTC] Allister: bruienne: (meaning model identifier)
[14:43:26 UTC] bruienne: even though it has some bug fixes we've been looking for
[14:43:33 UTC] bruienne: Allister: gotcha
[14:44:27 UTC] dwurster: So somebody's going to be selling Munki T-Shirts at MacAdmins, right?
[14:45:02 UTC] bruienne: dwurster: are they?
[14:45:23 UTC] dwurster: bruienne: that's why I'm asking...
[14:45:37 UTC] dwurster: Or stickers, at least?
[14:45:45 UTC] chrfr: patgmac: I posted what appears to be a fix for the invisible /Users on the Mac Enterprise list
[14:46:23 UTC] tvsutton: My daughter excitedly said "Monkey!" when she saw the munkibuilds.org page on my iPod the other day
[14:46:30 UTC] chrfr: repairing permissions and fixing visibility alone is not persistent across reboots; a PRAM reset appears to be required too
[14:47:18 UTC] patgmac: chrfr: well I sure as shit am not going to reset PRAM on all affected machines. That goes against my policy of never leaving my seat.
[14:47:22 UTC] Allister: tvsutton: かわいい
[14:48:10 UTC] chrfr: patgmac: fortunately (or unfortunately?) the only machines I support that had problems with /Users are ones within arm's reach
[14:48:29 UTC] chrfr: the other 100 or so upgraded smoothly
[14:48:40 UTC] patgmac: I will wait for 10.9.4 if I have to.
[14:48:55 UTC] patgmac: *wishes he had reposado*
[14:49:36 UTC] Allister: Riddl0rd_: there are only intermittent reports of perms issues
[14:50:07 UTC] Allister: so otherwise safe for public consumption, may want to preemptively run repairpermissions as a postflight
[14:50:32 UTC] *** satchel has joined ##osx-server
[14:51:09 UTC] Allister: I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen _removing_ the sticky bit from Shared with my own eyes
[14:51:32 UTC] Frosh: patgmac: looks like apple can't do that for me
[14:51:44 UTC] patgmac: The 2 machines I've seen so far that were affected still had correct perms on each user folder. Can you guys confirm that is the case?
[14:51:50 UTC] *** flammable has joined ##osx-server
[14:51:51 UTC] patgmac: Frosh: didn't think so
[14:52:03 UTC] Allister: patgmac: haven't seen 777 on any user folder
[14:52:07 UTC] tvsutton: I'm not clear on why resetting PRAM makes a difference..
[14:52:14 UTC] patgmac: tvsutton: me either
[14:52:20 UTC] chrfr: tvsutton, I'm not either
[14:52:25 UTC] patgmac: Allister: I might not be TOO concerned then
[14:53:13 UTC] bruienne: dwurster: http://bit.ly/1n1bzoR
[14:53:17 UTC] patgmac: I need to find an affected machine I can reboot (working from home today)
[14:53:41 UTC] tvsutton: bruienne beat me to it
[14:53:50 UTC] chrfr: on the MBP I tested, /Users went invisible again after I fixed visibility and permissions from recovery.
[14:53:52 UTC] bruienne: tvsutton: heh
[14:53:56 UTC] bruienne: sniped!
[14:53:57 UTC] chrfr: resetting PRAM fixed that
[14:54:01 UTC] patgmac: hmmm
[14:54:05 UTC] bruienne: we keep it classy, golf polos only
[14:54:15 UTC] Allister: bruienne: plus 1
[14:54:16 UTC] chrfr: I have two Minis at home with the problem so I'll experiment with those later tonight
[14:54:25 UTC] hfike: bruienne a bunch of people need to show up to PSU with those
[14:54:41 UTC] *** rustymyers has joined ##osx-server
[14:54:50 UTC] bruienne: hfike: buy one, $43!
[14:55:06 UTC] patgmac: back later
[14:55:35 UTC] bruienne: but we'd need to buy 25 at a time
[14:55:41 UTC] bruienne: one-off is $125, hah
[14:55:45 UTC] hfike: lol
[14:55:49 UTC] bruienne: $50 logo digitizing fee
[14:56:20 UTC] hfike: bruienne wait…wait….you have to digitize a png?
[14:56:32 UTC] hfike: do they require you to print it off and mail it in?
[14:56:35 UTC] Allister: hfike: artisanal bits
[14:56:49 UTC] bruienne: hfike: this particular one is embroidered
[14:56:50 UTC] hfike: Allister oh, that makes sense then...
[14:56:56 UTC] bruienne: told you, classy only
[14:56:59 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[14:57:27 UTC] bruienne: http://bit.ly/1n1co16 - go nuts
[14:57:54 UTC] hfike: Allister artisanal bits are 1,0, or mauve
[14:57:55 UTC] Frosh: patgmac: you think i can change the email on that account? say i lost that email address?
[14:59:44 UTC] *** tbridge has joined ##osx-server
[15:00:07 UTC] jaharmi: bruienne: potentially a lot has change since that benchmarking
[15:00:29 UTC] hfike: ok…i gotta admit, putting a serial number into CCP and having it validate, fetch, and build the pkg is pretty nice
[15:01:47 UTC] jaharmi: bruienne: now find the link to that design i did. go!
[15:03:01 UTC] dwurster: Man my munki shirt say "Top Banana" instead?
[15:03:09 UTC] *** gneagle has joined ##osx-server
[15:03:18 UTC] dwurster: s/Man/can
[15:03:33 UTC] bruienne: dwurster: anything within the 20 character limit apparently
[15:04:17 UTC] hfike: technically, if you have ever showed anyone how to use munki, your are a munki trainer.
[15:04:24 UTC] hfike: think i need to list that on my resume
[15:04:54 UTC] * dwurster gives hfike a golf-clap
[15:05:05 UTC] bruienne: if you get an influx of recruiters hounding you for 6 MONTH CONTRACT POSITION AS MUNKI ENGINEER - Munki has hit the big time
[15:05:26 UTC] gneagle: bruienne: Has that happened?
[15:05:42 UTC] bruienne: gneagle: no, I'm posing the question though
[15:05:54 UTC] bruienne: update your Linkedin/whatever profile
[15:07:27 UTC] bruienne: given that it's on my LI profile already and I've not gotten any offers, I guess it's not at critical mass yet
[15:07:54 UTC] *** Matloch has joined ##osx-server
[15:10:48 UTC] gneagle: FWIW: I checked 5 machines that updated to 10.9.3 (via Munki). All seem normal as far as /Users.
[15:11:32 UTC] *** Nick_ZWG has joined ##osx-server
[15:13:24 UTC] *** saibarspeis has joined ##osx-server
[15:14:58 UTC] *** Matloch has joined ##osx-server
[15:18:49 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[15:21:32 UTC] *** Comsystec has parted ##osx-server
[15:21:34 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I'm guessing gneagle just approved a whole bunch of pending autopkg emails?
[15:21:38 UTC] gneagle: tvsutton: Looks like autopkg-discuss wasn't notifying me about messages pending moderation. Bunch of older maeesahe
[15:21:42 UTC] gneagle: gah
[15:21:46 UTC] gneagle: You get it
[15:21:55 UTC] tvsutton: yeah
[15:22:04 UTC] bruienne: thanks for nothing, auto-correct
[15:22:24 UTC] Nick_ZWG: What, you don't use iMaeesahe to text fellow iPheueha users?
[15:22:48 UTC] tvsutton: gneagle: re: wiki docs, I updated your processors docs wiki script
[15:23:32 UTC] gneagle: munki-dev did this to me as well. I think Google Groups has some breakage
[15:24:10 UTC] *** JabbaDH has joined ##osx-server
[15:24:18 UTC] dwurster: Stupid question: Is there a 10.9.3 DMG available?
[15:24:24 UTC] hfike: gneagle that is why yahoo groups are far superior… said no one ever
[15:24:27 UTC] Allister: dwurster: DMG?
[15:24:31 UTC] Nick_ZWG: dwurster: In the App Store installer, yes
[15:24:32 UTC] hfike: dwurster MAS
[15:25:42 UTC] dwurster: can I d/l a 10.9.3 dmg from the MAS from a 10.9.2 mac?
[15:25:48 UTC] Allister: https://twitter.com/packagesdev/status/467317512372498432
[15:26:03 UTC] Nick_ZWG: dwurster: ...the Mac App store installer?
[15:26:15 UTC] Allister: if you mean InstallESD.DMG, nested inside the App, yes
[15:26:42 UTC] Allister: it will most likely say 'Hey, you're already on 10.9' but let you continue
[15:26:59 UTC] hfike: dwurster under purchases
[15:27:05 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[15:27:25 UTC] dwurster: the 10.9.2 box says 'hey man, 10.9.2 is already installed'...
[15:27:47 UTC] dwurster: if I click continue, will I get 10.9.2, or will I get 10.9.3?
[15:27:58 UTC] Nick_ZWG: You'll get 10.9.3
[15:28:09 UTC] Allister: if it says 10.9.3 in the right sidebar, that is
[15:28:10 UTC] dwurster: ok, thanks, that's what I wanted to konw.
[15:28:18 UTC] *** ologos has joined ##osx-server
[15:29:23 UTC] Nick_ZWG: FYI, the autopkg wiki has a slight formatting issue.
[15:29:38 UTC] Nick_ZWG: The list of processors on the right is compressed slightly too small, which gives "MunkiInstallsItemsCreato"
[15:29:38 UTC] Nick_ZWG: "r"
[15:29:53 UTC] gneagle: Blame GitHub
[15:30:03 UTC] Allister: yeah, they just did that 'Pages' sidebar thing
[15:30:04 UTC] tvsutton: GH recently made their Wikis slightly fancier
[15:30:22 UTC] tvsutton: What would be ideal would be if "Pages" could do nested lists like Google Code does.
[15:30:22 UTC] *** Comsystec has joined ##osx-server
[15:31:49 UTC] *** Mainegeek has joined ##osx-server
[15:32:29 UTC] Mainegeek: anyone using Open Directory and having an issues with users who are members of both group ard_interact and Mobile accounts?
[15:34:21 UTC] *** Comsystec has joined ##osx-server
[15:37:11 UTC] *** wildeep_ has joined ##osx-server
[15:37:38 UTC] *** gneagle has joined ##osx-server
[15:39:09 UTC] Allister: Mainegeek: issues being...? (Don't have OD, but curious)
[15:40:14 UTC] *** NoobSaibot_ has joined ##osx-server
[15:45:30 UTC] jaharmi: Mainegeek: on 10.9 only?
[15:46:13 UTC] gneagle: Google Groups' notification of messages to be moderated appears to be just plain broken now.
[15:46:16 UTC] *** FuzzyAdmin has joined ##osx-server
[15:46:24 UTC] FuzzyAdmin: yay for DDOS
[15:46:27 UTC] *** Phantom998 has joined ##osx-server
[15:47:55 UTC] *** marczak has joined ##osx-server
[15:48:43 UTC] *** gmarnin has joined ##osx-server
[15:49:05 UTC] bheinz: has anyone ever seen a thunderbolt port ... 'melt down'?
[15:49:15 UTC] Phantom998: in your enterprise/academic environments, do you preconfigure Apple Mail for your Exchange servers, or do you provide instructions and just let users set it up themselves?
[15:49:20 UTC] Nick_ZWG: bheinz: "Melt down"?
[15:49:23 UTC] Nick_ZWG: That can't be good
[15:49:51 UTC] *** marczak has joined ##osx-server
[15:49:57 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Hmm. For those of you who install profiles via package via Munki, do you set uninstall scripts that remove the profiles?
[15:50:25 UTC] bheinz: right..? it smells... bad. the inside of the case looks fine but looking at the inside of the thunderbolt port it looks yellow and burnt up. the user said they heard a sizzling sound.
[15:51:10 UTC] diwanicki: bheinz: sounds like some type of foreign substance got in the port and shorted across the power pins
[15:51:24 UTC] gneagle: Nick_ZWG: As of yet, I've never had to remove a profile.
[15:51:52 UTC] diwanicki: bheinz: user have kids, pets, or a bad habit of keeping drinks near their computer?
[15:51:56 UTC] Nick_ZWG: gneagle: I'm debating about whether or not I should even bother.
[15:51:58 UTC] bheinz: diwanicki: thanks kinda what i'm thinking. the user is kind of a ditz too.
[15:52:08 UTC] FuzzyAdmin: Who was talking about ARD/VNC lag on headless Mac minis yesterday?
[15:52:09 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I don't think it really matters that much if a user uninstalls GarageBand but the profile for it still persists
[15:52:17 UTC] tvsutton: Nick_ZWG: Have you seen my profile packager thing? That will write the script for you.
[15:52:39 UTC] jaharmi: anyone seen a case where a 10.9 client can't see updates that are added (and clearly listed, according to repoutil) in a reposado branch (and the munki-cached catalog hashes are the same as the server-side catalog), but the client _does_ see updates listed in another branch?
[15:52:46 UTC] Nick_ZWG: tvsutton: https://github.com/timsutton/make-profile-pkg ?
[15:52:55 UTC] tvsutton: I think removing profiles could be useful for configuring system settings, though.
[15:52:58 UTC] tvsutton: Nick_ZWG: That's it
[15:52:59 UTC] diwanicki: FuzzyAdmin: don't know who it was yesterday, but are you looking for the dongle?
[15:53:00 UTC] chrfr: Ok so the PRAM thing apparently is not a real, permanent fix to the missing /Users folder. It went invisible again on this computer and I haven't even rebooted it.
[15:53:24 UTC] FuzzyAdmin: diwanicki: I was wondering if a mDP adapter not plugged into anything would do the same thing.
[15:53:47 UTC] Nick_ZWG: tvsutton: Neat! Thanks for this.
[15:54:00 UTC] jaharmi: in comparison, 10.8 clients see their updates in the same branch that doesn't work with 10.9
[15:54:06 UTC] tvsutton: Nick_ZWG: I've been using it for the few recent profiles I've needed to make and add to Munki.
[15:54:23 UTC] diwanicki: FuzzyAdmin: I think you have to still short the pins to trick it - google "headless mac mini dongle" and look at the images
[15:54:40 UTC] FuzzyAdmin: diwanicki: Right, shorting it is what you get when you buy the commercially made version.
[15:54:58 UTC] * FuzzyAdmin is not one to do it himself even though some guy on a forum yells "Ugh, why spend the money on that? Just pull out your soldering iron!"
[15:55:40 UTC] diwanicki: FuzzyAdmin: I need to do this for mine, and the behavior also happens when a 27" iMac decides to forget about it's internal LCD..
[15:56:03 UTC] FuzzyAdmin: diwanicki: ouch
[15:56:57 UTC] *** chilcote has joined ##osx-server
[15:56:57 UTC] diwanicki: FuzzyAdmin: http://www.amazon.com/CompuLab-fit-Headless-Display-Emulator/dp/B00FLZXGJ6/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top
[15:57:02 UTC] *** marczak has joined ##osx-server
[15:57:17 UTC] FuzzyAdmin: Hey it's back in stock
[15:57:32 UTC] diwanicki: yeah, I just got it back from repair a week ago, and it needs to go to a convention in 10 days :(
[15:57:34 UTC] tvsutton: I'm out, later all
[15:59:26 UTC] *** JabbaDH has joined ##osx-server
[15:59:58 UTC] diwanicki: FuzzyAdmin: order... accepted :)
[16:00:32 UTC] jaharmi: tvsutton: i'll wait 20 minutes and say goodbye, as is my norm
[16:01:08 UTC] bruienne: jaharmi: I couldn't find the link to your design (in keeping with the 20 minute delay decree)
[16:03:30 UTC] jaharmi: bruienne: awesome. i don't think i kept the link around.
[16:03:58 UTC] jaharmi: i'm starting to hate softwareupdate
[16:04:24 UTC] gneagle: Why's that?
[16:04:26 UTC] *** binarydaze has joined ##osx-server
[16:04:34 UTC] jaharmi: branch problems
[16:05:32 UTC] *** FireAllianceNX has joined ##osx-server
[16:06:07 UTC] gneagle: ??
[16:06:29 UTC] jaharmi: branch catalog downloads, but don't see updates that were just added to it as applying to the system
[16:07:02 UTC] gneagle: So how do you know the branch catalog downloaded?
[16:07:25 UTC] gneagle: softwareupdate doesn't store that anywhere easily accessible
[16:09:27 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[16:09:45 UTC] chrfr: I just found a correlation on /Users disappearing. Enabling "Find my Mac" causes it to vanish.
[16:10:02 UTC] jaharmi: looking at munki_swupdate_cache/mirror contents hash same as file on SUS
[16:10:23 UTC] jaharmi: chrfr: seems opposite, somehow
[16:10:46 UTC] chrfr: jaharmi: indeed.
[16:11:01 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Well I'll be damned
[16:11:03 UTC] Nick_ZWG: You're right.
[16:11:09 UTC] Nick_ZWG: As soon as I turned that on, /Users vanished.
[16:11:24 UTC] frogor: .. Interesting.
[16:11:27 UTC] frogor: And if you turn that off?
[16:11:29 UTC] jaharmi: does anything else icloud related to it? maybe it's a subtle push to the cloud, by hiding local data.
[16:11:31 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Awkward: turning it off doesn't bring Users backj
[16:11:36 UTC] Nick_ZWG: :(
[16:11:54 UTC] jaharmi: do it, rather
[16:12:00 UTC] chrfr: Nick_ZWG: no, that's when you have to do all the resetting of permissions and such
[16:12:18 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Yeah, /Users is now 777
[16:12:19 UTC] Nick_ZWG: wow.
[16:12:34 UTC] *** thumpba has joined ##osx-server
[16:13:20 UTC] *** JabbaDH has joined ##osx-server
[16:13:35 UTC] chrfr: I guess that's why it didnt affect my lab systems at all
[16:13:46 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Right, or any of my machines or VMs.
[16:13:58 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Welp, time to file a bug report
[16:14:00 UTC] chrfr: Also leads me to wonder why I have Find My Mac enabled on the mini at home which is working as a server
[16:14:36 UTC] Nick_ZWG: FYI: http://www.quickradar.com/
[16:15:07 UTC] frogor: Nick_ZWG: Neato!
[16:15:18 UTC] *** thumpba_ has joined ##osx-server
[16:15:30 UTC] bruienne: time to run some file forensics on that
[16:16:02 UTC] bruienne: fsevents, filebyproc.d..
[16:16:13 UTC] frogor: Ah, see who's making the change.
[16:16:56 UTC] frogor: Well, Find my Mac would enable the Guest account. It's probably in that mechanism. Something gone awry.
[16:16:56 UTC] bruienne: yeah, get a better idea w and t and f
[16:17:27 UTC] frogor: Wonder if enabling the Guest account by itself does the same thing.
[16:18:05 UTC] bruienne: I'll test after lunch
[16:18:12 UTC] bruienne: for which I shall leave now
[16:18:16 UTC] dirkg: frogor you seen nate around lately?
[16:18:40 UTC] frogor: Pretty sure he was active yesterday.
[16:18:43 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Bug filed.
[16:18:44 UTC] frogor: in-channel.
[16:18:47 UTC] *** vee has joined ##osx-server
[16:19:01 UTC] dirkg: ah ok must have missed him
[16:19:09 UTC] chrfr: Nick_ZWG: id #?
[16:19:12 UTC] vee: i create a basic profile and it seems the profile enables auto-logoff-on-idle after 30 minutes, and there's default setting in the UI to configure this; havent come across a "custom configuration" variable to set via google yet
[16:19:14 UTC] dirkg: i opened a pull request on his filevault tool to clean up some of the code
[16:19:19 UTC] Nick_ZWG: chrfr: #16941728
[16:19:25 UTC] dirkg: was going to ping him to make sure he knew
[16:19:35 UTC] frogor: Oh did he get hit by it?
[16:20:30 UTC] dirkg: i don't know, normally github will ping with an email for new pull requests
[16:20:38 UTC] dirkg: but i think you can turn that off
[16:20:52 UTC] frogor: Oh I thought you were talking about the /Users thing
[16:20:56 UTC] frogor: ping him about what?
[16:21:56 UTC] *** danajc has joined ##osx-server
[16:22:37 UTC] dirkg: i pushed some code changes to his filevault setup tool
[16:22:44 UTC] dirkg: got some free time the other night
[16:23:07 UTC] dirkg: just hadn't seen him active for a few days here
[16:23:47 UTC] Nick_ZWG: You'll probably have better luck bugging him on the tweets
[16:24:45 UTC] gneagle: bizarre: https://twitter.com/ChipPearson/status/467331897522012160
[16:24:48 UTC] FireAllianceNX: Soooooo I need to reinvent the wheel for AD Binding in a script. /sigh
[16:25:07 UTC] gmarnin: FireAllianceNX why?
[16:25:15 UTC] frogor: FireAllianceNX: That's not the worst thing you could do. But it may not be the best.
[16:25:17 UTC] chrfr: frogor: enabling Guest by itself doesn't hide /Users
[16:25:23 UTC] frogor: chrfr: Good to know
[16:25:28 UTC] *** danajc has parted ##osx-server
[16:25:31 UTC] FireAllianceNX: I have to map the UID
[16:25:36 UTC] gmarnin: gneagle I dislike the name junki
[16:25:55 UTC] frogor: gneagle: Yeah, I read through the project ... that guy really really really likes bash scripts.
[16:25:56 UTC] FireAllianceNX: but scared to mess up
[16:27:16 UTC] *** Mikedodge04 has joined ##osx-server
[16:27:30 UTC] *** binarydaze has joined ##osx-server
[16:27:42 UTC] gmarnin: FireAllianceNX mapping the UID is supported
[16:28:13 UTC] *** swy_ has joined ##osx-server
[16:28:14 UTC] FireAllianceNX: yes, I just need to figure out the commands
[16:28:36 UTC] Phantom998: in your enterprise/academic environments, do you preconfigure Apple Mail for your Exchange servers, or do you provide instructions and just let users set it up themselves?
[16:28:48 UTC] *** Mikedodge04 has joined ##osx-server
[16:29:07 UTC] frogor: Phantom998: In mine ... neither. We use Outlook 2011 which supports Exchange autodiscovery mechanisms.
[16:29:18 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[16:29:20 UTC] Phantom998: Or Outlook then :)
[16:29:27 UTC] Phantom998: we plan to support both
[16:29:27 UTC] gmarnin: Outlook 2011
[16:29:50 UTC] Phantom998: Would this be easy to preconfigure with a script?
[16:30:38 UTC] Allister: Phantom998: dunno, but I'd check http://www.officeformachelp.com/
[16:30:45 UTC] jaharmi: Phantom998: if you want to just set up the basic account for logging in, autodiscovery makes that pretty simple and it's probably good to invest in making that work anyway
[16:30:52 UTC] swy_: @meck wrote up documentation on scripting it... "easy" isn't the first descriptive term I'd choose.
[16:31:09 UTC] Phantom998: any idea where that documentation is?
[16:31:10 UTC] frogor: Phantom998: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj984202(v=office.14).aspx
[16:31:20 UTC] Phantom998: we have autodiscovery set up
[16:31:39 UTC] frogor: Phantom998: Then Outlook 2011 will function like it describes in the link I just provided.
[16:32:05 UTC] frogor: If it doesn't, then I'd run your configuration by Microsoft's autodiscovery tester: https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com/
[16:32:11 UTC] jaharmi: the big thing is to set up the DNS SRV records and certificates
[16:32:13 UTC] Phantom998: thanks, I will look into it
[16:32:56 UTC] vee: can anybody assist with profiling? I can create any profile and it automatically configures the auto-idle-logout time to 30 minutes. Is there a Custom Setting to disable this feature?
[16:33:01 UTC] jaharmi: you could potentially also set up autodiscover for subdomains if you have special needs. I think i even heard some talk of setting up for IMAP.
[16:33:30 UTC] swy: in case Phantom searches the log, and b/c I looked it up: https://github.com/talkingmoose/Outlook-Exchange-Setup
[16:33:33 UTC] Allister: gneagle: don't know why, but that makes me livid, I am actually shaking it pisses me off so much
[16:33:40 UTC] frogor: A key to success on it, though, is that your directory service of choice for your Mac users has to have the proper mappings for the primary SMPT email address to come through automatically - otherwise your users may have to type their email address.
[16:33:48 UTC] gneagle: Allister: Relax, dude
[16:34:02 UTC] jaharmi: frogor: yes, true
[16:34:16 UTC] frogor: *SMTP
[16:34:18 UTC] jaharmi: frogor: as i recall, primary and any secondaries
[16:34:21 UTC] Allister: I know, it would be bynkii-ian of me to actually take it personally
[16:34:31 UTC] bruienne: verified the FMM thing here too
[16:34:40 UTC] Allister: lunch
[16:34:45 UTC] FireAllianceNX: What directory is `hostname` under? :/
[16:35:09 UTC] gneagle: which hostname
[16:35:18 UTC] frogor: bruienne: Now what will be more interesting to find out is for people where /Users is hidden - whether they've got FMM enabled. It happened to MagerValp on a box he was pretty sure it wasn't enabled on.
[16:35:22 UTC] FireAllianceNX: that's the command I was looking for
[16:35:24 UTC] FireAllianceNX: thanks
[16:35:32 UTC] frogor: FMM may not be the -only- trigger.
[16:35:50 UTC] bruienne: it doesnt come back when turned off either
[16:35:57 UTC] frogor: Yeah
[16:37:14 UTC] *** Foxyloxy has joined ##osx-server
[16:38:29 UTC] Allister: frogor: users being hidden is kindof 'no harm, no foul' to me, though. 777 on the other hand...
[16:40:10 UTC] gneagle: /Users being hidden makes the use of /Users/Shared difficult for most people
[16:40:52 UTC] swy: right- I stick content in /Users/Shared. Hardly fatal if they can't easily get to it, but a problem I don't need.
[16:41:19 UTC] Allister: my inkling is normals use /U/Shared as often as they used to use the ~/Public and ~/Sites folders, though
[16:41:43 UTC] gneagle: Allister: probably ttrue.
[16:42:31 UTC] swy: I agree, but I still don't want it inaccessable. Did I read frogor right that the relationship appears to be "if find my mac on, then Users hidden"?
[16:43:06 UTC] gmarnin: Phantom998 I've scripts to setup Mail with exchange like this: https://code.google.com/p/mail-setup-ews/
[16:43:22 UTC] gmarnin: *I've seen
[16:43:39 UTC] *** chrfr has joined ##osx-server
[16:43:40 UTC] adamcodega_: Stupid thing.
[16:44:26 UTC] gneagle: swy: I've seen it claimed that if Find My Mac is on, the bug occurs.
[16:44:35 UTC] *** danajc1 has joined ##osx-server
[16:44:38 UTC] gneagle: I bet there's more to it, though.
[16:44:58 UTC] gneagle: Because FMM is a per-user setting unless FileVault2 is also on.
[16:45:31 UTC] gneagle: (Or are there other system-wide changes when a user turns on FMM even if FV2 is off?)
[16:45:33 UTC] chrfr: gneagle: FV2 may be involved, but may also be Corestorage.
[16:45:47 UTC] chrfr: I have the problem on 2 machines with FV2 and a 3rd with a Fusion drive
[16:46:05 UTC] chrfr: testing now on a purely standard system
[16:46:53 UTC] gneagle: This machine has FV2, but no FMM. Did not see the issue.
[16:46:58 UTC] jaharmi: does FMM make changes to the recovery HD somehow?
[16:47:17 UTC] jaharmi: just speculating on some sort of core storage connection
[16:47:23 UTC] *** danajc has joined ##osx-server
[16:48:02 UTC] chrfr: gneagle: I dont see the problem on those systems until I turn on FMM
[16:48:22 UTC] hfike: just confirmed the FMM causing the issue on an iMac without FV2
[16:48:32 UTC] chrfr: hfike: fusion drive?
[16:48:38 UTC] hfike: nope
[16:49:36 UTC] chrfr: it seems to not be a problem on this test system that is now on 10.9.3 and has never previously been signed in to iCloud
[16:49:58 UTC] *** JabbaDH has joined ##osx-server
[16:50:22 UTC] swy: My iMac is fusion, FV2, but FMM not on. /Users stayed visible.
[16:52:25 UTC] chrfr: scratch that, setting up icloud on a new system does hide /Users too
[16:54:22 UTC] *** diwanicki has joined ##osx-server
[16:54:30 UTC] josh-miller: question for the room. I'm having an issue writing a data string using defaults and plistBuddy. I was wondering if there is another way I could write a data binary to a plist file?
[16:55:51 UTC] hfike: after enabling FMM, a guest account showed up as well in /Users
[16:56:25 UTC] chrfr: hfike: that's normal
[16:56:30 UTC] chrfr: or has been normal
[16:57:11 UTC] MagerValp: people on MacRumors claim it rehides /Users if you reboot
[16:57:15 UTC] hfike: chrfr it was enabled as well, however, after logging out and logging back in it is off
[16:57:33 UTC] hfike: MagerValp I have seen others say that too
[16:57:48 UTC] Allister: josh-miller: that doesn't make sense, but which file and what do you need to write?
[16:58:07 UTC] *** sseaton has joined ##osx-server
[16:58:07 UTC] Allister: 😉
[16:58:10 UTC] MagerValp: so we have a rogue launchdaemon then
[16:59:07 UTC] *** cndiv has joined ##osx-server
[16:59:17 UTC] chrfr: I'm guessing it's when the FMM process loads at boot
[16:59:37 UTC] josh-miller: Allister: its for TeamViewer9. For some reason after reading out the data string I wanted and writing it to another system it writes it but it doesn't work its the remote access password
[17:00:27 UTC] Allister: josh-miller: if cfprefsd is caching it, it would make sense PlistBuddy can't manipulate it
[17:00:49 UTC] Allister: if defaults can't get at that particular data structure you need something like the scripting bridge in python
[17:00:52 UTC] josh-miller: Allister: defaults write isn't working either though
[17:00:57 UTC] Nick_ZWG: gneagle: Can I ask you some questions about WDAS infrastructure? (in general terms)
[17:01:45 UTC] Nick_ZWG: We're trying to figure out how/if to best accommodate the ability for students to do movie projects without having a fixed lab environment
[17:02:16 UTC] Allister: one other technique is to kill the process that's running it, modify it (perhaps running plutil on it first so it's in xml1) and then hupping cfprefsd and starting the process back up
[17:02:18 UTC] gneagle: Nick_ZWG: You can ask, but unlikely I'll have anything helpful.
[17:02:21 UTC] Allister: but that's not a great plan
[17:02:32 UTC] Nick_ZWG: gneagle: Most of your users are laptop users, right?
[17:02:35 UTC] gneagle: Allister: It's a bad plan
[17:02:49 UTC] gneagle: We have a large number of laptop users.
[17:03:01 UTC] gneagle: Not sure I'd say "most"
[17:03:03 UTC] adamcodega_: What's WDAS anyway...
[17:03:09 UTC] josh-miller: Allister: I'm running the setting of the data string as a preinstall script so its not running when I set it
[17:03:21 UTC] gneagle: adamcodega_: It's a secret
[17:03:27 UTC] Nick_ZWG: And you have a central storage server where production data is stored? So users plug in to ethernet and then mount the share or whatever to access their data?
[17:03:32 UTC] Allister: josh-miller: how about copying/file-dropping a template?
[17:03:47 UTC] Allister: adamcodega_: WAN direct attached storage
[17:03:47 UTC] *** ryn has joined ##osx-server
[17:03:52 UTC] josh-miller: Allister: I can't cause teamviewer places the unique client ID in the plist file
[17:03:59 UTC] gneagle: Nick_ZWG: NFS automounts. Lots of servers, lots of storage, one unified filesystem name space
[17:04:07 UTC] gneagle: No login
[17:04:15 UTC] gneagle: (Other than workstation)
[17:04:22 UTC] Nick_ZWG: gneagle: Only via wired, not wifi?
[17:04:23 UTC] gneagle: No _server_ login
[17:04:24 UTC] Allister: josh-miller: is that uniqueid in the data structure you can't get at?
[17:04:32 UTC] josh-miller: Allister: this technique worked with version 8 but it does not work any longer with verison 9. I'm assuming something has changed. I was hoping I could figure out when I set the password manually how its doing that
[17:04:33 UTC] gneagle: Internal wifi works, too
[17:05:02 UTC] josh-miller: Allister: I can get at the data I need however it doesn't set my password as its teamviewers encryption on the key I think
[17:05:08 UTC] Nick_ZWG: We're sort of trying to figure out if it's really feasible/reasonable to have students who want to do movie projects (likely in iMovie most of the time) be able to do so over 802.11n wifi with laptops.
[17:05:27 UTC] Nick_ZWG: We have some teachers who really don't want to abandon the idea of the wired desktop lab, but we're considering redesigns and this is becoming kind of a sticking point
[17:05:27 UTC] gneagle: They should work with local storage.
[17:05:37 UTC] *** Hork has joined ##osx-server
[17:05:41 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Local storage, sure, but I want to be able to get that data *off* local laptops.
[17:05:47 UTC] *** jessep2 has joined ##osx-server
[17:05:53 UTC] Allister: josh-miller: I reccomend http://www.mactech.com/articles/mactech/Vol.25/25.09/2509MacintheShell/index.html as a primer for going across the bridge, and I just did a more complex build with safari bookmarks https://gist.github.com/arubdesu/3ecc632288dbb5cc5fc6
[17:05:54 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I'm concerned that having network storage for this data would be way too much of a burden on wifi.
[17:05:55 UTC] gneagle: Not within iMovie.
[17:06:20 UTC] *** flammable has joined ##osx-server
[17:06:28 UTC] gneagle: We don't have people editing video/film over wifi, no
[17:07:14 UTC] Mainegeek: nope, issues with 10.9 and 10.8.5 machines
[17:07:14 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I'd like to get rid of the labs/desktops, but I really don't want to encourage people to leave their hard work like movie projects on individual laptops.
[17:07:29 UTC] gneagle: CrashPlanProE
[17:07:32 UTC] Nick_ZWG: But I fear that if we ask people to plug in to ethernet in order to backup/store their movie projects, they just won't bother.
[17:07:36 UTC] Mainegeek: helpdesk staff is in both groups (mobile and ard_interact)
[17:07:54 UTC] Nick_ZWG: gneagle: Yeah, but even with CPP, backing up a 4 GB movie project takes time.
[17:07:58 UTC] adamcodega_: Nick_ZWG: usb 3.0 thumb drives?
[17:08:28 UTC] Nick_ZWG: adamcodega_: I really want to discourage isolated/fallible physical storage, too. For two years we required students to carry thumb drives, and you'll never guess how that went
[17:08:43 UTC] Mainegeek: once they connect one time via their ard_interact to screen share a mobile account in created on the local machine and they can not connect again
[17:08:47 UTC] swy: .ac is really nice.
[17:08:54 UTC] Mainegeek: it also acts like a password mismatch
[17:08:56 UTC] Mainegeek: auth fails
[17:09:02 UTC] swy: my transmit rate is currently 878.
[17:09:08 UTC] adamcodega_: Right, your project has constraints. We need a magical cloud video editor so you're not editing files on local storage or requiring downloads.
[17:09:10 UTC] gneagle: Nick_ZWG: So manually dragging stuff to a server's not a great plan, either.
[17:09:14 UTC] adamcodega_: swy ditto
[17:09:17 UTC] Nick_ZWG: It was a stupid idea when they thought of it, and it was a stupid idea when they implemented, and two years later after we'd gone through dozens of flash drives, it was still stupid idea
[17:09:25 UTC] Nick_ZWG: gneagle: Yeah...
[17:09:30 UTC] adamcodega_: Nick_ZWG: depends on number of users
[17:09:45 UTC] *** Nick_ZWG has parted ##osx-server
[17:10:10 UTC] *** Nick_ZWG has joined ##osx-server
[17:10:10 UTC] *** Nick_ZWG has joined ##osx-server
[17:10:13 UTC] Nick_ZWG: what was that all about?
[17:10:18 UTC] * Nick_ZWG smacks Textual
[17:10:39 UTC] swy: Wires are always better, but this is isn't bad...
[17:11:09 UTC] dknuth: swy: flying people, hidden wires?
[17:11:21 UTC] Nick_ZWG: So if we put 802.11ac APs in that room with all new laptops (ac capable), do you think that would be adequate for running CPP backups of movie projects?
[17:11:22 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[17:12:02 UTC] swy: still a whole lot of clients on a hub.
[17:12:18 UTC] *** squirke1 has joined ##osx-server
[17:12:28 UTC] Nick_ZWG: We're really trying to avoid setting up fixed locations with ethernet/power
[17:12:32 UTC] dknuth: Nick_ZWG: I use crashplan pro over 802.11N and have several large movie files on my MBP and it took about 4 hours for the first backup
[17:12:42 UTC] Nick_ZWG: dknuth: That's exactly my concern
[17:13:01 UTC] dknuth: Nick_ZWG: remember that N is also 300Mbit. AC is, what, Gig? close to?
[17:13:47 UTC] swy: close to, under ideal circumstances. but it's a close to for everyone... you're cramming X clients down 1 GigE pipe to the backup server.
[17:14:07 UTC] dknuth: ah, yeah
[17:14:18 UTC] swy: so nobody's getting that full performance of the connection speed.
[17:14:27 UTC] Nick_ZWG: So to really make network storage/backup of movie projects feasible, they really have to be wired.
[17:14:28 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Argh.
[17:14:39 UTC] dknuth: well, with wifi the bottleneck is going to be the port connecting the AP to your network, rather than the connection between machine and network
[17:15:00 UTC] chilcote: "junki"?
[17:15:14 UTC] swy: if it was one .ac client/AP, I'd say the freedom gained by being wireless vs the performance hit is small.
[17:15:20 UTC] Allister: chilcote: pls don't get me started
[17:15:33 UTC] swy: But when you're putting dozens+/AP, I dont' think you'll be happy.
[17:15:34 UTC] chilcote: Allister: get started
[17:15:42 UTC] dknuth: so, no matter what, unless it has a 10Gig port and is backed by a 10Gig Switch all the way back to the storage server, you're going to be throttled no matter what
[17:15:49 UTC] Allister: chilcote: https://twitter.com/Sacrilicious/status/467341649488936960
[17:16:00 UTC] dknuth: Allister: is this related to donshallnotbenamed calling Munki racist?
[17:16:05 UTC] swy: Do APs with 10G exist?
[17:16:14 UTC] dknuth: swy: none that I'm aware of.
[17:16:19 UTC] swy: me either.
[17:16:48 UTC] dknuth: the point is, you're still sharing a 1Gig port, no matter how fast the wifi speed is
[17:16:58 UTC] *** danajc1 has joined ##osx-server
[17:17:11 UTC] Allister: dknuth: no, but the drunken monkey icon is just indicative of... taste https://github.com/munkiforjamf
[17:17:15 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Quick pop quiz: Was it 10.8 that gave Quicktime X free screen recording?
[17:17:27 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Or did that exist in 10.7?
[17:17:45 UTC] dknuth: Allister: who the hell came up with that icon?
[17:17:46 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[17:18:09 UTC] gmarnin: oh my
[17:18:11 UTC] Allister: dknuth: he also co-opted rustymyers's backup-restore scripts for jamf,
[17:18:21 UTC] Allister: more power to him, but
[17:18:24 UTC] chilcote: Allister: I'll have to look at that, but later. I'm assuming from your twitter that it's not really munki and casper, but an approximation attempt?
[17:18:57 UTC] swy: And your actual wireles thruput is usually quirky vs wired. I just used my gear's internal test, got 338Mbps down, 817Mbps up.
[17:19:34 UTC] dknuth: Allister: did he at least give rusty credit?
[17:19:37 UTC] swy: brb, gotta take the dog out.
[17:19:45 UTC] dknuth: swy: well, now we know.
[17:19:48 UTC] Allister: dknuth: after being asked if he looked at it, yes
[17:20:00 UTC] swy: that I brought my dog to work?
[17:20:06 UTC] dknuth: swy: who let the dogs out.
[17:20:35 UTC] Allister: chilcote: I mean, I'm getting bynkian about it and that's not good so I'm going to stop
[17:21:04 UTC] gneagle: Allister: dknuth: donmontalvo earlier called the munki name and logo racist. So the junki logo is...?
[17:21:16 UTC] dknuth: Allister: seems...disrespectful to just take it and use it without giving any kind of credit back to the people who made the original stuff.
[17:21:41 UTC] dknuth: gneagle: offensive to my irish ancestors, I'm suing for compensation due to lost work at being so upset that I needed to go through several bottles of whiskey.
[17:21:53 UTC] dknuth: (there's an irish joke in there somewhere, but darned if I can find it)
[17:22:16 UTC] Allister: "Start with a developed/supported icon (Munki), extend its functionality" https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=10636#responseChild60008
[17:22:52 UTC] dknuth: that thread makes me feel slightly stabby.
[17:22:57 UTC] gneagle: I'm all for anything that will help JAMF/Casper fix some of the big missing pieces in their Mac support.
[17:23:44 UTC] gneagle: So junki is OK by me as long as people understand it was _inspired_ by Munki, but doesn't use any Munki code.
[17:24:04 UTC] dknuth: I'm betting dollars to doughnuts that that's not how it shakes out
[17:24:20 UTC] natewalck: gneagle: Yea, I was disappointed it only shared a similar name
[17:24:44 UTC] Allister: it encourages installs at the login window - which most Casper packages won't be built to do, so...
[17:24:47 UTC] natewalck: but it looks better than vanilla Casper by a decent margin
[17:25:20 UTC] *** vmiller has joined ##osx-server
[17:25:47 UTC] Allister: a correction I endorse: https://twitter.com/igeekjsc/status/467354464308170752
[17:26:01 UTC] *** Mikedodge04 has joined ##osx-server
[17:26:10 UTC] dirkg: oh, natewalck, not terribly important, but i finally got to cleaning up some of that code in your filevault setup tool
[17:26:17 UTC] dirkg: there is an open pull request for it
[17:26:20 UTC] natewalck: dirkg: I saw!
[17:26:39 UTC] natewalck: I've not had a chance to look over it yet
[17:26:43 UTC] dirkg: no worries
[17:26:48 UTC] dknuth: filevault setup tool?
[17:26:52 UTC] dknuth: >.>
[17:26:59 UTC] *** tbridge has joined ##osx-server
[17:27:25 UTC] *** abbaZaba has joined ##osx-server
[17:28:19 UTC] Nick_ZWG: "Use smart quotes and smart dashes" strikes again
[17:28:21 UTC] zooky_: any one using maker bot or cubex?
[17:28:51 UTC] natewalck: dirkg: looks like you broke some functionality into its own class file?
[17:28:52 UTC] hfike: i did see a feature that would be nice to have in munki…only allow a user to click later so many times
[17:29:00 UTC] dirkg: did I?
[17:29:06 UTC] dirkg: oh yes
[17:29:15 UTC] dirkg: sorry, read that the wrong way around
[17:29:17 UTC] adamcodega_: Sorry swy Nick_ZWG I ducked out for a few.
[17:29:19 UTC] dirkg: bit out of it today
[17:29:28 UTC] adamcodega_: I am 100% wireless, about 100 ppl.
[17:29:32 UTC] natewalck: np
[17:29:46 UTC] gneagle: hfike: force_install_after_date
[17:29:57 UTC] bruienne: I totally read into junki that is fuses munki code and Casper
[17:30:02 UTC] dirkg: natewalck i'd like to go after the setuid code, but i have no idea how that would impact the functionality of the app
[17:30:03 UTC] gneagle: Not the same implementation, but similar effect.
[17:30:09 UTC] bruienne: mostly by tl;dr
[17:30:12 UTC] gneagle: bruienne: It does no such thing
[17:30:22 UTC] hfike: gneagle yeah, already doing that. but for some updates, it would be nice to have a little more encouragement
[17:30:24 UTC] dirkg: but without a machine i can test with, not really super keen on testing on my primary mac :P
[17:30:41 UTC] *** chrfr has joined ##osx-server
[17:30:58 UTC] natewalck: I think to truly integrate munki and casper, you'd need to modify the web UI as well
[17:31:00 UTC] *** Ampersand has joined ##osx-server
[17:31:04 UTC] gneagle: hfike: Requires hanging on to too much state. And how would it work with multiple users of a single machine?
[17:31:16 UTC] natewalck: since smart groups and catalogs work a lot differently
[17:31:20 UTC] natewalck: erm
[17:31:20 UTC] natewalck: manifests
[17:31:31 UTC] * natewalck slaps himself on the hand for using the wrong term
[17:31:36 UTC] gneagle: User A says "Later" nine times, then user B logs in and gets no grace
[17:31:53 UTC] hfike: gneagle many vectors for failure
[17:32:08 UTC] gneagle: Exactly. So I don't go down that dark alley.
[17:32:41 UTC] gneagle: Plus: either you need the thing installed by a certain date, or you don't.
[17:32:48 UTC] hfike: i just saw a user in my department on 10.8.4 still, so 10.8.5 will be required the end of next week
[17:32:54 UTC] gneagle: Allow user to defer X times is pretty arbitrary.
[17:33:43 UTC] hfike: gneagle i know! make them solve a math problem before they can push later….or give them really crappy captcha's
[17:33:56 UTC] adamcodega_: swy which ac hardware are you trying
[17:34:09 UTC] swy: ruckus R700
[17:34:11 UTC] *** binarydaze has joined ##osx-server
[17:34:18 UTC] hfike: same level of encouragement, but less arbitrary!
[17:34:37 UTC] swy: not on trial, it's ours.
[17:34:48 UTC] Nick_ZWG: hfike: Lol, I had that same reaction
[17:34:52 UTC] * hfike really needs to make his reposado public
[17:34:58 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I saw on Sal that there's on 10.8.4 machine and one 10.7.1 machine out in the wild
[17:35:04 UTC] Nick_ZWG: That's going to be killed shortly.
[17:35:13 UTC] adamcodega_: swy sweet! I think we are migrating to them.
[17:35:34 UTC] swy: I doubt you'll regret it at all. I wish I could justify for home.
[17:36:00 UTC] adamcodega_: Speaking of ac, stay away from Meraki MR34s, their first generation AC AP. TBH we are all first generation AC but their product is buggy as heck, I've heard they don't have good development strategies either.
[17:36:14 UTC] adamcodega_: Hence, demoing vendors right now.
[17:37:06 UTC] *** jon_wolfsc has joined ##osx-server
[17:37:33 UTC] *** nyk has joined ##osx-server
[17:38:19 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[17:38:46 UTC] grahamgilbert: adamcodega_: I've had good experiences with MR34's
[17:38:49 UTC] *** dokihara has joined ##osx-server
[17:38:57 UTC] adamcodega_: grahamgilbert: what type of auth are you using?
[17:39:00 UTC] grahamgilbert: adamcodega_: have deployed a few now (including one at home)
[17:39:22 UTC] grahamgilbert: adamcodega_: WPA2 Personal and Enterprise
[17:39:32 UTC] adamcodega_: Interesting
[17:40:34 UTC] hfike: Nick_ZWG I have a few machines out there that report old versions, but most of those are laptops off campus
[17:40:43 UTC] Nick_ZWG: hfike: Those pesky laptops
[17:40:47 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Always ruining our update schedules.
[17:41:00 UTC] Nick_ZWG: "Come on guys, time to update!" "lol no I'm asleep in a cart for the next 4 weeks"
[17:41:01 UTC] adamcodega_: swy i certainly think wi-fi as a nice to have perk is over
[17:41:02 UTC] hfike: Nick_ZWG this summer I hope to fix a few of those problems
[17:41:08 UTC] hfike: Nick_ZWG lol
[17:41:26 UTC] swy: adamcodega_: we're past "nice to have" and into "critical".
[17:41:43 UTC] swy: But it's still not the best tool for many jobs. See Nick's video backups, for example.
[17:41:58 UTC] adamcodega_: swy yes, I'm doing a lot this year to push my knowledge and experience with wi-fi
[17:42:01 UTC] Nick_ZWG: swy: Yup, writing a "bearer of bad news
[17:42:03 UTC] Nick_ZWG: e" email now
[17:42:08 UTC] * Nick_ZWG peers at his Enter key
[17:42:18 UTC] adamcodega_: CWNP is a nice program, focuses on standards and the science not someone's controller software.
[17:42:19 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Go home, keyboard, you're drunk
[17:42:27 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Or possibly fingers
[17:42:42 UTC] swy: I run 90% on wifi, but even with .ac, if I have major files to move around, I grab the cable.
[17:42:57 UTC] adamcodega_: I have ethernet ports live on my desk, no one else has issues or notices though.
[17:43:14 UTC] swy: and, it's so easy to put one small physical obstruction between you and that AP and make a big difference in real world performance.
[17:43:14 UTC] adamcodega_: We don't have in house servers to compare experience to though.
[17:43:28 UTC] *** ctdawe has joined ##osx-server
[17:43:31 UTC] adamcodega_: Kids, make your own Feraday cage at home today!
[17:43:48 UTC] *** mgilan has joined ##osx-server
[17:45:49 UTC] hfike: the routing and firewall rulues/acls on my university's network is so screwed up that i disable wireless and plugin when i am able
[17:47:14 UTC] dknuth: hey Nick_ZWG and anyone with iOS management experience, is there a way to allow installation of apps on an iOS device without unchecking/removing a profile restriction that denies the installation of apps?
[17:47:27 UTC] Nick_ZWG: dknuth: AFAIK, no.
[17:47:27 UTC] dknuth: I.E., block App Store but still allow Apps to be installed
[17:47:50 UTC] dknuth: Nick_ZWG: kk, thanks, that's what I thought. this customer had apple tell them otherwise.
[17:47:50 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I haven't tried that in iOS 7, but I'm guessing it's still the same as in iOS 6, which is that if you block the App Store, you get no App Store Apps.
[17:47:53 UTC] bwebster: dknuth: nope
[17:48:01 UTC] dknuth: bwebster: apple strikes again.
[17:48:02 UTC] dknuth: :D
[17:48:03 UTC] Nick_ZWG: It might work with in-house enterprise apps, though.
[17:48:07 UTC] dknuth: yeah
[17:48:09 UTC] bwebster: if there is no App Store it won't download
[17:48:10 UTC] Nick_ZWG: (I've never had one to try)
[17:48:16 UTC] patgmac: Nick_ZWG: trying your AppStoreAdmin.profile, should that enable blocking of OS updates from MAS? I don't seem to get that result.
[17:48:16 UTC] bwebster: it does work with in-house
[17:48:18 UTC] dknuth: bwebster: what I thought
[17:48:25 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[17:48:27 UTC] Nick_ZWG: patgmac: Really?
[17:48:48 UTC] bwebster: however. Apple is apparently fixing that soon
[17:48:54 UTC] Nick_ZWG: patgmac: Oh. That doesn't prevent update blocking, I think
[17:48:55 UTC] bwebster: according to my SE
[17:49:02 UTC] dknuth: bwebster: understandable.
[17:49:09 UTC] patgmac: Zick_ZWG: then what does it do?
[17:49:09 UTC] *** swy_ has joined ##osx-server
[17:49:09 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Looking at that profile, it limits it to updates _only)
[17:49:10 UTC] Nick_ZWG: _
[17:49:20 UTC] patgmac: ah, so no apps?
[17:49:21 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Limits to updates only, disables app adoption, and requires admin
[17:49:36 UTC] patgmac: ok
[17:49:49 UTC] patgmac: anyway to block OS updates?
[17:50:05 UTC] Nick_ZWG: You want to block updates but still allow App downloads?
[17:50:11 UTC] patgmac: yes
[17:50:19 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Set the CatalogURL in a profile to something that goes nowhere
[17:50:22 UTC] bwebster: patgmac: use a profile to point to an internal SUS and only approve the ones you want
[17:50:24 UTC] Nick_ZWG: They'll never get software updates
[17:50:34 UTC] Nick_ZWG: https://github.com/nmcspadden/Profiles/blob/master/SoftwareUpdate.mobileconfig
[17:50:49 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Change that CatalogURL to "http://lolno.com/gofarkyourself"
[17:50:59 UTC] * frogor registers lolno.com ...
[17:51:03 UTC] * Nick_ZWG is hoping lolno.com/gofarkyourself isn't a public SUS catalog
[17:51:08 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Now that would be hilarious.
[17:51:23 UTC] Nick_ZWG: frogor registers that and redirects that to apple's standard catalog...
[17:51:32 UTC] frogor: Oh I'd do much worse.
[17:51:34 UTC] frogor: :)
[17:51:34 UTC] bwebster: especially considering it tells you the public SUS catalog when you query for updates lol
[17:51:39 UTC] frogor: I'd inject custom updates.
[17:51:50 UTC] frogor: >_>
[17:52:10 UTC] * hfike switching his clients to use Nick_ZWG 's software update catalog
[17:52:17 UTC] Nick_ZWG: hfike: It doesn't resolve outside, but okay
[17:52:21 UTC] hfike: CRAP!
[17:52:24 UTC] *** gbatye has joined ##osx-server
[17:52:35 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Unless you want a software update that replaces all icons with Shaq
[17:52:37 UTC] hfike: Nick_ZWG such a jerk
[17:52:44 UTC] Nick_ZWG: http://www.sonsoftheinternet.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/1282684812604.jpg
[17:52:48 UTC] hfike: well…that may be of use
[17:52:52 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I'm never getting rid of that picture
[17:52:54 UTC] nyk: New Godzilla Movie = Win
[17:53:01 UTC] Nick_ZWG: nyk: Seeing it Saturday!
[17:53:06 UTC] nyk: :D
[17:53:17 UTC] frogor: And with all the custom gTLDs out there, the only way you could ensure something would never resolve would be to include an invalid character.
[17:53:19 UTC] frogor: Like a _
[17:53:28 UTC] nyk: Had surprise tickets and watched it last night for midnight release.
[17:53:29 UTC] nyk: :D
[17:53:38 UTC] bwebster: nyk: seeing it tomorrow I think!
[17:53:39 UTC] frogor: never_gonna.be_a_domain
[17:53:45 UTC] frogor: (for now)
[17:55:15 UTC] adamcodega_: swy what's your controller?
[17:56:17 UTC] swy: adamcodega_: ummm... brain seize. The smallest one.
[17:56:30 UTC] adamcodega_: 1004/1100
[17:56:38 UTC] swy: 1100
[17:56:38 UTC] *** scriptingosx has joined ##osx-server
[17:58:05 UTC] *** satchel has joined ##osx-server
[17:58:50 UTC] adamcodega_: Neat stuff.
[18:01:26 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[18:01:28 UTC] * swy is trying to craft a diplomatic email that says "that unsolicited advice about how to use our calendaring system your co-worker sent out to everyone? Disregrard it, she's wrong."
[18:01:28 UTC] *** futureimperfect has joined ##osx-server
[18:01:56 UTC] chrfr: my final message about the hidden /Users issue: it appears to be triggered by iTunes 11.2, not 10.9.3.
[18:02:10 UTC] *** Matloch has joined ##osx-server
[18:02:11 UTC] bruienne: chrfr: huh..
[18:02:15 UTC] Nick_ZWG: chrfr: Saw that.
[18:02:19 UTC] Nick_ZWG: iTunes, man.
[18:02:21 UTC] chrfr: just verified it here
[18:02:22 UTC] * Nick_ZWG shakes fist
[18:02:26 UTC] chrfr: iTunes gone rogue
[18:02:32 UTC] bruienne: they're separate updates right
[18:02:36 UTC] chrfr: yes
[18:02:41 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Apple, just once, could you please try NOT to ruin iTunes in a software update?
[18:02:51 UTC] bruienne: that would mean not shipping it
[18:02:52 UTC] *** Frosh has joined ##osx-server
[18:02:53 UTC] bruienne: not an option
[18:03:08 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I guess I need to go revise my original bug report, then
[18:03:41 UTC] swy: iTunes + FMM required?
[18:03:42 UTC] dokihara: wait I thought it was Find my Mac?
[18:04:01 UTC] Nick_ZWG: It is, but iTunes 11.2 being installed seems to be what causes it
[18:04:03 UTC] frogor: chrfr: So you're saying you triggered it on a 10.9.2 machine with iTunes 11.2 installed?
[18:04:17 UTC] bruienne: I am trying 10.9.2 + iTunes 11.2 right now
[18:04:19 UTC] dirkg: O_o
[18:04:24 UTC] chrfr: frogor: yes, on 10.9.2 13C1021
[18:04:26 UTC] * swy has 10.9.2 with iTunes 11.2, no FMM. /Users is not hidden.
[18:04:39 UTC] chrfr: swy: be daring, turn on FMM!
[18:04:43 UTC] Nick_ZWG: swy: If you turn FMM on, you'll see...
[18:04:55 UTC] swy: I can survive that... brb.
[18:05:00 UTC] swy: restart required?
[18:05:05 UTC] chrfr: I had to reboot on this 10.9.2 system to make it disappear unlike on 10.9.3
[18:05:13 UTC] chrfr: on 10.9.3 it was instant
[18:05:24 UTC] hfike: ^^^ same here for me
[18:05:27 UTC] hfike: on 10.9.3
[18:05:33 UTC] chrfr: but I'd just installed iTunes so maybe it was still working off the old framework or something
[18:05:43 UTC] bruienne: hmm ok
[18:05:46 UTC] swy: ha! Poof! It's gone.
[18:06:06 UTC] diwanicki: got the /Users "feature" on my machine, but chalked it up to my machine being the punching bag/whipping post/alpha test platform/victim of my coding skilz
[18:06:09 UTC] dokihara: i still have /Users on 10.9.3
[18:06:11 UTC] dokihara: but no FMM
[18:06:18 UTC] Nick_ZWG: dokihara: There's a theme here...
[18:06:33 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Seems to be iTunes 11.2 + FMM that does it
[18:06:43 UTC] swy: and disabling FMM != return of Users
[18:07:04 UTC] diwanicki: 10.9.3 and itunes 11.2 on same install pass, FMM is enabled
[18:07:07 UTC] hfike: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/hidden-users-folder-result-of-itunes-11.2-and-find-my-mac-combination-not-1
[18:07:15 UTC] frogor: diwanicki: And you rebooted?
[18:07:19 UTC] chrfr: swy: you'll need to unhide and fix permissions manually
[18:07:20 UTC] diwanicki: ljust for metrics sake
[18:07:34 UTC] diwanicki: of course, due to os update
[18:07:55 UTC] diwanicki: unhid /Users, but haven't rebooted after that, yet
[18:08:12 UTC] *** rtrouton has joined ##osx-server
[18:08:24 UTC] frogor: dirkg: The mechanism is probably related to the encryption keys iTunes stores in /Users/Shared
[18:08:26 UTC] patgmac: setting a fake SUS URL would break AM patching since it relies on softwareupdate to determine what updates are needed.
[18:08:35 UTC] dirkg: mmm
[18:08:39 UTC] dirkg: that is weird
[18:08:39 UTC] dokihara: my /Users is 744
[18:08:42 UTC] diwanicki: personally doesn't bother me if users can't navigate to /Users, as long as they can get to _their_ folders
[18:08:47 UTC] dirkg: well i can test this as well
[18:08:48 UTC] frogor: Why FMM is the trigger though, no idea.
[18:09:03 UTC] dirkg: because i am not updating to 10.9.3 until i get IOKit debugging stuff for 10.9.3
[18:09:20 UTC] Nick_ZWG: patgmac: Oh, so you want to disable the App Store from updates but still allow software update to function?
[18:09:29 UTC] patgmac: yep
[18:09:30 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Hmm, I'll have to look and see what profile options are available for that
[18:09:31 UTC] diwanicki: hmm... my /Users is 777
[18:09:46 UTC] diwanicki: which _I_ don't recall ever doing myself
[18:10:00 UTC] frogor: diwanicki: Well, that is one of the symptoms of the iTunes 11.2 + FMM combo.
[18:10:50 UTC] rtrouton: If it's tied to iTunes 11.2, that would explain why I didn't see the issue until I rebooted a second time following the 10.9.3 update.
[18:11:18 UTC] diwanicki: any consensus on what the preferred perms for /Users should be?
[18:11:19 UTC] rtrouton: I updated to 10.9.3, rebooted, then installed iTunes 11.2.
[18:11:51 UTC] rtrouton: diwanicki: Run a permissions repair with diskutil. That will set the permissions on /Users back to what they should be.
[18:12:37 UTC] *** satchel has joined ##osx-server
[18:12:42 UTC] patgmac: rtrouton: some are saying the fixed perms do not hold after a reboot
[18:12:54 UTC] patgmac: unless PRAM is reset (which seems really odd to me)
[18:13:04 UTC] rtrouton: patgmac: Find My Mac needs to be disabled, then the permissions need to be fixed.
[18:13:07 UTC] sseaton: So, is hiding the /Users directory intentional, or is it a bug? Seems like a bug to me.
[18:13:25 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I filed a bug about it
[18:13:28 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I recommend others do the same.
[18:13:32 UTC] swy: repair permissions sets it back to 755
[18:13:37 UTC] patgmac: rtrouton: WTF really?
[18:13:40 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I'm reasonably certain "Find my Mac" doesn't mean "QUICK HIDE THE USER LIBRARIES"
[18:13:50 UTC] Nick_ZWG: er, USER DIRECTORIES
[18:13:55 UTC] rtrouton: patgmac: Yup. Writing this up now.
[18:14:03 UTC] scriptingosx: iTunes does error out if /Users/Shared is not present or readable
[18:14:31 UTC] sseaton: Nick_ZWG: I will do the same.
[18:14:52 UTC] dirkg: i would assume it recreates it
[18:15:05 UTC] diwanicki: disabled FMM, running diskutil repairperms /
[18:15:11 UTC] diwanicki: will report back
[18:15:51 UTC] sseaton: scriptingosx: I thought the directory was just hidden. The Users directory is actually unreadable?
[18:16:47 UTC] rtrouton: I've written a script to help automate fixing this issue - http://pastie.org/9182464
[18:16:51 UTC] scriptingosx: no, I meant, if someone removes or locks /Users/Shared iTunes will error out at launch, we had that problem recently
[18:16:58 UTC] dirkg: oh
[18:16:59 UTC] diwanicki: Permissions differ on "Users"; should be drwxr-xr-x ; they are drwxrwxrwx
[18:16:59 UTC] diwanicki: Repaired "Users"
[18:16:59 UTC] diwanicki: Permissions differ on "Users/Shared"; should be drwxrwxrwt ; they are drwxrwxrwx
[18:17:01 UTC] diwanicki: Repaired "Users/Shared"
[18:17:07 UTC] *** eholtam has joined ##osx-server
[18:17:32 UTC] sseaton: diwanicki: And you can see the directories now?
[18:17:56 UTC] scriptingosx: I suspect someone added a 'fix' to an iTunes post install script that goes somewhat overboard
[18:18:30 UTC] diwanicki: that did not "unhide", still need to do the chflags nohidden bit
[18:18:37 UTC] rtrouton: Grr. Just noticed I had one too many quote marks in my script.
[18:19:19 UTC] rtrouton: Fixed version - http://pastie.org/9182509
[18:19:21 UTC] patgmac: So is this iTunes causing the problem, or 10.9.3?
[18:19:35 UTC] russeller: sorry, late to the game here. 10.9.3 hides the Users folder?!
[18:19:43 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Seems to be iTunes 11.2
[18:19:45 UTC] rtrouton: patgmac: It's been reproduced on 10.9.2, so it's iTunes 11.2.
[18:20:19 UTC] swy: definitely. I just invoked it with my 10.9.2 / iTunes 11.2 daily driver
[18:20:19 UTC] diwanicki: now with perms repaired, hidden flag turned off, I'm going to turn FMM back on...
[18:20:51 UTC] patgmac: so the problem is iTunes + FMM?
[18:21:15 UTC] patgmac: Any way to detect if FMM is enabled? *looks for an AbMan info item, don't see one*
[18:21:16 UTC] Nick_ZWG: patgmac: Are your users admins?
[18:21:26 UTC] patgmac: Nick_ZWG: some, yes
[18:21:36 UTC] patgmac: Laptop users mostly
[18:21:51 UTC] diwanicki: did not rebreak when FMM turned back on
[18:21:52 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Hmm. There does not seem to be a setting for making the App Store show everything *but* software updates: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5391
[18:22:09 UTC] patgmac: I have FMM enabled and installed iTunes. Don't see the issue.
[18:22:42 UTC] bruienne: I see a number of entries like this when enabling FMM on a system w/ iTunes 11.2: open:entry filecoordinationd /Users
[18:22:47 UTC] patgmac: Nick_ZWG: Thanks for looking. I just need to kick myself for not moving forward with reposado.
[18:22:53 UTC] bruienne: open:entry filecoordinationd /Users/someuse
[18:23:01 UTC] Nick_ZWG: patgmac: You can disable automatic checking, but I don't see a method to prevent a user from getting updates via the app Store without also hobbling softwareupdate
[18:23:13 UTC] patgmac: thanks for checking Nick
[18:24:43 UTC] donmontalvo: nyk: Anyone want a Fandango free gift, one of the Godzilla tracks. One time use, whoever hits it first: REDEMPTION CODE: ddmD9732786092818017; URL: http://link.fandango.com/r/WTQBY8M/V6NWH/CTLU65/EW4JAO2/IYUPC2/3C/h "New Godzilla Movie = Win"
[18:26:09 UTC] frogor: bruienne: "And, last but not least, filecoordinationd. This is the file locking mechanism that makes sure only one app is writing on a file at a time. It’s also the system part of the previously discussed file notification system."
[18:26:16 UTC] frogor: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/an-apple-developer-explains-how-icloud-is-broken
[18:26:46 UTC] bruienne: frogor: yeah I read about it in the past, I recall
[18:26:50 UTC] bruienne: that's probably where
[18:27:32 UTC] frogor: Looks like it's used in conjunction with NSFileAccessArbiter
[18:27:50 UTC] bruienne: yeah lots of ubd action too
[18:28:28 UTC] bruienne: also for some reason, it's ditto'ing from /S/L/User Templates to /Users/Guest
[18:30:08 UTC] frogor: Well FMM would do that
[18:30:12 UTC] *** diwanicki has joined ##osx-server
[18:30:14 UTC] bruienne: right
[18:30:46 UTC] diwanicki: fix DID NOT survive a reboot
[18:30:57 UTC] bruienne: diwanicki: with FMM on?
[18:31:02 UTC] diwanicki: correct
[18:31:04 UTC] bruienne: ok
[18:31:10 UTC] dknuth: frogor: stupid iCloud.
[18:31:11 UTC] bruienne: yeah it's actively doing $stuff
[18:31:19 UTC] diwanicki: going to try keeping FMM off until after reboot
[18:31:59 UTC] *** zdw has joined ##osx-server
[18:32:08 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[18:32:52 UTC] frogor: swy: Can you confirm that on an affected machine with iTunes 11.2, that adjusting /Users permissions doesn't survive a reboot?
[18:33:10 UTC] frogor: Or anyone else?
[18:33:24 UTC] swy: frogor: I'll need to reboot my production machine... oh wait, I could break this one, I think.
[18:33:27 UTC] * swy looks
[18:33:35 UTC] bruienne: I'm testing on a VM right now
[18:33:50 UTC] bruienne: frogor: by survive you mean with FMM still enabled, or disabled
[18:34:09 UTC] frogor: With FMM still enabled.
[18:34:20 UTC] frogor: Ideally, with FMM enabled, it'd be nice that it didn't keep re-hiding.
[18:34:34 UTC] diwanicki: ran rtrouton's script with FMM off, rebooting with FMM off. brb
[18:34:54 UTC] frogor: Hahah, I called it / was right re: what happened with that SCCM wipe
[18:34:57 UTC] frogor: http://it.emory.edu/windows7-incident/
[18:35:04 UTC] frogor: "A Windows 7 deployment image was accidently sent to all Windows machines, including laptops, desktops, and even servers. This image started with a repartition / reformat set of tasks."
[18:35:25 UTC] frogor: "As soon as the accident was discovered, the SCCM server was powered off – however, by that time, the SCCM server itself had been repartitioned and reformatted."
[18:35:44 UTC] adamcodega_: Called it right?
[18:35:48 UTC] *** diwanicki has joined ##osx-server
[18:35:52 UTC] adamcodega_: I thought we knew it was SCCM but unsure if it was malicious.
[18:35:59 UTC] patgmac: That reminds me, want to check how many times they used my MDT server
[18:36:05 UTC] frogor: Oh I knew it wasn't malicious, I immediately saw how it went down in my head :)
[18:36:13 UTC] diwanicki: fix held thru reboot, as long as FMM was off
[18:36:34 UTC] Nick_ZWG: "So, we were without our preferred methods for deploying images to desktops/laptops all yesterday and relied on older methods – USB + Ghost, LANDesk (we still had our old LANDesk server) + PXE. These methods required a lot of manual work plus our success was uneven with them."
[18:36:37 UTC] * Nick_ZWG cringes
[18:36:42 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Oh god I'm having horrifying memories of 2005
[18:36:45 UTC] adamcodega_: And some idiot is going to say this is why you don't setup SCCM
[18:36:55 UTC] Nick_ZWG: FireWire drives, CarbonCopyCloner...
[18:37:26 UTC] frogor: This is why you don't advertise ZTI imaging task sequences to anything but 'Unknown Computer' on a controlled subnet.
[18:37:32 UTC] patgmac: Nick_ZWG: their Ghost and Landesk images were way too old so they used my MDT server instead. Looks like 274 times so far.
[18:37:39 UTC] Nick_ZWG: patgmac: Wow.
[18:37:42 UTC] diwanicki: as soon as I turn FMM back on, the folders are hidden - no reboot required
[18:37:55 UTC] Frosh: Does that's crazy at emory
[18:37:55 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I feel truly bad for the help desk
[18:38:08 UTC] Nick_ZWG: "It is also important to mention that many configuration settings like printers, drive mappings, etc are set automatically using group policies. If you are experiencing any issues with your PC after it is re-imaged, please be sure to reboot first, which may solve your problems. If issues still exist, please open a support ticket and we will get to you as quickly as possible."
[18:38:16 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Those poor help desk guys have a lot of hours ahead of them
[18:38:29 UTC] frogor: What isn't written there: "If you lost any local data, sorry - it's gone."
[18:38:30 UTC] patgmac: adamcodega_I was saying that long before this incident. :-P
[18:38:50 UTC] bruienne: people must be scared to reboot I bet
[18:39:21 UTC] rtrouton: frogor: I can confirm that, with Find My Mac enabled and iTunes 11.2 installed, the permissions repair does not survive a reboot.
[18:39:40 UTC] frogor: rtrouton: That is horrible :/
[18:39:42 UTC] patgmac: rtrouton: so maybe this is intended behavior?
[18:39:45 UTC] rtrouton: frogor: With Find My Mac disabled, permissions fix survives a reboot.
[18:40:02 UTC] adamcodega_: patgmac: hahah
[18:40:16 UTC] *** nyk has joined ##osx-server
[18:40:36 UTC] adamcodega_: Nick_ZWG: regardless of how it happened, I feel like there's good management there especially in the clear communication on their little page there
[18:40:36 UTC] diwanicki: rtrouton: as long as you don't turn FMM back on...
[18:41:19 UTC] rtrouton: diwanicki: Right. If Find My Mac stays off, permissions fix remains after the reboot.
[18:41:23 UTC] *** nyk has joined ##osx-server
[18:41:49 UTC] diwanicki: rtrouton: and you need to keep FMM off, or the fix is undone - instantly
[18:43:54 UTC] diwanicki: output of console "All Messages" when I turned FMM back on: https://gist.github.com/diwanicki/b304fa1383a748a1c655
[18:44:33 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[18:44:36 UTC] *** ckindley_work has joined ##osx-server
[18:45:19 UTC] dknuth: rtrouton: that sounds like a bug.
[18:45:37 UTC] rtrouton: dknuth: Yup, and an odd one.
[18:46:00 UTC] ckindley_work: Hi folks! I'm having a sudden problem connecting to avahi/netatalk shares on my Xserve. UNIX users cannot connect - the password is accepted, but Finder just reports "Connection Failed". LDAP users can connect successfully. The server logs the UNIX user's session as started successfully.
[18:46:05 UTC] dknuth: Nick_ZWG: I read your quote of patgmac's page where they mention "LANDesk" and misread as "LANrev" and was like "oh god...'
[18:46:20 UTC] *** zdw has joined ##osx-server
[18:46:20 UTC] patgmac: Long live LANrev!
[18:46:28 UTC] dknuth: patgmac: lanrev is best rev
[18:46:39 UTC] ckindley_work: The OSX client console log reports "5/16/14 1:46:34.014 PM sharingd[268]: SDSharePointBrowser::handleEnumerateCallBack returned -6600"
[18:47:36 UTC] patgmac: dknuth: at one of the CAB meetings, I asked why they didn't keep the name LANrev and both Martin and Tim rejoiced and said "Thank you!". Marketing wanted the AM name.
[18:48:10 UTC] patgmac: It became a running joke. Stephen joked about kicking me out of the CAB.
[18:48:14 UTC] bruienne: I hear it took a while to decided between Relative and Absolute
[18:48:22 UTC] bruienne: *decide
[18:49:45 UTC] hfike: crap…i think itunes 11.2 was included in my autodmg build
[18:49:54 UTC] *** JoeWollard has joined ##osx-server
[18:50:49 UTC] patgmac: hfike: mine too, just rebuilt a few hours ago. But not seeing hidden /Users on the image itself. Haven't tried deploying image yet. (but then again, it needs FMM to be enabled for the problem to appear)
[18:51:22 UTC] *** foigus has joined ##osx-server
[18:51:25 UTC] hfike: patgmac yeah, probably wont show up until user logs in and enables it
[18:51:41 UTC] *** jon_wolfsc has joined ##osx-server
[18:52:27 UTC] swy: frogor: 10.9.2 + iTunes 11.2. Enabled FMM, /Users promptly disappeared. chflags nohidden returned it, fixing permissions via disk utility. Reboot up next.
[18:52:57 UTC] hfike: i go back and forth whether i want to include updates in my autoDMG builds...
[18:53:12 UTC] jaharmi: dknuth: the best rev is "hg log --rev tip"
[18:53:15 UTC] hfike: it save a little time I guess, and usually there is no downside
[18:53:30 UTC] rtrouton: Posted my script to the following location, along with a payload-free package - https://github.com/rtrouton/rtrouton_scripts/tree/master/rtrouton_scripts/unhide_users_and_fix_permissions
[18:54:14 UTC] jaharmi: wait, does iTunes by itself trigger anything?
[18:54:38 UTC] frogor: jaharmi: On 10.9.3 and 10.9.2, it triggers /Users hiding when Find My Mac is enabled.
[18:54:43 UTC] frogor: may be 10.9.x in general.
[18:55:00 UTC] frogor: Outside of that, haven't seen /Users vanish with just iTunes (no FMM)
[18:55:10 UTC] frogor: Pretty sure it has to do with the 'Guest' account mechanism with FMM
[18:55:16 UTC] frogor: Somehow interacting with a iTunes 11.2 update
[18:55:23 UTC] dknuth: patgmac: I agree, it's easier and makes more sense
[18:55:32 UTC] dirkg: shouldn't this be in the postflight scripts?
[18:55:36 UTC] patgmac: Anyone remember the iTunes update a LONG time ago (version 1.2 or so) that DELETED the users home folder? It was only out for about 20 minutes.
[18:56:07 UTC] foigus: patgmac: Yeah, had to do with the lack of quoting
[18:56:13 UTC] swy: frogor: yup, after reboot, /Users is definitely gone again.
[18:56:49 UTC] Nick_ZWG: patgmac: I remember that
[18:56:52 UTC] dknuth: swy: wat?
[18:56:54 UTC] Nick_ZWG: how horrifying
[18:57:06 UTC] *** dgretch has joined ##osx-server
[18:57:08 UTC] dirkg: #thisiswhysandboxingisgood
[18:57:13 UTC] *** dgretch has parted ##osx-server
[18:57:40 UTC] ckindley_work: Huh, actually my Time Machine AFP share doesn't appear at all. Sigh, what a day.
[18:57:57 UTC] swy: dknuth: yeah. Neat, eh?
[18:58:05 UTC] dirkg: frogor is this itunes itself, or the update scripts?
[18:58:13 UTC] swy: so... what is changing visibility of /Users on reboot?
[18:58:37 UTC] * ckindley_work laughs. Time Machine gave itself bad permissions.
[18:58:39 UTC] dknuth: swy: but, how...what...why...
[18:58:40 UTC] dknuth: *sighs*
[18:59:06 UTC] *** metropolio has parted ##osx-server
[18:59:29 UTC] hfike: hopefully apple release a KB soon letting us know if this is a new feature…or maybe 11.2.1 will be released
[19:00:20 UTC] swy: if they want to call it a feature, at it least needs to be consistent. This is a bug.
[19:00:26 UTC] hfike: just ran a repo sync…iTunes 11.2 has been deprecated
[19:00:34 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[19:00:57 UTC] hfike: WARNING: Product zzzz031-2404 (iTunes-11.2) in branch production has been deprecated. Will use cached info and packages.
[19:01:20 UTC] bruienne: just looking at what itunes 11.2 installs.. not a whole lot
[19:01:52 UTC] hfike: unless i am reading that wrong…looks like apple is pulling 11.2/
[19:01:53 UTC] Nick_ZWG: hfike: Haha wow
[19:01:55 UTC] Nick_ZWG: That was quick.
[19:02:44 UTC] thurstylark: So, I heard that Mac Mail has a chance of deleting emails off the server when removing the account from the computer. Has anyone had this happen?
[19:02:54 UTC] hfike: frogor @harryfike !
[19:03:02 UTC] frogor: Ah, perfect, thanks :)
[19:03:09 UTC] *** Golby has joined ##osx-server
[19:03:11 UTC] dknuth: hfike: uhhhh, >.>
[19:03:12 UTC] dknuth: great.
[19:03:17 UTC] dknuth: I already installed iTunes 11.2
[19:03:24 UTC] * dknuth sighs
[19:03:35 UTC] dknuth: so what did they do to home folders again?
[19:03:37 UTC] Nick_ZWG: dknuth: It's okay, it's not like iTunes has a history of bad updates that erase people's hard dri- oh, wait
[19:03:43 UTC] frogor: hahah
[19:04:24 UTC] bruienne: Nick_ZWG: hater.
[19:04:34 UTC] dknuth: bruienne: if I had an alternative that worked with my iPod...
[19:04:35 UTC] dknuth: :P
[19:04:47 UTC] rtrouton: Just posted on the iTunes / Find My Mac issue. Please take a look and see if I've gotten any details wrong - http://derflounder.wordpress.com/2014/05/16/users-folder-being-hidden-with-itunes-11-2-installed-and-find-my-mac-enabled/
[19:04:52 UTC] hfike: oh wait…is there a new 11.2
[19:05:13 UTC] hfike: looks like they pulled one from yesterday and added a new 11.2
[19:05:33 UTC] frogor: hfike: Be curious to see if that one has the same issue.
[19:05:47 UTC] hfike: hmmm...
[19:07:53 UTC] *** kernelpanic has joined ##osx-server
[19:07:53 UTC] hfike: yeah Product ID: zzzz031-2404 is pulled…not sure when that happened though
[19:08:19 UTC] hfike: Product ID: zzzz031-02945 and Product ID: zzzz031-02946 are the new ones from today
[19:08:37 UTC] josh-miller: so what I found out with TeamViewer is the data string they use for PermanentPassword changes even if you use the same password so clearly there is some kind of encryption happening that I'm not sure how to replicate so the deployment solution I was using previously will probably no longer work
[19:08:43 UTC] hfike: although that might not be new news…i didn't pay attention when they showed up
[19:08:56 UTC] bruienne: looks like the current installer pkg for it was created today at 1 AM
[19:09:01 UTC] bruienne: EST in my case
[19:09:11 UTC] bruienne: or EDT, whatever the heck we are
[19:11:26 UTC] bruienne: iTunesX and iTunesAccess were re-rolled
[19:11:40 UTC] bruienne: by the look of the pkg
[19:11:53 UTC] Nick_ZWG: "Downloading 19099312"
[19:11:57 UTC] Nick_ZWG: dammit hfike this is your fault
[19:12:07 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Literally, this time, because I only started a new sync because you mentioned it
[19:12:12 UTC] frogor: hah
[19:12:17 UTC] hfike: :(
[19:12:20 UTC] Nick_ZWG: oh wait, I meant "Downloading 190993126 bytes..."
[19:12:36 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Welp, looks like I'll have new iTunes on Monday
[19:12:55 UTC] dirkg: LOL
[19:13:20 UTC] dknuth: good, downloading all the iTunes i see
[19:13:55 UTC] rtrouton: iTunes....fricking iTunes.
[19:14:02 UTC] bruienne: iTunesXPatch.pkg
[19:14:16 UTC] dknuth: rtrouton: isn't it always?
[19:14:54 UTC] rtrouton: I still remember when I had an iTunes update take out one of my OD replicas, back in the 10.5.x days.
[19:15:02 UTC] bruienne: I betcha it was an XPC service
[19:15:03 UTC] bruienne: com.apple.iTunesLibraryService
[19:15:19 UTC] rtrouton: "OK, an iTunes update. No big deal...." *BOOM* "Ugh...."
[19:15:47 UTC] swy: new policy: all iTunes updates are guilty until proven innocent.
[19:15:47 UTC] diwanicki: rtrouton: post looks good
[19:16:44 UTC] diwanicki: I wish we could exclude iTunes, but its "bundled" and required as part of the OS... grrr... IE lawsuit-esque
[19:17:41 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I don't know what I would do without natewalck's "removeDeprecatedProducts.sh" script
[19:17:46 UTC] Nick_ZWG: (I still think that should be integrated into reposado)
[19:17:49 UTC] diwanicki: bugged as #16944529
[19:18:00 UTC] natewalck: Nick_ZWG: I forgot about that ;)
[19:18:06 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I use it regularly
[19:18:16 UTC] Nick_ZWG: There's a lot of fun scripts I have in reposado
[19:18:20 UTC] Nick_ZWG: and aliases
[19:18:22 UTC] Nick_ZWG: like repotuil
[19:18:22 UTC] hfike: Nick_ZWG not sure what natewalck 's script does, but what about repoutil --purge-product all-deprecated
[19:18:31 UTC] natewalck: I thought that did the same
[19:18:37 UTC] natewalck: it is kind of a hidden option
[19:18:48 UTC] chrfr: Just downloaded iTunes from apple and got 11.2 (115) while I had (114) earlier
[19:18:55 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I thought purge-product all-deprecated just kills deprecated products from the drive directly
[19:19:04 UTC] hfike: crap…gots to go…head to D.C.
[19:19:05 UTC] hfike: later all
[19:19:06 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Doesn't it complain if you do that while deprecated products are still in a branch?
[19:19:13 UTC] hfike: to be continued on Monday!
[19:19:21 UTC] hfike: Nick_ZWG yeah
[19:20:47 UTC] *** gneagle has joined ##osx-server
[19:22:56 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Ha, of course, once hfike leaves, my download finishes
[19:23:02 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I swear it he's cursing me
[19:23:41 UTC] bwebster: I can pick up where he left off if you'd like :P
[19:24:09 UTC] *** chrfr has joined ##osx-server
[19:24:37 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I'm not asking for volunteers to curse my servers!
[19:24:47 UTC] chrfr: this revised iTunes didnt fix /Users
[19:26:11 UTC] *** nyk has joined ##osx-server
[19:28:18 UTC] Nick_ZWG: chrfr: Oh god, so what other horrible bug did they fix that we didn't discover?
[19:28:23 UTC] *** jjmink has joined ##osx-server
[19:29:02 UTC] patgmac: If anyone is looking…we have an SCCM position open http://emory.jobs/atlanta-ga/systems-engineer-iii-lits/46540933/job/ ;-)
[19:29:13 UTC] bruienne: haha
[19:29:17 UTC] Nick_ZWG: patgmac: Ouch
[19:29:19 UTC] diwanicki: doh!@
[19:29:23 UTC] chrfr: a very good question. I'd have to hope that whatever update that fixes this Users thing gets a new version number so that already updated machines will actually get the update
[19:30:24 UTC] patgmac: Their main SCCM guy left a few months ago to work for the CDC. I wonder if he left himself a back door.
[19:31:47 UTC] bwebster: Nick_ZWG: I just did a speed test on my network for you :P
[19:32:19 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Don't make me come over there
[19:32:39 UTC] bwebster: Nick_ZWG: 625 down, 197 up
[19:32:45 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[19:33:32 UTC] swy: chrfr: you applied the new iTunes to machine with hidden /Users?
[19:34:00 UTC] chrfr: swy: I applied it on a machine that I'd shut off FMM and fixed
[19:34:11 UTC] chrfr: it hid /Users just as (114) did
[19:34:25 UTC] *** satchel has joined ##osx-server
[19:34:34 UTC] *** jbush has joined ##osx-server
[19:34:57 UTC] swy: triggered by re-enabling of FMM?
[19:35:05 UTC] chrfr: swy: yes
[19:35:17 UTC] *** jjmink has parted ##osx-server
[19:35:45 UTC] swy: But since you say fixed, this machine had the 114 build installed previously, right?
[19:35:51 UTC] chrfr: right
[19:36:09 UTC] chrfr: so presumably Apple found some other problem that needed fixing
[19:36:10 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[19:36:16 UTC] swy: Not a clean test then.
[19:36:48 UTC] chrfr: swy: I suppose not, but there's already an installed base
[19:37:14 UTC] dknuth: Nick_ZWG: I say we gang up on bwebster and take over his office
[19:38:17 UTC] swy: I'm going to test a machine that hasn't seen the upgrade yet, and grab 945/46
[19:42:58 UTC] *** binarydaze has joined ##osx-server
[19:46:39 UTC] frogor: patgmac: If I lived in GA - first I'd move away. But if I didn't do that - then maybe I'd be interested :d
[19:49:06 UTC] *** satchel has joined ##osx-server
[19:49:07 UTC] bruienne: mid-point at 90k? what's the COL out there in GA?
[19:49:39 UTC] *** binarydaze has joined ##osx-server
[19:50:11 UTC] *** adamcodega_ has joined ##osx-server
[19:51:43 UTC] swy: FMM in a VM is a dead end idea due to lack of WiFi, right?
[19:51:58 UTC] eholtam: Has anyone seen the root of the boot drive random change it's rights to 666? drw-rw-rw- 32 root wheel 1156 Nov 1 2013 Macintosh HD
[19:52:02 UTC] dknuth: patgmac: if you'll pay for me to recertify on SCCM and get up to speed, I'll do it. :P
[19:52:21 UTC] dknuth: eholtam: Just a hunch, but I'd suggest calling a Cyberpriest.
[19:52:41 UTC] foigus: eholtam: <churchlady>Could it be.....SATAN?</churchlady>
[19:52:43 UTC] eholtam: I've seen this a few times but very random. Users don't have rights to change this themselves
[19:52:53 UTC] *** CaOsKid has joined ##osx-server
[19:53:01 UTC] dknuth: foigus: we need a young tech and an old tech.
[19:54:02 UTC] *** vmiller has joined ##osx-server
[19:54:07 UTC] *** CaOsKid has joined ##osx-server
[19:54:17 UTC] swy: Installed iTunes 02945/6 on a VM that hadn't seen 114. Enable FMM, poof goes the /Users folder.
[19:54:23 UTC] bruienne: out Apple enterprise support contact replied to a ticket we opened for this, they are aware and have engineering working on it
[19:54:27 UTC] bruienne: hwatever that means
[19:54:49 UTC] dknuth: bruienne: "it'll be fixed in iTunes 12"
[19:55:03 UTC] bruienne: with even more cloud
[19:55:22 UTC] dknuth: yes
[19:55:34 UTC] *** nyk has joined ##osx-server
[19:55:58 UTC] *** ratfynk has joined ##osx-server
[19:56:02 UTC] foigus: bruienne: "Top. Men." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoy4_h7Pb3M
[19:56:08 UTC] bruienne: heh
[19:56:15 UTC] dknuth: foigus: *fistbump*
[19:56:35 UTC] swy: 2nd use of that this week.
[19:56:44 UTC] dknuth: swy: I use it all the time.
[19:56:57 UTC] dknuth: "is someone fixing this bug?" "We have top men working on it." "Who?" "Top. Men.'
[19:58:59 UTC] diwanicki: bruienne: GA cheaper than Austin... but traffic sux worse than Boston
[19:59:20 UTC] diwanicki: and forget public transit - this is the South
[19:59:48 UTC] dknuth: diwanicki: and the heat/humidity...
[20:00:09 UTC] bruienne: I watch TWD, it looks rough
[20:00:26 UTC] diwanicki: true that... but still better than Houston
[20:00:39 UTC] diwanicki: right now its really nice out
[20:01:01 UTC] diwanicki: just the right temp for sitting in trafficwith the windows down, sucking in fumes :)
[20:01:02 UTC] dknuth: diwanicki: oh yeah, but Houston is crappy in general
[20:01:08 UTC] diwanicki: word
[20:01:58 UTC] rustymyers: anyone know how to add Accessibility to menu bar via terminal?
[20:02:03 UTC] diwanicki: I'm a Ft Worth fan myself... but somehow got my self in ATL
[20:02:14 UTC] dknuth: diwanicki: Ft Worth was decent.
[20:02:14 UTC] bruienne: rustymyers: isn't it a menuitem?
[20:03:27 UTC] rustymyers: bruienne: yes
[20:04:52 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[20:05:17 UTC] dknuth: okay, I'm going to go nap. since it's friday and i'm done for the day
[20:05:18 UTC] dknuth: later guys
[20:06:57 UTC] *** metropolio has parted ##osx-server
[20:07:14 UTC] rustymyers: bruienne: should I do something different with it being a menuitem?
[20:08:00 UTC] bruienne: rustymyers: well no, just wondering since it is a menuitem you should typically be able to load them
[20:08:10 UTC] patgmac: diwanicki: you're in ATL?
[20:08:11 UTC] bruienne: but I can't really see where it live
[20:08:18 UTC] bruienne: *lives
[20:08:25 UTC] rustymyers: yeah, I couldn't either. got torun. night all
[20:08:26 UTC] diwanicki: rustymyers: should be doable... defaults write com.apple.systemuiserver menuExtras '/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/UniversalAccess.menu"
[20:08:37 UTC] bruienne: ah there you go
[20:08:41 UTC] bruienne: ^that
[20:08:41 UTC] diwanicki: or something to that effect
[20:08:49 UTC] FireAllianceNX: When I turn on network time using systemsetup, do I need to run another command to actually update the time?
[20:08:58 UTC] diwanicki: its user-level, not system
[20:09:07 UTC] bruienne: yeah a simple "open" will do it even
[20:09:56 UTC] diwanicki: patgmac: yup, Dunwoody, and nope, my SCCM skills are just good enough to cause a repeat even ;)
[20:10:00 UTC] *** jon_wolfsc has joined ##osx-server
[20:10:00 UTC] diwanicki: *event
[20:10:45 UTC] patgmac: diwanicki: I'm not really trying to fill that position. It was tongue in cheek because of http://it.emory.edu/windows7-incident/
[20:11:00 UTC] diwanicki: oh, yeah, I know :)
[20:12:06 UTC] patgmac: I have a feeling they will move away from SCCM. It wasn't a popular choice to being with.
[20:12:11 UTC] dokihara: patgmac: thats insane
[20:12:22 UTC] diwanicki: bruienne: TWD, yeah the opening vignette with the cars scattered all over... pretty much every afternoon
[20:13:04 UTC] diwanicki: SCCM makes me ill, and I'm win7 MCITP
[20:13:25 UTC] diwanicki: complicated just to be complicated
[20:14:36 UTC] *** jbush_ has joined ##osx-server
[20:14:39 UTC] bruienne: diwanicki: man, so jealous =P
[20:15:01 UTC] jaharmi: diwanicki: naw, man, SCCM is awesome. it's not like it takes three years to set up or antyhing! it's totally out of the box.
[20:15:23 UTC] bruienne: out of the box, nay, off the hizzy
[20:15:39 UTC] diwanicki: Whup Whup!
[20:15:43 UTC] Nick_ZWG: That's a lot of hizzy
[20:15:56 UTC] patgmac: "included free, with your campus agreement" <—the only selling point
[20:16:06 UTC] jaharmi: patgmac: um, yeah
[20:16:31 UTC] foigus: patgmac: I've been reminded multiple times this week that "SCCM is free"...
[20:16:35 UTC] patgmac: "free" became over $20k in consulting and serious hardware to support it. And each tech needed a $2500 class.
[20:16:37 UTC] foigus: (in our environment)
[20:16:49 UTC] bruienne: patgmac: and apparently, a shock collar
[20:16:52 UTC] jaharmi: patgmac: plus, as i recall, a jet or ms sql license
[20:16:59 UTC] patgmac: yep
[20:17:01 UTC] bruienne: no! bad tech! no wiping out all computers!
[20:17:07 UTC] dokihara: and CALs do you need CALs
[20:17:14 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Does Java just not work in VMWare Fusion 6 or what?
[20:17:27 UTC] foigus: Newer versions of Java 7 do
[20:17:29 UTC] bruienne: Nick_ZWG: recently it started working again
[20:17:31 UTC] patgmac: dokihara: not that I'm aware of
[20:17:31 UTC] bruienne: I believe
[20:17:32 UTC] bruienne: yeah
[20:17:33 UTC] foigus: 7u41/45-ish
[20:17:34 UTC] jaharmi: patgmac: i was actually pretty impressed with it in many ways, and I think its active directory integration made a lot of sense
[20:17:35 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Java6?
[20:17:37 UTC] bruienne: rtrouton wrote it up
[20:17:47 UTC] bruienne: haha you dreamer. no.
[20:17:53 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Bah.
[20:18:02 UTC] jaharmi: live the dream
[20:18:09 UTC] rtrouton: Nick_ZWG: Java 6 should.
[20:18:13 UTC] rtrouton: Nick_ZWG: What's up?
[20:18:22 UTC] Nick_ZWG: Trying to test out MinecraftEdu deployment and it crashes on launch
[20:19:19 UTC] dokihara: Nick_ZWG: is minecraftEDu free?
[20:19:20 UTC] rtrouton: Nick_ZWG: Can you verify that it's actually trying to use Java 6? I've seen VMware not work with Java 7, if Java 7 was used outside of the browser plug-in.
[20:20:23 UTC] dokihara: ah its 50% off
[20:20:48 UTC] patgmac: Nick_ZWG: can you deploy it to my kids? They seem to love that game.
[20:22:21 UTC] jaharmi: patgmac: autopkg
[20:22:24 UTC] dokihara: Nick_ZWG: oh wait, $41 to run your own server and unlimited clients?
[20:22:26 UTC] dokihara: Nick_ZWG: thats pretty sweet
[20:22:48 UTC] jaharmi: luckily my kids have no current interest in computing or games
[20:23:05 UTC] bruienne: jaharmi: what else is there?
[20:23:05 UTC] jaharmi: they mostly like mud and dirt and catching frogs and running away from voices of authority
[20:23:10 UTC] bruienne: ah
[20:23:42 UTC] adamcodega_: Does anyone remember the hospital device that would shut down if you plugged anything into the USB port?
[20:23:52 UTC] patgmac: I'm thinking of firing up PM at home so I can control my kids usage of their devices.
[20:24:43 UTC] swy: patgmac: why not enroll them in Meraki?
[20:24:48 UTC] gmarnin: later all
[20:24:52 UTC] bruienne: patgmac: that'll be like taming wild horses, once they've tasted freedom you can't restrict them
[20:24:52 UTC] *** hallowee_ has joined ##osx-server
[20:25:15 UTC] patgmac: swy: Not going to learn a new tool to corral 4 kids.
[20:26:03 UTC] patgmac: AbMan allows for dev servers. I could just start "testing at home".
[20:26:37 UTC] bruienne: they will help you test its limits, surely
[20:26:51 UTC] patgmac: Or just enroll them at work. I have more licenses than I know what to do with.
[20:26:54 UTC] *** jbush_ has joined ##osx-server
[20:26:57 UTC] jaharmi: adamcodega_: i don't know but the hospital we were in last year had sweet walkie-talkies
[20:27:13 UTC] adamcodega_: Damn can't find the link.
[20:27:39 UTC] adamcodega_: Co-workers and i were making fun of the picture where someone was charging their phone via the USB port on their restaurant POS terminal
[20:27:43 UTC] patgmac: *looks for AM function to add image of myself laughing when certain actions are attempted*
[20:28:06 UTC] rtrouton: patgmac: That's a very Custom Info Item.
[20:28:31 UTC] donmontalvo: jaharmi: Have them build a Munki server, they should start understanding then.
[20:28:50 UTC] chilcote: Interesting. Enabled FMM on a test Mac, and verified /Users is hidden and o+w. Reformatted and reimaged to a fresh system image, and /Users is still hidden and o+w.
[20:28:56 UTC] chilcote: It appears that enabling FMM adds an nvram entry, "fmm-mobileme-token-FMM," which, naturally, persists between reformats.
[20:29:01 UTC] chilcote: Even after reformatting and reinstalling, this Mac is tied to my iCloud's FMM via this nvram entry, and /Users disappears and becomes o+w.
[20:29:06 UTC] chilcote: If I clear nvram, reformat and restore, then /Users is not hidden and not world writable.
[20:29:10 UTC] chilcote: Even more disconcertinly, the nvram value contains my full name and apple ID. This, I do not like.
[20:29:12 UTC] bruienne: chilcote: wait what.
[20:29:26 UTC] rtrouton: chilcote: Makes sense that Find My Mac is written to NVRAM.
[20:29:29 UTC] *** nikksno has joined ##osx-server
[20:29:33 UTC] swy: woah.
[20:29:35 UTC] patgmac: damn chilcote, you've been busy
[20:30:06 UTC] jaharmi: they were like this: http://vocera.com/vocera-communication-system
[20:30:15 UTC] bruienne: that is wild
[20:30:18 UTC] rtrouton: chilcote: When you boot using the Guest User at the FileVault 2 pre-boot login screen, your Mac (as soon as it gets an internet connection) phones home to Find My Mac.
[20:30:53 UTC] bruienne: well I guess it's not wild, it's been there so far
[20:31:02 UTC] bruienne: but when you have a bug like this it becomes a bit of an issue
[20:31:04 UTC] jaharmi: chilcote: see, i was wondering about that, that's why i asked about the recovery HD earlier
[20:32:00 UTC] chilcote: rtrouton: Yes, but if one does not turn FMM off before (reimaging, SELLING), then it will persist even if the subsequent system does not have FMM activated.
[20:32:01 UTC] jaharmi: but nvram is more writable than the recovery HD, i guess
[20:32:22 UTC] rtrouton: chilcote: Ook. That's a problem.
[20:32:27 UTC] rtrouton: chilcote: Got a bug ID?
[20:32:47 UTC] bruienne: it must've done this up until this point, I'm guessing
[20:32:56 UTC] chilcote: rtrouton: 16944198, updating it now
[20:32:59 UTC] bruienne: only before now no one's really gone too far down the FMM rabbit hole
[20:33:22 UTC] *** bheinz has joined ##osx-server
[20:33:29 UTC] jaharmi: wait for prey to do something with that, hm
[20:34:43 UTC] rtrouton: chilcote: Thanks. Is it cross-posted to OpenRADAR? If possible, I'd like to see the details of what you've found and dupe it.
[20:35:41 UTC] Allister: MagerValp: you hear that iTunes needs an update? I can't get to it until this evening
[20:36:35 UTC] Nick_ZWG: dokihara: Sorry, went afk. Minecraft and MinecraftEdu are not free, no.
[20:36:54 UTC] *** cndiv has joined ##osx-server
[20:37:57 UTC] dokihara: Nick_ZWG: yeah i see. so $41 for the server and $300+ per 25 pak of clients?
[20:38:10 UTC] Nick_ZWG: The server isn't part of the cost, AFAIK
[20:38:17 UTC] Nick_ZWG: We just paid for 25 clients flat
[20:38:23 UTC] Nick_ZWG: And any of them can optionally be a server
[20:38:42 UTC] chilcote: rtrouton: I'll look into openradar. Not sure of the legality there, and I might have to avoid it due to how we are submitting this bug...
[20:39:11 UTC] dokihara: Nick_ZWG: ah $41 is for the custom mod Minecraftedu
[20:39:40 UTC] patgmac: Has anyone figured out if FMM can be managed (detect if enabled and disabled if desired)?
[20:40:20 UTC] rtrouton: patgmac: Outside of System Preferences? I haven't seen a way.
[20:40:21 UTC] Allister: chilcote: when they close it as a dupe, post it to openradar with the dupe!
[20:40:28 UTC] *** MiMMiC has joined ##osx-server
[20:40:44 UTC] Nick_ZWG: My deployment seems to be working okay, but it's a bit fragile
[20:41:05 UTC] *** danajc has joined ##osx-server
[20:41:13 UTC] *** jbush_ has joined ##osx-server
[20:42:09 UTC] *** nyk has joined ##osx-server
[20:42:21 UTC] frogor: Regarding FMM detection
[20:42:32 UTC] *** nikksno has joined ##osx-server
[20:42:33 UTC] frogor: You should be able to see it with: sudo nvram -x -p
[20:42:40 UTC] frogor: You should get a plist dump
[20:42:51 UTC] frogor: Which has fmm-computer-name and fmm-mobile-me-token-FMM listed
[20:42:54 UTC] frogor: If FMM is enabled
[20:43:11 UTC] frogor: (at least - last I knew)
[20:43:12 UTC] bruienne: the token plist remains a bplist in my testing
[20:43:41 UTC] bruienne: i.e. -x won't decode it
[20:43:51 UTC] chilcote: Allister: :)
[20:43:51 UTC] dokihara: mine writes to stdout
[20:43:55 UTC] dokihara: in readable format
[20:44:09 UTC] bruienne: dokihara: not the FMM token though
[20:44:15 UTC] dokihara: oh, i dont have FMM enabled
[20:44:17 UTC] chilcote: frogor: fmm-computer-name is always there
[20:44:23 UTC] bruienne: well derp!
[20:44:24 UTC] frogor: chilcote: What about the token though?
[20:44:30 UTC] bruienne: it goes away
[20:44:32 UTC] patgmac: frogor: looks like fmm-computer-name is there either way, but fmm-mobile-me-token-FMM is only there if enabled
[20:44:33 UTC] chilcote: I always just assumed it was simply computername
[20:44:35 UTC] *** nyk has joined ##osx-server
[20:44:37 UTC] frogor: Ok.
[20:44:40 UTC] frogor: So there's your tell then
[20:44:41 UTC] chilcote: the token gets added when you enable FMM
[20:45:19 UTC] dokihara: yo have to think, what Logic is written to hide the users folder based on FMM token?
[20:45:24 UTC] dokihara: why does that even exist?
[20:46:02 UTC] chilcote: `nvram fmm-mobileme-token-FMM` will show it
[20:46:24 UTC] chilcote: `nvram -d fmm-mobileme-token-FMM` will delete it
[20:46:42 UTC] frogor: Though deleting it out from under the machine without disabling it in system prefs may do ... odd things :)
[20:46:54 UTC] chilcote: true
[20:46:56 UTC] frogor: I mean technically it won't be able to call home.
[20:47:05 UTC] scriptingosx: chilcote: that must be a leftover from an old installation. my rMBP with FMM enabled does not have that nvram entry
[20:47:06 UTC] diwanicki: little scary that can be done without sudo...
[20:47:06 UTC] frogor: But it probably won't keep /Users from re-hiding or whatever the end goal is
[20:47:37 UTC] chilcote: scriptingosx: I'm verifying it by turning FMM off and on. Turn off, the nvram entry disappears. Turn back on, it's back.
[20:47:40 UTC] frogor: Yeah - newer devices may handle this differently.
[20:47:47 UTC] frogor: Don't know.
[20:48:05 UTC] frogor: I'm sure there's some actual configuration setting in the system that you chould check however :)
[20:48:09 UTC] scriptingosx: chilcote: I take that back... that particular Terminal Window was logged in to my server... time to go home, I guess
[20:48:11 UTC] chilcote: Interestingly, it's adding the nvram value without prompting for root. So this is likely a system launch daemon that is looking for a file change somewhere.
[20:48:14 UTC] frogor: (I mean, how does the on/off know that it works?)
[20:48:27 UTC] frogor: exactly
[20:51:20 UTC] dokihara: run fseventer when turning on FMM?
[20:51:48 UTC] bruienne: I ran it, not much to see
[20:52:16 UTC] foigus: dokihara: fseventer wouldn't see it since it's not writing a file
[20:52:22 UTC] bruienne: it's using an XPC
[20:52:26 UTC] bruienne: com.apple.HasTRB
[20:52:41 UTC] bruienne: CopyNVRAMKeys
[20:52:48 UTC] bruienne: fmm-mobileme-token
[20:53:18 UTC] frogor: bruienne: I've been investigating possible ways to monitor XPC communication. It's been interesting so far.
[20:53:46 UTC] *** gneagle has joined ##osx-server
[20:53:53 UTC] bruienne: it has a FMMDebugLogging key
[20:54:07 UTC] bruienne: wonder what TRB stands for
[20:55:15 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[20:56:16 UTC] patgmac: peer review please, enough to properly detect FMM? https://gist.github.com/patgmac/df60195149ec8b28e962
[20:56:33 UTC] *** jbush_ has joined ##osx-server
[20:56:37 UTC] frogor: patgmac: You can ask specifically for that
[20:56:44 UTC] frogor: nvram fmm-mobileme-token-FMM
[20:57:06 UTC] frogor: Not sure what the return code is when you ask for one that doesn't exist.
[20:57:07 UTC] * frogor checks
[20:57:18 UTC] bruienne: 1
[20:57:27 UTC] frogor: Cool. So it does give an error if not there
[20:57:33 UTC] frogor: So you can just check the return code of nvram fmm-mobileme-token-FMM
[20:58:37 UTC] patgmac: I'm not sure how to parse that.
[20:58:38 UTC] patgmac: nvram: Error getting variable - 'fmm-mobileme-token-FMM': (iokit/common) data was not found
[20:58:45 UTC] patgmac: Or returns a long key
[20:58:49 UTC] patgmac: if enabled
[20:58:56 UTC] eholtam: echo $? = error code
[20:59:00 UTC] *** Mikedodge04 has joined ##osx-server
[20:59:40 UTC] bruienne: patgmac: you can just ask for the variable, pipe stderr/out to null and read the exit code
[20:59:50 UTC] bruienne: 1 for not found, 0 for found
[21:00:37 UTC] patgmac: *looks for his bash book*
[21:01:01 UTC] bruienne: > /dev/null 2>&1
[21:01:11 UTC] bruienne: nvram fmm-mobileme-token-FMM > /dev/null 2>&1
[21:01:17 UTC] bruienne: echo $?
[21:01:19 UTC] bruienne: 1
[21:01:25 UTC] patgmac: gotcha
[21:01:25 UTC] bruienne: that's on my Mac, without FMM
[21:01:26 UTC] patgmac: thanks
[21:02:31 UTC] patgmac: I get 0 if enabled or disabled
[21:02:59 UTC] patgmac: I'm lying…disregard that
[21:03:04 UTC] eholtam: 1 if disabled for sure
[21:03:12 UTC] eholtam: 0 if enabled
[21:03:20 UTC] eholtam: confirmed here
[21:03:24 UTC] patgmac: yea, my brain is realizing it's 5pm on a friday
[21:04:04 UTC] jessep2: Why is OS X prompting me for a WiFi certificate if it’s already got a profile that specifies a certificate with EAP-TLS?
[21:04:15 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[21:04:28 UTC] *** nyk has joined ##osx-server
[21:04:31 UTC] adamcodega_: Expiration?
[21:04:55 UTC] jessep2: And then if I do select the certificate there it creates a keychain entry called com.apple.network.eap.user.identity.<ssid> which references that certificate.
[21:05:12 UTC] jessep2: adamcodega_: cert is good, has a good root CA installed, too
[21:05:55 UTC] bruienne: a one-liner can take care of it
[21:05:58 UTC] bruienne: if [[ `nvram fmm-mobileme-token-FMM > /dev/null 2>&1 && echo $?` ]]; then echo "Yep"; else echo "Nope"; fi
[21:06:47 UTC] adamcodega_: jessep2: I shouldn't really be giving advice but, if it's a new network with the same SSID name or someone's spoofing your network..
[21:07:27 UTC] chilcote: opensnoop activity when toggling FMM on/off: /System/Library/PreferencePanes/iCloudPref.prefPane/Contents/XPCServices/com.apple.preferences.icloud.remoteservice.xpc/Contents/MacOS/com.apple.preferences.icloud.remoteservice
[21:07:49 UTC] bruienne: not surprising, a number of XPC services are involved
[21:07:51 UTC] jessep2: adamcodega_: i don’t think so, i can successfully authenticate just fine - it’s just giving me a prompt that’s.. unnecessary
[21:08:01 UTC] *** satchel has joined ##osx-server
[21:09:21 UTC] *** nyk has joined ##osx-server
[21:09:52 UTC] bruienne: dang I gotta run
[21:10:05 UTC] bruienne: keep on sleuthing, I'll bbl
[21:12:29 UTC] *** scriptingosx has parted ##osx-server
[21:20:41 UTC] *** Comsystec has joined ##osx-server
[21:21:49 UTC] *** Matloch has joined ##osx-server
[21:22:20 UTC] *** tjm_jimmy has joined ##osx-server
[21:22:38 UTC] tjm_jimmy: \msg NickServ IDENTIFY tjm_jimmy Sword
[21:23:13 UTC] *** tjm_jimmy has joined ##osx-server
[21:24:20 UTC] adamcodega_: Whoops
[21:24:25 UTC] adamcodega_: Don't worry we all saw *****
[21:24:31 UTC] adamcodega_: ::requisite hunter2 joke incoming::
[21:25:14 UTC] *** JabbaDH has joined ##osx-server
[21:26:10 UTC] swy: I think it was just made.
[21:26:15 UTC] *** jasonborchardt has joined ##osx-server
[21:26:34 UTC] jessep2: huh.. seems to have sorted itself when I put the SetupModes in each payload
[21:26:47 UTC] jessep2: and the container payload, too
[21:27:34 UTC] *** nykquickwalk has joined ##osx-server
[21:29:00 UTC] adamcodega_: Lazy Google: Does Office Mac 2011 have a trial mode?
[21:32:41 UTC] rtrouton: adamcodega_: You can trial Office 365, which includes Office 2011 - http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/try/
[21:32:52 UTC] adamcodega_: Blegh.
[21:32:59 UTC] adamcodega_: I'm pretty 2011 kicks you into a read only mode.
[21:33:09 UTC] adamcodega_: I need to give someone 2011 on a loaner while I fix their trackpad.
[21:33:39 UTC] rtrouton: adamcodega_: Yup. Here's what shows up when you don't have an Office 2011 license - https://derflounder.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/screen-shot-2014-04-09-at-5-38-23-pm.png
[21:35:30 UTC] adamcodega_: How fast can I get through the Office 365 screens?
[21:35:43 UTC] adamcodega_: or does it require nine email sign ups and faxed cover letter
[21:35:56 UTC] bheinz: for all of you tall peoples http://i.imgur.com/Wmt98h3.jpg
[21:36:57 UTC] rtrouton: Heading out. Catch you all later.
[21:37:22 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[21:38:34 UTC] *** adamcodega_ has joined ##osx-server
[21:38:37 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[21:38:39 UTC] *** adamcodega_ has joined ##osx-server
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[21:42:49 UTC] *** \xCC has joined ##osx-server
[21:43:25 UTC] *** gbatye has joined ##osx-server
[21:43:35 UTC] swy: adamcodega_: how fast can you log into your Microsoft ID? presuming you're willing to use your MS ID on the loaner.
[21:44:19 UTC] adamcodega_: swy yeah should just do that
[21:45:00 UTC] swy: but, looks like that ID has to be associated with that product. If not, then sadness.
[21:46:06 UTC] swy: if you have the volume license, /Library/Preferences/com.microsoft.office.licensing.plist is where the identity lives.
[21:47:07 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[21:47:36 UTC] *** Mikedodge04 has joined ##osx-server
[21:47:48 UTC] adamcodega_: I need a VL
[21:47:57 UTC] adamcodega_: We are trying to get people off of Office instead
[21:48:09 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[21:48:25 UTC] swy: people develop irrational attachments to the familiar. Even if it's not awesome.
[21:48:58 UTC] swy: If they were 365 users, logging in with the microsoft id would fix your problem.
[21:49:06 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
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[22:16:53 UTC] * adamcodega gets to do some power planning
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[22:28:05 UTC] gneagle: Anybody still using the Java 6 web plugin?
[22:29:20 UTC] *** vmiller has joined ##osx-server
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[22:38:58 UTC] frogor: gneagle: Not using it here, no. Why do you ask?
[22:39:29 UTC] gneagle: Looks (maybe) like Apple has disabled it once again...?
[22:43:12 UTC] *** vmiller has joined ##osx-server
[22:43:22 UTC] *** bheinz has joined ##osx-server
[22:43:47 UTC] frogor: Oh, like another security update? Interesting.
[22:43:54 UTC] frogor: New Safari maybe in 10.9.3?
[22:44:15 UTC] gneagle: Or just 10.9.3 in general
[22:44:19 UTC] frogor: Yeah
[22:49:12 UTC] *** tbridge has joined ##osx-server
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[23:25:57 UTC] tbridge: my God.
[23:26:02 UTC] tbridge: did you all see the Emory incident?
[23:26:03 UTC] tbridge: http://it.emory.edu/windows7-incident/
[23:31:56 UTC] *** vmiller has joined ##osx-server
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[23:39:18 UTC] jessep2: wall of text - what happened?
[23:39:38 UTC] jessep2: ahh: A Windows 7 deployment image was accidently sent to all Windows machines, including laptops, desktops, and even servers. This image started with a repartition / reformat set of tasks.
[23:41:25 UTC] jessep2: yeah, wow.
[23:41:56 UTC] *** charms has joined ##osx-server
[23:42:37 UTC] *** charms has parted ##osx-server
[23:47:53 UTC] frogor: Yeah. patgmac knows the group
[23:48:03 UTC] frogor: Heard about it from him first/second hand.
[23:48:16 UTC] frogor: They advertised the Task Sequence to re-image to 'All Systems'
[23:48:22 UTC] frogor: ... which includes the SCCM server itself
[23:48:37 UTC] frogor: And the first thing it did was reboot into a locally downloaded WinPE and run a diskpart clean command :/
[23:48:42 UTC] *** ctdawe has joined ##osx-server
[23:49:30 UTC] jessep2: well.. i guess they got to test their DR policy efficacy :)
[23:49:48 UTC] frogor: jessep2: Which, from that article, sounds like they didn't have one ....
[23:49:56 UTC] frogor: No actual backup of the SCCM server apparently.
[23:50:05 UTC] frogor: I think patgmac said it was running in a VM that they didn't snapshot ...
[23:50:27 UTC] frogor: So they tried to use an old imaging system that they had (complete with old images)
[23:50:30 UTC] frogor: Oh.
[23:50:39 UTC] frogor: He also shared a job posting for an SCCM administrator there :)
[23:50:42 UTC] frogor: If anyone is interested ;)
[23:50:52 UTC] jessep2: hah
[23:51:01 UTC] frogor: http://emory.jobs/atlanta-ga/systems-engineer-iii-lits/46540933/job/
[23:52:30 UTC] jessep2: crazy
[23:52:30 UTC] chilcote: ouch
[23:52:54 UTC] frogor: They probably didn't actually fire someone, mind.
[23:53:03 UTC] frogor: Is that their primary SCCM architect left in Feb.
[23:53:13 UTC] frogor: Sounds like they've decided to refill the position.
[23:55:06 UTC] *** wildeep_ has joined ##osx-server
[23:55:14 UTC] ctdawe: frogor Hard lesson learned, sounds like.
[23:56:21 UTC] *** matt____ has joined ##osx-server
[23:56:57 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server