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[00:01:17 UTC] bruienne: frogor: thanks, it's definitely a learning experience
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[00:26:03 UTC] keeleysam: anyone have a package or nopkg for licensing fusion?
[00:27:51 UTC] gneagle: ?
[00:28:03 UTC] gneagle: I thought there was a supported deployment method
[00:28:08 UTC] gneagle: (for Fusion)
[00:28:19 UTC] frogor: There is
[00:28:35 UTC] gneagle: http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=2058680
[00:28:35 UTC] frogor: echo <valid Fusion 4 or Fusion 5 license key (25 character key plus the hyphens)> > /Applications/VMware\ Fusion.app/Contents/Library/'License Key.txt'
[00:28:35 UTC] frogor: sudo /Applications/VMware\ Fusion.app/Contents/Library/'Initialize VMware Fusion.tool' set
[00:28:42 UTC] frogor: That was 4 and 5, not sure on 6
[00:29:14 UTC] frogor: Oh yeah, during deployment
[00:29:20 UTC] frogor: Thought you meant post
[00:30:01 UTC] keeleysam: i guess it would be both, too bad about it having to go inside the .app
[00:30:04 UTC] frogor: This was the other:
[00:30:08 UTC] frogor: http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1009244
[00:30:28 UTC] frogor: But not sure if that's applicable to 6.
[00:30:32 UTC] gneagle: keeleysam: Why not just deploy a properly configured deployment pkg?
[00:31:14 UTC] keeleysam: because that requires a deployment package to be created, which can be avoided
[00:31:35 UTC] gneagle: Then use frogor's method
[00:31:37 UTC] keeleysam: also i'm going to finish writing my fusion autopkg recipe
[00:32:26 UTC] gneagle: Looks like you could write a recipe to make licensed deployment pkgs.
[00:32:47 UTC] gneagle: It's just editing some files inside the pkg bundle...
[00:34:10 UTC] frogor: keeleysam: Jesse got back to me again - he's apparently a little happy that I'm famliar with OS X, Windows, and Linux
[00:34:10 UTC] keeleysam: or you can just deploy the .app, and have a post flight put the license in and run the init tool
[00:34:24 UTC] frogor: keeleysam: And then he got GvR to email me.
[00:34:31 UTC] keeleysam: ORLY
[00:34:37 UTC] keeleysam: i had no idea!
[00:34:43 UTC] frogor: Heh. Bastard :)
[00:34:58 UTC] keeleysam: come down and check it out!
[00:35:07 UTC] frogor: Yeah. I might come down mid-Dec.
[00:35:12 UTC] frogor: Between holidays.
[00:35:22 UTC] keeleysam: sounds good to me :D
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[00:36:10 UTC] keeleysam: we _do_ have just as many linux machines as windows!
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[00:36:52 UTC] frogor: keeleysam: What OS, primarily?
[00:37:01 UTC] keeleysam: ubuntu :-/
[00:37:14 UTC] keeleysam: or.
[00:37:21 UTC] keeleysam: i should say, the OS is Linux!
[00:37:22 UTC] frogor: Not so bad. Ubuntu I'm heavily familiar with.
[00:37:31 UTC] frogor: Sure. The userspace / desktop experience is Ubuntu :p
[00:37:33 UTC] keeleysam: the distro is ubuntu!
[00:37:36 UTC] frogor: Right.
[00:38:06 UTC] keeleysam: i also have a chrome book pixel on my desk that i'm installing windows XP on
[00:38:58 UTC] frogor: lol
[00:39:11 UTC] frogor: Poor little thing.
[00:40:22 UTC] keeleysam: chrome os sucks.
[00:40:38 UTC] DialsMavis: damned straight it sux
[00:40:45 UTC] keeleysam: i'm not sure which is a worse computer, the Cr-48 or the Pixel
[00:41:07 UTC] keeleysam: it only has a 32GB SSD, so I'm going to ruin it with XP
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[00:46:11 UTC] DialsMavis: ruin=improve
[00:46:20 UTC] DialsMavis: in this context :)
[00:51:03 UTC] DialsMavis: can I just say that this is strange http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5359?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
[00:51:39 UTC] DialsMavis: why apple doesn't enable 'server perf mode' by default when you install server.app is strange to me
[00:52:47 UTC] percisely: DialsMavis because it is cheap. some joe shmo is going to install it without reason, then complain that their machine is slow.
[00:53:12 UTC] percisely: why they took away the GUI for it in 10.8… dunno.
[00:53:21 UTC] DialsMavis: good point, that's fair
[00:53:55 UTC] percisely: but I fully agree it is strange
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[01:00:05 UTC] tackittj: DialsMavis: that server perf mode is very odd. thanks for sharing. I just enabled it on my netboot server
[01:01:40 UTC] DialsMavis: yeah I know right? However, as some of my coworkers mentioned, if your services are being run by a 3rd party software (non server.app services) then serverperfmode will negatively affect your non-server.app services
[01:21:05 UTC] boyonwheels: DialsMavis: How would perfmode negatively impact non-server.app services? Perfmode doesn't do anything for server.app (that I know of), it does kernel tuning.
[01:21:54 UTC] boyonwheels: This is what it does: http://opensource.apple.com/source/xnu/xnu-2422.1.72/bsd/dev/unix_startup.c
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[01:24:03 UTC] DialsMavis: well, afaik, any services that are run/launched by 3rd party softwares (in our case, Aspera media server, Men&Mice DNS, Portfolio Server) are considered as 'user processes' and therefore would have less resources dedicated to them
[01:24:48 UTC] boyonwheels: This still applies, too.
[01:24:48 UTC] boyonwheels: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3854
[01:25:14 UTC] boyonwheels: Without server perfmode enabled it won't scale those limits
[01:25:41 UTC] boyonwheels: Ahhh.... I see. Re: 'user processes'.
[01:26:55 UTC] DialsMavis: Well I must admit that my knowledge of this isn't entirely comprehensive. This is just what I deduced. but thanks for that link, I'll look into it further
[01:28:59 UTC] percisely: boyonwheels the thread on discussions you answered about this is interesting https://discussions.apple.com/message/22511268#22511268
[01:30:36 UTC] boyonwheels: Yep! The perfmode stuff is one of those hidden makes me mad things in OS X.
[01:30:54 UTC] DialsMavis: oh totally, very annoyingz
[01:31:37 UTC] boyonwheels: Time for me to sign off. See you all later.
[01:31:45 UTC] DialsMavis: peas
[01:32:21 UTC] DialsMavis: time for me to eat some lunch. Back later
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[02:01:02 UTC] jaharmi: keeleysam: how are you handling authentication for a fusion recipe?
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[02:39:36 UTC] josh-miller: hello room so I got everything working on the server but the Gateway Manager still doesn't seem to work it just spins when opening so I can't run diagnostics I was wondering if anyone has any ideas?
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[03:01:18 UTC] josh-miller: anyone?
[03:08:18 UTC] marczak: its___Mick: I'm around now -- and will be paying more attention tomorrow.
[03:08:56 UTC] its___Mick: Oh I just wanted to say thanks I got CrankD setup up managing network connections and it is really nice
[03:09:16 UTC] DialsMavis: josh-miller we might need more detail. Although are you picking up from a previous conversation with the room?
[03:10:43 UTC] josh-miller: DialsMavis: I'm sorry I thought the message went through but maybe not I'm having issues with Gateway Manager since upgrading to 10.9. When opening it it just sits and attempts to connect with the message "Searching for Gateway Controller". I have uninstalled it completely and reinstalled it to no avail
[03:12:03 UTC] marczak: its___Mick: oh, great!
[03:12:31 UTC] its___Mick: yeah its going to be great improvement for end user experience
[03:12:41 UTC] marczak: that's the goal
[03:20:13 UTC] josh-miller: so does anyone have any suggestions?
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[03:47:59 UTC] DialsMavis: hmmm… I think the problem is that you're running Mavericks ;-)
[03:48:21 UTC] DialsMavis: sorry just j/k, hmmm let me look into that. I haven't used 10.9 server yet
[03:49:21 UTC] DialsMavis: can you see/ping the Gateway?
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[04:37:41 UTC] DialsMavis: looks like I missed josh-miller :-(
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[05:03:37 UTC] mosen: hey nbalonso
[05:03:46 UTC] mosen: i was looking for info on caching server and found your blog :)
[05:04:16 UTC] nbalonso: hi mosen
[05:04:39 UTC] nbalonso: that is the most famous post in the blog
[05:05:18 UTC] mosen: hehe
[05:05:33 UTC] mosen: because its really the only info beyond the server administration document
[05:05:53 UTC] nbalonso: most of the times I just throw stuff there, so I can go back when I forget :)
[05:06:52 UTC] mosen: im interested in finding out the detail of the registration process
[05:08:06 UTC] nbalonso: what are you planning? porting it to linux or something?
[05:08:25 UTC] mosen: i doubt that would ever be legit
[05:08:48 UTC] mosen: but mav server is new to me, so i like learning about how these services operate
[05:09:02 UTC] mosen: since everything is a bit of a black box
[05:09:24 UTC] mosen: except the usual services like postfix/dovecot imap etc
[05:10:54 UTC] nbalonso: indeed. with caching they don't tell much
[05:11:50 UTC] nbalonso: you could sniff the traffic between the caching server and http://suconfig.apple.com/
[05:12:02 UTC] nbalonso: to see the actual negotiation
[05:13:44 UTC] natewalck: Evening
[05:13:52 UTC] DialsMavis: yo
[05:14:16 UTC] nbalonso: hi natewalck
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[05:28:43 UTC] nbalonso: anyone using mosh? http://mosh.mit.edu
[05:29:36 UTC] DialsMavis: no but looks pretty interesting though
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[05:56:41 UTC] natewalck: nbalonso also check out gsh
[05:57:07 UTC] natewalck: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/gsh
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[06:25:19 UTC] DialsMavis: bye all
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[07:08:20 UTC] keeleysam: jaharmi: don't need it :)
[07:24:05 UTC] kbotnen: nbalonso, I use mosh.
[07:24:18 UTC] kbotnen: but there are some weirdness with remember the buffer on macs
[07:24:57 UTC] kbotnen: which is quite irritating.
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[08:00:44 UTC] labin: morning, everyone
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[08:05:42 UTC] Creops: hey
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[08:13:12 UTC] _TB_: morning
[08:14:28 UTC] nbalonso: kbotnen is that with the predicting buffer or the actual data buffer ?
[08:19:57 UTC] Mac_Write: Morning
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[09:37:22 UTC] kbotnen: nbalonso, it synchronize the state of the terminal, not the scrollback. so you loose scrollback. sorry about being unclear. its scrollback that you loose :)
[09:37:33 UTC] kbotnen: in version 1.2 at least
[09:42:46 UTC] kbotnen: When doing "Save as pdf -file" I get version PDF version 1.4 when Im doing it from a browser, but only 1.3 when doing it from word? anyone know how this feature is implemented?
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[10:13:21 UTC] nbalonso: kbotnen thanks for the clarification
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[14:00:26 UTC] bruienne: morning
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[14:10:14 UTC] Carsten__: good morning!
[14:10:28 UTC] Carsten__: or good evening, euro-admins
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[14:15:05 UTC] Carsten__: What's up with the enrollment profiles in Server 3.0? I'm getting error -67693 when trying to enroll a device, anyone of you too?
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[14:26:02 UTC] gneagle: Whose is this? http://ci.autopkg.org
[14:27:23 UTC] MagerValp: Registrant Name:Timothy Sutton
[14:27:24 UTC] MagerValp: ?
[14:27:25 UTC] kbotnen: its tvsuttons?
[14:27:42 UTC] kbotnen: or someone inpersonating him?
[14:28:07 UTC] gneagle: You'd think with a new baby at home he wouldn't have time for stuff like that...
[14:28:43 UTC] gneagle: http://autopkg.org redirects to the GItHub.io page
[14:29:55 UTC] marczak: on some level, a new baby *gives* you time :-)
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[14:30:24 UTC] foigus: Does Apple Remote Desktop's (perl) kickstart script not play by the rules of 10.9 cfprefsd? It seems to internally generate plists and write them wholesale.
[14:31:10 UTC] rtrouton: foigus: It wouldn't surprise me. Kickstart predates cprefsd by quite a while.
[14:31:17 UTC] marczak: yeah - no surprise
[14:31:38 UTC] gneagle: AND IT"S PERL.
[14:31:50 UTC] gneagle: That should tell you lots
[14:32:43 UTC] marczak: It's been a while since ARD itself has *really* been updated.
[14:32:45 UTC] foigus: welp, I think that added another line to my first-boot ARD configuration script.
[14:33:07 UTC] foigus: marczak: Yeah, I remember the graph of versions of ARD over time from MacTech 2012
[14:33:15 UTC] marczak: hahahah
[14:33:37 UTC] marczak: yeah - he even reused that for a talk at LISA, but not quite with the same reveal.
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[14:35:27 UTC] marczak: gneagle: funny...I was recently cleaning out a bookshelf and the two books I got rid of were Perl books.
[14:35:48 UTC] marczak: been a while...and at this point, I could just search for whatever I'd need to know.
[14:36:01 UTC] tvsutton: gneagle: That's the thing that sends me (probably too many) e-mails when recipes start breaking. Or, unfortunately, when GitHub has a hiccup.
[14:37:19 UTC] tvsutton: Next step would be to have it also run jobs for all the 3rd-party recipes..
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[14:38:33 UTC] tvsutton: While I'm off work, I seem to actually have more free time in the mornings, until mom and baby wake up. But I probably should be using that time to bank some more sleep..
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[14:45:52 UTC] tbridge: don't underestimate the power of sleep :)
[14:45:54 UTC] bruienne: tvsutton: congrats again btw, crazy times for you I'm sure
[14:46:00 UTC] tbridge: and yes, congrats :)
[14:46:33 UTC] tbridge: trying to rebuild router configs between crying jags is no fun on less sleep, I can attest ;)
[14:46:36 UTC] bruienne: I've consoled myself to the fact that I will not get any decent sleep until the last one leaves for college
[14:46:40 UTC] bruienne: in about 15 years from ow
[14:46:44 UTC] tbridge: heh
[14:46:45 UTC] bruienne: *now
[14:47:27 UTC] tvsutton: Thanks. It's amazing how much easier it is the second time. My 3-year-old still has a long way to recover from her shock at the new arrival, which is probably the biggest adjustment.
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[14:47:57 UTC] bruienne: tvsutton: as bill cosby said, you're not really a parent until you have at least two =)
[14:48:09 UTC] tvsutton: Luckily I have Christmas holidays around the corner once the sleep situation starts to worsen
[14:48:35 UTC] bruienne: yeah good timing
[14:49:29 UTC] rtrouton: bruienne: At least you know where all your kids are going to college. Free tuition for university employees' dependents, right?
[14:49:52 UTC] bruienne: rtrouton: yeah, if they want to stay near mom and dad
[14:50:13 UTC] tvsutton: I guess in the US that's a much bigger factor than here, if they don't get a scholarship.
[14:50:32 UTC] bruienne: my oldest has told us he's planning for Stanford
[14:50:39 UTC] bruienne: I told him good luck with that buddy
[14:50:46 UTC] tvsutton: aw
[14:50:48 UTC] bruienne: do your homework, drink milk
[14:51:01 UTC] rtrouton: bruienne: Just get a job there. ;-)
[14:51:10 UTC] bruienne: rtrouton: I'll get on that =)
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[14:51:29 UTC] bruienne: get a majority vote on where they want to go to school, get job there
[14:51:35 UTC] rtrouton: Yup.
[14:51:48 UTC] bruienne: I think my youngest will vote for Sesame Street College or Monsters U...
[14:51:52 UTC] bruienne: so that might pose a problem
[14:52:11 UTC] rtrouton: I remember my dad telling my sister and me "I'm paying for four years of college."
[14:52:13 UTC] bruienne: yeah, yeah I could replace Big Bird
[14:52:15 UTC] bruienne: cheap shot
[14:52:28 UTC] bruienne: rtrouton: that's a good motivator
[14:52:36 UTC] tbridge: We're actually considering public high school in DC, because then they get in-state tuition everywhere...
[14:52:51 UTC] bruienne: tbridge: as in everywhere in the nation?
[14:52:59 UTC] tbridge: yup
[14:53:06 UTC] bruienne: damn you DCites
[14:53:10 UTC] gneagle: That's bizarre
[14:53:15 UTC] rtrouton: Midway through my junior year, I seriously considered getting my CS degree (which would require another year of school) and I asked my dad if I could go for five years.
[14:53:23 UTC] tbridge: we don't have a (functioning) public university in DC
[14:53:25 UTC] *** swy has joined ##osx-server
[14:53:29 UTC] tbridge: so the District negotiated with the states
[14:53:30 UTC] rtrouton: He said "Sure, go as long as you like. I'm paying for four years."
[14:53:32 UTC] bruienne: tbridge: aren't your public schools sorta kinda not that great? or has that changed?
[14:53:34 UTC] tbridge: I think it's up to about 40
[14:53:35 UTC] tbridge: ?
[14:53:42 UTC] rtrouton: To this day, I have a CS minor.
[14:53:45 UTC] tbridge: bruienne: it's...mix
[14:53:49 UTC] tbridge: mixed.
[14:54:01 UTC] tbridge: There are some killer public charters in our part of town
[14:54:14 UTC] bruienne: ah yeah charters
[14:54:21 UTC] tbridge: and if the boy is bright enough he can get into Wilson or School Without Walls
[14:54:27 UTC] tbridge: and those are top drawer high schools
[14:54:33 UTC] gneagle: tbridge: Ah. So it's not every state. That makes more sense.
[14:55:35 UTC] bruienne: how about sidwell and friends? =D
[14:55:40 UTC] tbridge: "AG dollars cover the difference in the cost between in-state and out-of-state tuition costs at any public institution in the country up to $10,000 per year."
[14:55:46 UTC] tbridge: TAG dollars, rather
[14:55:53 UTC] tbridge: http://osse.dc.gov/service/dctag-get-funding-college
[14:56:20 UTC] rtrouton: tbridge: What about UDC? Did that go out of business?
[14:57:59 UTC] tbridge: UDC is...
[14:58:00 UTC] tbridge: well
[14:58:06 UTC] tbridge: Let's just say I wouldn't send my kid there.
[14:58:12 UTC] tbridge: it's barely a community college.
[14:58:36 UTC] bruienne: high school with ash trays?
[14:59:41 UTC] tbridge: yeah.
[14:59:59 UTC] tbridge: their post BA programs aren't awful
[15:03:41 UTC] zdw: Just to clear my head, is this an accurate characterization of what different tools (munki, DS, etc.) need as platforms in order to run: https://gist.github.com/zdw/7662635
[15:03:42 UTC] *** Tecnico1931 has joined ##osx-server
[15:04:19 UTC] MagerValp: sounds about right
[15:04:54 UTC] zdw: MagerValp: thanks!
[15:07:36 UTC] *** geneic has joined ##osx-server
[15:08:30 UTC] *** chrfr has joined ##osx-server
[15:09:11 UTC] kbotnen: DS doesnt need OS X server. It can run on normal os x, without the server part.
[15:10:19 UTC] MagerValp: true
[15:10:47 UTC] MagerValp: though it's easier to configure and maintain with Server.app
[15:13:06 UTC] shellscript: newegg has 3tb 7200rpm toshiba drives on sale for $105 if anyone is interested. http://www.newegg.com/Special/ShellShocker.aspx?cm_sp=ShellShocker-_-22-149-408-_-11272013_1
[15:15:42 UTC] *** vmiller1 has joined ##osx-server
[15:18:43 UTC] bruienne: that's a lot of storage
[15:19:29 UTC] *** gmarnin_ has joined ##osx-server
[15:19:56 UTC] *** sparr has joined ##osx-server
[15:20:27 UTC] *** flammable has joined ##osx-server
[15:25:01 UTC] *** sparr has joined ##osx-server
[15:28:31 UTC] *** swy has joined ##osx-server
[15:31:45 UTC] bruienne: glad I found the Apple KB that describes disabling auto login with FV2
[15:31:53 UTC] gneagle: tvsutton: Thanks for the post to autopkg-discuss
[15:32:44 UTC] bruienne: and make sure a check and install at startup fires
[15:32:58 UTC] *** swy has joined ##osx-server
[15:32:59 UTC] tvsutton: gneagle: I'm not great at writing coherent long e-mails, but hopefully it helps.
[15:33:36 UTC] gneagle: You did a better job of describing why that was a problematic idea than I had been doing so far.
[15:34:04 UTC] tvsutton: I also could not keep track of exactly what he'd want or expect, though. I still don't understand.
[15:34:07 UTC] gneagle: (At least I think so; we'll see how the original poster reacts)
[15:34:26 UTC] tvsutton: I get the idea, but the specifics are mostly personal preference, IMO
[15:34:31 UTC] gneagle: I felt like what he wanted was "just do what I want"
[15:34:52 UTC] tvsutton: Right. Which is almost impossible with Jenkins unless you're building a Java project.
[15:35:17 UTC] gneagle: Back later -- gotta head into work
[15:35:46 UTC] bruienne: "just do what I want" is not a great starting point for any automation
[15:38:10 UTC] tvsutton: Can't hide from the shell script.
[15:38:37 UTC] tvsutton: bbiab
[15:41:10 UTC] *** sparr has joined ##osx-server
[15:45:45 UTC] *** squirke has joined ##osx-server
[15:47:43 UTC] *** cwesterfield has joined ##osx-server
[15:54:55 UTC] bruienne: Hmm. Can you use linebreaks in pkginfo description keys?
[15:55:50 UTC] *** Allister has joined ##osx-server
[15:55:52 UTC] bruienne: I've been given a multi-line description for our Mavericks upgrades
[15:57:52 UTC] Allister: my new desktop pic for the last week: http://pipegrep.sh
[15:58:27 UTC] *** ctdawe has joined ##osx-server
[15:58:47 UTC] bruienne: heh
[15:58:48 UTC] bruienne: nice
[15:59:11 UTC] *** gneagle has joined ##osx-server
[16:00:50 UTC] bruienne: not Retina-ready, boo
[16:05:34 UTC] *** abbaZaba has joined ##osx-server
[16:18:30 UTC] flammable: wait, there's a .sh TLD? nice.
[16:18:57 UTC] *** Alina-malina has joined ##osx-server
[16:19:05 UTC] Carsten__: If you have more than one account server, how can you specify which server you want to use in the loginwindow?
[16:19:25 UTC] gneagle: flammable: I'd recommend the .py TLD instead.
[16:19:33 UTC] rtrouton: flammable: .sh is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Saint Helena.
[16:19:38 UTC] Allister: Carsten__: ...search path?
[16:19:52 UTC] gneagle: Carsten__: You can't. That's where the search order comes in.
[16:20:05 UTC] Carsten__: ah, thanks greg.
[16:20:18 UTC] rtrouton: .py. For all your Paraguayan domain needs.
[16:20:24 UTC] gneagle: and .py is for Paraguay.
[16:20:29 UTC] gneagle: too late
[16:20:34 UTC] flammable: gneagle: I thought you were joking, but that exists too. Awesome.
[16:21:16 UTC] gneagle: All the two-letter country codes exist as top-level domains.
[16:21:40 UTC] bruienne: ew, $135/yr for .py
[16:21:42 UTC] flammable: rtrouton: I'd love to see a .exe TLD. Chaos!
[16:21:54 UTC] rtrouton: Ha, look like http://www.ba.sh is parked.
[16:22:03 UTC] *** karlmikaeloskar has joined ##osx-server
[16:22:20 UTC] bruienne: oh and they're .com.py and .org.py
[16:22:41 UTC] rtrouton: Ooh. Nobody has registered shell.sh.
[16:23:03 UTC] gneagle: A lot of people ask me what they can do to pay me back for developing Munki/Reposado/createOSXinstallPkg/etc. Here's an idea: take your family to Disney's Frozen this Thanksgiving holiday!
[16:23:25 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: My wife has already informed me that we're going.
[16:23:33 UTC] gneagle: Well, of course.
[16:24:10 UTC] bruienne: gneagle: my kids are going today
[16:24:19 UTC] bruienne: AND we're going to WDW in 2 weeks. debt paid.
[16:24:26 UTC] gneagle: bruienne: By themselves?
[16:24:35 UTC] gneagle: WDW doesn't pay me
[16:24:37 UTC] bruienne: gneagle: if only
[16:24:45 UTC] bruienne: we'd have so much more time to ourselves
[16:25:22 UTC] bruienne: I'm sure they'll enjoy it
[16:25:34 UTC] gneagle: You aren't going?
[16:25:47 UTC] bruienne: <- working
[16:25:50 UTC] bruienne: kids are off from school
[16:25:56 UTC] *** rickardsj has joined ##osx-server
[16:25:58 UTC] gneagle: OK, take them again on Friday.
[16:26:06 UTC] bruienne: man you drive a hard bargain
[16:26:08 UTC] bruienne: ok.
[16:26:27 UTC] bruienne: 87% fresh on rotten tomatoes, nice
[16:27:11 UTC] bruienne: oh Idina Menzel does a voice? is it a musical movie?
[16:30:13 UTC] gneagle: Yes, it's a musical. Some really great songs, too.
[16:30:33 UTC] foigus: gneagle: Does it count if my wife is taking my kids while I work?
[16:30:46 UTC] gneagle: Only if you go later.
[16:32:05 UTC] bruienne: yeah I figured if they hire broadway stars to do voices
[16:32:09 UTC] bruienne: nice
[16:34:51 UTC] gneagle: How many times a week will this Q be asked: https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=9159
[16:35:47 UTC] *** tackittj has joined ##osx-server
[16:36:07 UTC] gneagle: Back in a bit
[16:36:26 UTC] Allister: tvsutton: around?
[16:36:47 UTC] Allister: I'm wondering how to prompt for basic auth as part of my casper processor
[16:37:13 UTC] Allister: rather than storing it obfuscated
[16:38:32 UTC] justinrummel: do multiple people have access to OSX_adm twitter account?
[16:38:55 UTC] Allister: no, I'm pretty sure its a scraper bot
[16:39:13 UTC] Allister: that one guy runs
[16:39:16 UTC] justinrummel: found it odd how it published rtrouton post before rich.
[16:41:34 UTC] rtrouton: It was just faster than me.
[16:41:46 UTC] rtrouton: I manually post my links to Twitter.
[16:42:08 UTC] justinrummel: rtrouton I find it hard to believe ANYTHING is faster at linking items than you.
[16:42:47 UTC] rtrouton: I am but a man of flesh. I can't compete with mechanical instances mindlessly doing their work. :-)
[16:45:09 UTC] *** gneagle has joined ##osx-server
[16:48:47 UTC] *** denmoff has joined ##osx-server
[16:49:10 UTC] tvsutton: Allister: To manually prompt for creds during the run?
[16:49:20 UTC] Allister: yes
[16:49:48 UTC] tvsutton: raw_input() is a built in for doing a prompt
[16:50:40 UTC] Allister: if jenkins/anything automated is going to run this we'd need something more... is this not a common use case?
[16:50:49 UTC] tvsutton: But, you would need to store that somehow so it doesn't ask every time it needs to hit the API
[16:52:16 UTC] Allister: I see where I'd add a pref for the server URL/repo dirs, __init__
[16:52:19 UTC] gneagle: "is this not a common use case" <-- is what? Needing authorization to access a web resource? Not in any autopkg recipe to date...
[16:52:27 UTC] tvsutton: I'd probably just make the processor accept the creds in plaintext via an input variable, if you want to automate it. Since you can define an autopkg API user in Casper it's effectively like an auth token, only used by autopkg.
[16:53:00 UTC] gneagle: Allister: Why would this need to be an autopkg preference?
[16:53:01 UTC] tvsutton: Or, read them from a path if you wish
[16:53:09 UTC] Allister: not sure there's a privs model to limit what parts of the API a user can access
[16:53:16 UTC] tvsutton: That way they aren't necessarily logged in a receipt
[16:53:24 UTC] Allister: gneagle: munki gets a pref, why wouldn't casper?
[16:53:35 UTC] Allister: could be a reusable pref for the repo, but the API URL
[16:53:47 UTC] gneagle: I don't think Munki should have a pref in there, frankly.
[16:53:50 UTC] tvsutton: Allister: I feel like there is granular permissions last time I checked?
[16:54:26 UTC] Allister: tvsutton: it'd obviate the issue if there is, I'll check on it
[16:55:08 UTC] tvsutton: yeah, MUNKI_REPO is a bit of a odd pref, since Munki logic is almost all in Processors
[16:55:44 UTC] tvsutton: But, you also wouldn't want to have to specify it in 20 overrides..
[16:55:54 UTC] gneagle: tvsutton: Right.
[16:56:13 UTC] gneagle: But now that recipes can inherit from other recipes...
[16:56:34 UTC] gneagle: (There's a germ of an idea floating around there somewhere)
[16:56:43 UTC] Allister: but with no 'master overrides' concept I can't say 'with munki, always put any recipes pkg in the testing catalog'
[16:56:52 UTC] *** shellscript has joined ##osx-server
[16:56:52 UTC] Allister: either
[16:57:04 UTC] tvsutton: Right.
[16:57:29 UTC] Allister: therefore my canaries are using both development(munkitools default catalog) and testing (most everything else)
[16:57:43 UTC] tvsutton: Though if catalogs were a top-level key you could override that at the CLI.
[16:57:46 UTC] gneagle: Allister: I don't see that as a big deal.
[16:57:48 UTC] *** klj has joined ##osx-server
[16:57:55 UTC] gneagle: It can be.
[16:58:06 UTC] gneagle: And is in some recipes?
[16:58:19 UTC] tvsutton: I don't think so, at this point.
[16:58:24 UTC] tvsutton: Unless someone else does
[16:58:46 UTC] gneagle: Via variable substitution
[16:59:22 UTC] gneagle: <array><string>MUNKI_DEFAULT_CATALOG</string></array>
[16:59:43 UTC] gneagle: But that prevents multiple catalogs.
[16:59:48 UTC] gneagle: Nothing is perfect
[16:59:58 UTC] gneagle: Everything has privisos
[17:00:23 UTC] gneagle: Otherwise we wouldn't need tools.
[17:04:07 UTC] gneagle: Admins still in denial: https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=9159
[17:05:17 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: Sounds like that shop's management is in denial more than anything else.
[17:05:26 UTC] gneagle: Maybe so.
[17:05:55 UTC] gneagle: But I think the admin doesn't understand the issue well enough to explain it to management.
[17:07:51 UTC] Allister: well he's also using a tool that abstracts 'managed updates' to a group level you need to nest everytime, so all he sees are the 5 versions and can't elucidate how it's do-able with his tool
[17:09:02 UTC] natewalck: morning
[17:09:56 UTC] gneagle: True, Casper makes managing updates harder than it needs to be.
[17:12:23 UTC] *** jlevitsk has joined ##osx-server
[17:13:50 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[17:14:00 UTC] rtrouton: Not necessarily.
[17:14:29 UTC] Allister: ...we're talking the specific use case of 'managed updates', though
[17:14:43 UTC] rtrouton: Set up a smart group in Casper that has the following: Mac has $application, version number is not $desired_version.
[17:15:04 UTC] gneagle: rtrouton: And then change it every time a new update comes out
[17:15:16 UTC] rtrouton: True, you would have to periodically update $desired_version
[17:15:38 UTC] gneagle: And be careful it doesn't do the wrong thing if a machine has version > $desired_version
[17:15:59 UTC] gneagle: And the flow for smart group evaluation is not idea
[17:16:03 UTC] gneagle: ideal
[17:16:50 UTC] gneagle: Does Casper have the same problem as Absolute Manage with software that has version numbers with more than three "parts"?
[17:17:21 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: Not sure what you mean. Can you give an example?
[17:17:29 UTC] gneagle: Example of?
[17:17:45 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: 'software that has version numbers with more than three "parts"'
[17:17:50 UTC] gneagle:
[17:17:53 UTC] gneagle: Has four
[17:17:59 UTC] gneagle:
[17:18:02 UTC] gneagle: Has five
[17:18:18 UTC] gneagle: Absolute Manage gets confused by these.
[17:18:26 UTC] rtrouton: Ah, like Flip4Mac does.
[17:18:30 UTC] rtrouton: I don't think so.
[17:18:32 UTC] gneagle: And Flash
[17:18:41 UTC] gneagle: And many other pkgs
[17:18:55 UTC] natewalck: although it does store it as a string
[17:18:59 UTC] natewalck: and only uses string comparisons
[17:19:02 UTC] natewalck: is like
[17:19:04 UTC] natewalck: is not like
[17:19:05 UTC] natewalck: etc
[17:19:12 UTC] *** jeffroman has joined ##osx-server
[17:19:19 UTC] rtrouton: Yeah, doesn't really matter how long the string is.
[17:19:41 UTC] natewalck: SCCM did the same thing unless you casted it to an integer in SQL
[17:19:42 UTC] natewalck: that was fun
[17:19:44 UTC] rtrouton: That said, I haven't hit a limit with the string comparisions.
[17:19:48 UTC] justinrummel: gneagle rtrouton in the Plug-ins section: Flash Player.plugin 11.9.900.152 /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin
[17:19:53 UTC] natewalck: well
[17:19:53 UTC] justinrummel: so no, not an issue
[17:19:55 UTC] natewalck: they are harder than int ones
[17:20:01 UTC] natewalck: int ones are dead easy
[17:20:04 UTC] natewalck: blah < bleh
[17:20:25 UTC] natewalck: I prefer the int operators as they are more specific
[17:20:59 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: How does Munki handle issues where you're deploying Java 7 and someone in the fleet has Java 8 installed?
[17:21:03 UTC] gneagle: If a former theatre major, writing his first big Python project can figure out how to do proper version comparisons, you'd think the big professional software developers could, too.
[17:21:04 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[17:21:28 UTC] natewalck: rtrouton 8 > 7
[17:21:40 UTC] natewalck: so it wouldn't overwrite it
[17:21:57 UTC] rtrouton: natewalck: Right. But do you get an error? What happens?
[17:22:11 UTC] *** AlexP_ has parted ##osx-server
[17:22:35 UTC] gneagle: compare "10.4.9" and "10.4.11"
[17:22:52 UTC] gneagle: compare "10.9" and "10.9.0"
[17:24:12 UTC] natewalck: rtrouton no error
[17:24:19 UTC] natewalck: because 8 is newer than 7
[17:24:52 UTC] natewalck: if you want to make sure 8 is up to date, you can always import it and have it as a managed_update
[17:24:59 UTC] natewalck: so it updates but does not install
[17:25:02 UTC] rtrouton: OK.
[17:26:01 UTC] gneagle: rtrouton: If the version installed is = or > than the version Munki wants to install, Munki does nothing.
[17:26:21 UTC] rtrouton: OK, that's what I wanted to know. Thanks,
[17:26:21 UTC] gneagle: That's almost always the desired and expected behavior.
[17:26:54 UTC] gneagle: But your specific Q about Java might not be so neat.
[17:27:25 UTC] rtrouton: Because Oracle messes with version numbers?
[17:27:46 UTC] gneagle: That, and also because of the 6-to-7 complications
[17:27:58 UTC] gneagle: Where 6 came from Apple, and 7 came from Oracle.
[17:28:41 UTC] gneagle: A clearer example: You are managing the install of Firefox ESR 17.x, but a machine has Firefox RC 21 installed.
[17:29:03 UTC] gneagle: Munki will not overwrite the newer Firefox with the older one (by default)
[17:29:29 UTC] gneagle: (though there are ways to make it do so if needed)
[17:29:56 UTC] gneagle: It is typically harder to downgrade than upgrade.
[17:30:03 UTC] gneagle: This is not unique to Munki.
[17:33:28 UTC] *** ctdawe has joined ##osx-server
[17:36:50 UTC] denmoff: gneagle: Hi. Will your session at the Mactech conference be available online?
[17:37:01 UTC] gneagle: I don't know.
[17:37:14 UTC] gneagle: If it is, MacTech will charge for it.
[17:37:49 UTC] gneagle: I do know that Matt and I weren't mic'ed, so the audio is likely to be terrible.
[17:37:51 UTC] frogor: gneagle: Did you get your slides in?
[17:38:12 UTC] gneagle: frogor: Yes, during the conference.
[17:38:15 UTC] marczak: the slides are there
[17:38:18 UTC] frogor: Because those would be free.
[17:38:22 UTC] marczak: I haven't seen the video yet
[17:38:33 UTC] gneagle: The slides aren't worth much be themselves.
[17:38:41 UTC] marczak: Ideally :-)
[17:38:56 UTC] frogor: denmoff: So this, then, is the freely available content: www.mactech.com/conference/2013/slides
[17:39:04 UTC] gneagle: 99% of the content of our workshop came out of Matt's and my mouth.
[17:39:08 UTC] marczak: At last check, I think the videos whould be ready by week's end
[17:39:15 UTC] gmarnin_: Learn Python Lab/Roundtable slide are not up
[17:39:22 UTC] frogor: "by Greg Neagle and Matt Schnittker -- Slides Coming"
[17:39:25 UTC] frogor: So it would seem
[17:39:32 UTC] marczak: gmarnin_: I will check that and deal with that today
[17:39:35 UTC] *** jyang has joined ##osx-server
[17:39:39 UTC] gmarnin_: marczak: cool
[17:39:59 UTC] *** sethers has joined ##osx-server
[17:43:41 UTC] denmoff: marczak: Would the Learn Python Lab be an included video?
[17:44:08 UTC] gneagle: denmoff: Where are you located?
[17:44:51 UTC] jyang: any advice for making a naming convention for user machines?
[17:45:03 UTC] *** ryn has joined ##osx-server
[17:45:09 UTC] gneagle: jyang: Anything that makes sense to you.
[17:45:19 UTC] denmoff: gneagle: US.
[17:45:25 UTC] gneagle: Where in the US?
[17:45:29 UTC] denmoff: NJ.
[17:45:42 UTC] gneagle: Planning on going to PSU Mac Admins?
[17:45:54 UTC] denmoff: Not at the moment.
[17:46:00 UTC] denmoff: i could tho.
[17:46:05 UTC] gneagle: You should.
[17:46:15 UTC] denmoff: when is that? May?
[17:46:18 UTC] gmarnin_: denmoff: yes, you should
[17:46:30 UTC] gneagle: Matt and I are proposing a half-day pre-conference session.
[17:46:43 UTC] denmoff: oh. july.
[17:46:47 UTC] gneagle: Python Bootcamp for Sysadmins
[17:46:51 UTC] gneagle: or something
[17:46:52 UTC] gmarnin_: http://macadmins.psu.edu
[17:46:52 UTC] denmoff: nice.
[17:47:05 UTC] gmarnin_: denmoff: I'm in jersey too
[17:47:20 UTC] denmoff: gmarnin: lets carpool. :=;-)
[17:48:03 UTC] gneagle: denmoff: But you should go even if Matt and I aren't there.
[17:48:10 UTC] gmarnin_: I did with last year
[17:48:29 UTC] gneagle: back in a bit
[17:48:36 UTC] gmarnin_: Its a great conf
[17:48:38 UTC] ctdawe: Moved to July this year.
[17:48:46 UTC] ctdawe: Oh, sorry. Catching up.
[17:49:03 UTC] gmarnin_: ctdawe: west coast time
[17:49:09 UTC] ctdawe: Lots of realignment happening in the conference world, though. MacIT's moved off to March.
[17:49:09 UTC] ctdawe: Exactly
[17:49:50 UTC] gmarnin_: denmoff: Were in jersey are you?
[17:50:03 UTC] marczak: July is a bit of a tough time.
[17:50:38 UTC] marczak: particularly for EDU, which MacAdmins serves so well.
[17:51:00 UTC] denmoff: gmarnin_: SJ. Near philly.
[17:51:24 UTC] *** gneagle has joined ##osx-server
[17:51:26 UTC] gmarnin_: denmoff: nice
[17:51:27 UTC] marczak: ...but for us non-EDU people, it's WWDC in June (typically) and (hopefully) some holiday travel.
[17:52:36 UTC] rtrouton: marczak: Planning to attend WWDC this year?
[17:52:53 UTC] marczak: I go every year - with a ticket or not.
[17:53:06 UTC] marczak: There's just too much of a critical mass of people in SF that week to ignore.
[17:53:16 UTC] gneagle: Was sad to see security throw marczak out last year...
[17:53:27 UTC] marczak: There has been a whole ecosystem built up around people that don't have a ticket.
[17:53:27 UTC] gneagle: trying to crash WWDC
[17:53:30 UTC] frogor: :)
[17:54:42 UTC] frogor: Heck, there's even "alt conferences" that have shown up as a result.
[17:54:42 UTC] frogor: http://altwwdc.com/
[17:54:48 UTC] marczak: right
[17:54:51 UTC] rtrouton: WWDC is the only place where I'll be able to access a concentration of FileVault 2 engineers.
[17:54:58 UTC] marczak: also right
[17:55:10 UTC] frogor: rtrouton: Who flee upon seeing you.
[17:55:44 UTC] rtrouton: frogor: They're surprisingly patient with my questions. :-)
[17:55:58 UTC] frogor: Well, technically it is their job :)
[17:56:12 UTC] frogor: But that's good to know.
[17:56:27 UTC] gmarnin_: rtrouton: you don't get thier contact info?
[17:56:34 UTC] marczak: FV engineers have been great
[17:56:41 UTC] *** thejoecarroll has joined ##osx-server
[17:56:55 UTC] gmarnin_: or do they say call me 8000-800-2775
[17:57:12 UTC] rtrouton: gmarnin_: If they offer their contact info, I take it.
[17:57:32 UTC] rtrouton: gmarnin_: It can get complicated though. FV 2 is both crypto and filesystem.
[17:57:37 UTC] gmarnin_: who wouldn't
[17:58:06 UTC] rtrouton: gmarnin_: Sometimes my question is best given to the security engineers, sometimes it needs to go to a filesystem engineer.
[17:58:24 UTC] gmarnin_: rtrouton: right
[17:59:05 UTC] rtrouton: It's always fun when I get the answer "You need to talk to X" and my answer is "X says I need to talk to you."
[17:59:41 UTC] ctdawe: That's the point where you walk Y over to X and say "two engineers enter, one engineer leaves."
[18:01:18 UTC] rtrouton: Yup, somebody's got my answer.
[18:01:18 UTC] frogor: If anyone complains about you using your iPhone: http://i.imgur.com/WkHHpZ1.jpg
[18:01:48 UTC] frogor: Mind you, that didn't exactly happen sitting around a table at dinner ... (often)
[18:03:09 UTC] josh-miller: hello room I was wondering if anyone has experience with using the Apple Service Toolkit on 10.9 as since I upgraded our server to 10.9 I can no longer use the AST. When attempting to open Gateway Manager it just says "Searching for Gateway Controller". I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how I can resolve this.
[18:04:03 UTC] *** percisely has joined ##osx-server
[18:05:08 UTC] *** vmiller has joined ##osx-server
[18:05:15 UTC] ctdawe: Oh please don't let this be Exchange 2003.
[18:07:48 UTC] rtrouton: ctdawe: Whee! You can bring back the glory days of Outlook 2001 - http://www.macworld.com/article/1002578/outlook.html
[18:08:01 UTC] *** gbatye has joined ##osx-server
[18:08:25 UTC] ctdawe: rtrouton I wonder if I can find a Mac OS 9 emulator for iOS 7.
[18:14:13 UTC] *** gbatye has joined ##osx-server
[18:15:50 UTC] *** jyang has joined ##osx-server
[18:17:16 UTC] ctdawe: And we have Exchange 2003! Now is the time in Outlook 2011 deployment when we dance the dance of failure!
[18:18:02 UTC] rtrouton: Oy. IMAP.
[18:18:45 UTC] ctdawe: Yep.
[18:18:54 UTC] gneagle: ctdawe: C'mon -- a ten-year old version of Exchange? Practically modern.
[18:19:57 UTC] frogor: ctdawe: No no, not the dance of failure - the song that ends the Earth. http://art.penny-arcade.com/photos/215543608_oPsC3-L-2.jpg
[18:21:08 UTC] frogor: ctdawe: how about System 7? http://jamesfriend.com.au/pce-js/
[18:21:16 UTC] frogor: Though I haven't tried that from an iOS device yet.
[18:21:44 UTC] frogor: (and it's actually running System 7.0.1 for real :))
[18:22:27 UTC] frogor: Man, how many of us miss menus that you had to click and hold down? ....
[18:22:43 UTC] ctdawe: Small business consulting is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get, but you can be fairly certain that once it's sat in a rat and ant-infested warehouse for 15 years, it won't be pleasant.
[18:23:22 UTC] rtrouton: frogor: Unfortunately, Outlook 2001 requires 8.6 or higher - http://download.cnet.com/Microsoft-Outlook-2001/3010-2367_4-37682.html
[18:23:58 UTC] rtrouton: frogor: "Higher" in this case means "Until Mac OS X 10.4.11, because Classic is gone from 10.5.0"
[18:25:26 UTC] ctdawe: It's fine. I can strap a PowerBook G4 to each of the iPads. That will be perfect.
[18:26:06 UTC] josh-miller: does anyone have any ideas about the Gateway Manager issue I'm having? Any ideas are much appreciated :)
[18:27:02 UTC] frogor: ctdawe: if you really are looking for OS 9 emulation for some reason, there is indeed Basilisk II.
[18:27:09 UTC] frogor: ctdawe: Not that I'd recommend it, but here: http://basilisk.cebix.net/
[18:27:29 UTC] ctdawe: frogor Nah, I'm going to fall back on IMAP for mail.
[18:27:46 UTC] tbridge: frogor: that is *totally* how I feel about Exchange 2003
[18:27:49 UTC] ctdawe: Got this one sprung on me as a "last minute can you write up some instructions for this?"
[18:28:28 UTC] ctdawe: Until I work out with their server admin a little more of what they're doing, the answer is "sorry, I can't."
[18:29:18 UTC] ctdawe: Per usual, email configurations weren't in scope of the first project, so I hadn't gotten to the assessment of existing systems yet.
[18:30:42 UTC] *** jessep2 has joined ##osx-server
[18:33:19 UTC] frogor: Er wait, System 8.6+ required? Gotta go to SheepShaver then.
[18:33:20 UTC] rtrouton: frogor: There's also SheepShaver
[18:33:33 UTC] frogor: http://sheepshaver.cebix.net/
[18:33:41 UTC] frogor: Yeah. That'll go all the way 9.0.4
[18:33:52 UTC] gmarnin_: The Learn Python Lab/Roundtable slides are up
[18:34:13 UTC] gneagle: Fat lot of good they'll do
[18:34:23 UTC] rtrouton: frogor: All the images are now broken, but I have a post on Sheepshaver from 2006 - http://derflounder.wordpress.com/2006/07/01/classic-on-intel-macs-courtesy-of-sheepshaver/
[18:34:38 UTC] frogor: rtrouton: These images aren't :) http://www.redundantrobot.com/sheepshaver-tutorial/
[18:34:47 UTC] frogor: System 9: http://www.redundantrobot.com/macemulator/SystemFolder9.zip
[18:34:57 UTC] frogor: 9 boot image: http://www.redundantrobot.com/macemulator/OS9.img
[18:35:02 UTC] frogor: Anyhoo.
[18:35:38 UTC] rtrouton: frogor: I still have an installer around somewhere that will install a complete SheepShaver setup, including 9.0.4 .img file and ROM.
[18:35:54 UTC] frogor: I've seen this repackaged as "Classic for Intel"
[18:36:44 UTC] *** glarizza has joined ##osx-server
[18:38:14 UTC] frogor: Hah. http://xkcd.com/1296/
[18:39:45 UTC] bruienne: quick question regarding COSXIP - should it bypass FV2 login upon reboot post-install?
[18:40:10 UTC] rtrouton: bruienne: Yes, but that's Apple's fault.
[18:40:22 UTC] bruienne: rtrouton: that's fine in our case, want to make sure that it's supposed to
[18:40:27 UTC] rtrouton: http://derflounder.wordpress.com/2013/10/26/upgrading-your-filevault-2-encrypted-mac-to-mavericks/
[18:40:31 UTC] gneagle: bruienne: No, I don't think it will
[18:40:37 UTC] bruienne: gneagle: oh
[18:40:50 UTC] gneagle: define "post-install"
[18:41:14 UTC] gneagle: Could mean two different things.
[18:41:27 UTC] bruienne: install a COSXIP pkg, reboot
[18:41:43 UTC] bruienne: upon reboot I expect it to go into the installer automatically
[18:41:45 UTC] gneagle: Pretty sure you'll have to unlock the disk.
[18:41:58 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: Nope.
[18:42:23 UTC] bruienne: rtrouton: using Apple's official method of using the installer app bypasses it
[18:42:35 UTC] bruienne: but with the installer pkg obviously not all the same steps are run
[18:42:42 UTC] gneagle: Don't confuse Apple's Install OS X Mavericks.app behavior with CreateOSXinstallPkg behavior
[18:42:48 UTC] bruienne: yeah
[18:42:49 UTC] bruienne: ^that
[18:43:08 UTC] gneagle: They are _similar_
[18:43:12 UTC] gneagle: Not identical.
[18:43:24 UTC] bruienne: yeah
[18:43:31 UTC] gneagle: I reverse-engineered the steps the Lion installer app did
[18:43:35 UTC] bruienne: so the user will have to punch in their FV2 password
[18:43:44 UTC] gneagle: I think so, yes.
[18:43:54 UTC] bruienne: because using authrestart won't change much
[18:43:56 UTC] frogor: Definitely a good 'try it and see'
[18:44:26 UTC] rtrouton: That's what I'm doing now.
[18:44:26 UTC] gneagle: authrestart could work, but someone would _still_ have to provide credentials
[18:44:36 UTC] frogor: Neato. Beer science. Shoot a laser into beer = release suspended CO2. http://i.imgur.com/99mfHag.gif
[18:44:36 UTC] bruienne: a tester just noted that he was asked for his FV2 password
[18:44:47 UTC] gneagle: That's what I'd expect.
[18:53:05 UTC] Allister: no jaharmi in here today?
[18:54:13 UTC] frogor: Not yet today no
[18:54:34 UTC] *** vmiller has joined ##osx-server
[18:55:03 UTC] frogor: natewalck / keeleysam - I *might* be able to come down the weekend of the 13th
[18:55:10 UTC] Allister: it's just keeleysam promised pictures of this chicken and I wouldn't just scrape them from twitter
[18:55:27 UTC] keeleysam: frogor: that's hobbit weekend!
[18:55:41 UTC] bruienne: and related, I recall figuring out that you can't install an OS update while FV2 encryption is in progress.. is that right?
[18:55:47 UTC] keeleysam: Allister: what did I do?
[18:55:48 UTC] natewalck: frogor o rly?
[18:55:49 UTC] natewalck: Sweet
[18:55:51 UTC] natewalck: I'll be here
[18:55:58 UTC] bruienne: someone here is testing on a laptop that is still actively encrypting
[18:56:10 UTC] bruienne: and the Mavericks installer pkg errors out
[18:56:13 UTC] rtrouton: bruienne: I don't believe I tested that.
[18:56:24 UTC] gneagle: bruienne: That sounds about right
[18:56:25 UTC] Allister: sounds like a good safety to have in place
[18:56:25 UTC] rtrouton: Easy enough to test in a VM though.
[18:56:27 UTC] bruienne: rtrouton: yeah us neither, because that's kind of an edge case
[18:56:50 UTC] bruienne: google is not helping
[18:57:41 UTC] frogor: keeleysam: As in you will be elsewhere to see the Hobbit?
[18:57:57 UTC] keeleysam: hah, idk
[18:57:57 UTC] *** percisely has joined ##osx-server
[18:58:06 UTC] bruienne: seems about right though
[18:58:11 UTC] bruienne: bad juju would happen
[18:58:15 UTC] *** head_min has joined ##osx-server
[18:58:22 UTC] bruienne: I can test but first I must eat before I expire
[18:58:27 UTC] keeleysam: frogor: I might have my hobbit feet on that weekend.
[18:58:39 UTC] rtrouton: bruienne: Launching a VM to test the "start encrypting, then start upgrading" scenario.
[19:00:22 UTC] frogor: keeleysam: hahah
[19:00:25 UTC] bruienne: rtrouton: ok cool, I'll be back in a couple, hopefully less hungry
[19:00:33 UTC] frogor: keeleysam: So no fast running - got it.
[19:01:33 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: You're right and I was incorrect about COSXIP-driven upgrades. I did get stopped at the FV 2 pre-boot login.
[19:02:02 UTC] gneagle: I'm performing no authrestart magic, so that's what I'd expect.
[19:03:36 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: For shops that don't like how Apple is feeding an unlock key into memory, COSXIP is a good alternative upgrade method then.
[19:04:50 UTC] frogor: rtrouton: My understanding of authrestart is that for automation, it would require a password in plaintext, right?
[19:05:11 UTC] gneagle: I guess. I don't see it as a big deal, and it's a change that is less confusing to users and more likely to result it successful upgrades.
[19:05:21 UTC] gneagle: frogor: Yes.
[19:05:35 UTC] gneagle: I think authrestart is mostly useless.
[19:05:40 UTC] frogor: And when you use it - does it boot into that account / sign through into it?
[19:05:49 UTC] rtrouton: frogor: It depends. For a user using "fdesetup authrestart", yes.
[19:05:52 UTC] frogor: Or does it just bypass the FV2 login and go to per-user login?
[19:06:16 UTC] rtrouton: frogor: Apple may be using a different method.
[19:07:05 UTC] frogor: Because as an optional install package, having it reboot into another account would be a little disorienting, even if it automatically rebooted back to 'normal' afterwards.
[19:07:12 UTC] rtrouton: frogor: "fdesetup authrestart" will stop you at the OS's login window - http://derflounder.wordpress.com/2012/09/22/fdesetup-authrestart-filevault-2s-one-time-encryption-bypass-feature/
[19:07:18 UTC] frogor: 'k
[19:07:23 UTC] Allister: keeleysam: btw, what do the rss feed stats look like?
[19:07:34 UTC] keeleysam: uhh
[19:07:55 UTC] Allister: there's that service, right? I see it in the stats accessing the feed
[19:08:16 UTC] keeleysam: no stats yet
[19:08:35 UTC] keeleysam: on the free podtrac it takes a day to get starts
[19:08:37 UTC] keeleysam: stats
[19:08:46 UTC] Allister: ah, gotcha
[19:10:49 UTC] rtrouton: bruienne: I've tested in a VM that was in the process of encrypting. When trying to upgrade with a 10.9 COSXIP .pkg, installation fails.
[19:11:32 UTC] gneagle: And then what happens?
[19:11:43 UTC] gneagle: Machine reboots into original OS?
[19:11:53 UTC] gneagle: Machine is hosed?
[19:12:10 UTC] gneagle: Machine keeps rebooting and trying to install the new OS?
[19:14:30 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: I was running the COSXIP .pkg from the desktop. Log available here - http://pastie.org/pastes/8512989/text
[19:14:35 UTC] Allister: keeleysam: see, grahamgilbert is curious about the chicken now
[19:14:47 UTC] Allister: https://twitter.com/grahamgilbert/status/405774330912854018
[19:14:51 UTC] keeleysam: what chicken?
[19:15:00 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: Here's the relevant lines - "Nov 27 14:13:33 troutont-vm2.janelia.priv installd[350]: ./postflight: Cannot install to CoreStorage volume / in the middle of conversion. Current state is: Encrypting."
[19:15:01 UTC] keeleysam: oh
[19:15:11 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: "Nov 27 14:13:33 troutont-vm2.janelia.priv installd[350]: ./postflight: Please wait for conversion to complete, restart, and try again."
[19:15:22 UTC] gneagle: rtrouton: Oh, so it does the right thing.
[19:15:25 UTC] keeleysam: http://www.waltsexpress.com
[19:15:46 UTC] Allister: lulz
[19:15:56 UTC] gneagle: So it's the pkg install that fails, not the OS install.
[19:16:31 UTC] gneagle: Whoever wrote that postflight script was pretty clever.
[19:16:34 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: I'm testing the Install.app next.
[19:16:52 UTC] keeleysam: http://www.waltsexpress.com/downloads/2012%20MENU%20MARCH.pdf
[19:16:53 UTC] gneagle: Even if that works, it doesn't actually matter.
[19:17:01 UTC] keeleysam: i think we got two 24 pc buckets or something
[19:17:35 UTC] gneagle: I will still choose to error if someone tries to install while encryption is occurring.
[19:17:57 UTC] gneagle: (or decrypting)
[19:18:45 UTC] gneagle: Any CSS jockeys here?
[19:19:16 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: It's still good to know if Install OS X.app has the same behavior. If nothing else, Apple's recommended methods won't use COSXIP.
[19:19:20 UTC] frogor: gneagle: I can deal with CSS technical issues why something is rendering wrong or whatnot - but I'm crap for design.
[19:19:36 UTC] gneagle: I'm looking for technical info
[19:20:48 UTC] gneagle: I have an inline-block element that is 8px wide. When position is absolute, it displays correctly, but at the wrong place; if position is relative, it collapses to 2px wide. Why?
[19:21:03 UTC] rtrouton: bruienne: FYI, install fails on encrypting Mac. Log is here - http://pastie.org/pastes/8512989/text
[19:22:59 UTC] frogor: gneagle: Got an exportable sample of said CSS + HTML ?
[19:23:26 UTC] gneagle: too hard to unravel; may need to give you two big files
[19:23:35 UTC] frogor: That would be fine.
[19:25:09 UTC] frogor: But the immediate thing that speaks to me is that as absolute, it's likely inheriting less of the box models of other elements vs. relative - sounds like some other bit of CSS is possibly getting applied / calculated in.
[19:26:06 UTC] gneagle: But try as I might with Safari's web inspector, I can't figure it out.
[19:26:33 UTC] frogor: I'd be more than willing to peak at it.
[19:27:39 UTC] *** boyonwheels has joined ##osx-server
[19:28:24 UTC] *** swy has joined ##osx-server
[19:32:50 UTC] tackittj: gneagle: FWIW my web guy says, "an inline-block element shouldn't act like that, but an inline element would, I think. Can you show us the code?"
[19:34:11 UTC] gneagle: There's a lot to wade through
[19:37:10 UTC] rtrouton: It looks like Mavericks' Install OS X.app will upgrade a Mountain Lion disk which is in the process of encryption. No errors or messages.
[19:37:33 UTC] gneagle: rtrouton: That's cool
[19:40:07 UTC] *** percisely has joined ##osx-server
[19:40:59 UTC] marczak: rtrouton: huh...that's not my experience. Last I tested, the Apple installer bailed if FV wan't 100%.
[19:41:09 UTC] * marczak goes to test again
[19:43:03 UTC] rtrouton: marczak: I'm testing in a VMware Fusion 6.x VM. Not sure if that affects my results.
[19:43:06 UTC] bruienne: ok
[19:43:17 UTC] bruienne: food consumed
[19:43:25 UTC] marczak: rtrouton: Well, OK. I've only tested on 'real' hardware.
[19:43:32 UTC] bruienne: rtrouton: so no dice huh, that's what I recalled
[19:43:38 UTC] marczak: still, the installer should be consistent.
[19:44:06 UTC] gneagle: marczak: The installer has nothing to do with it.
[19:44:26 UTC] * marczak scrolls back
[19:44:41 UTC] gneagle: (Assuming you mean createOSXinstallPkg behavior vs Install OS X Mavericks.app behaviors)
[19:44:57 UTC] gneagle: which is what we were talking about...
[19:45:02 UTC] marczak: I see now.
[19:45:36 UTC] rtrouton: In my testing, createOSXinstallPkg bails when it detects an encrypted drive. Apple's Install OS X Mavericks.app does not appear to have the same behavior.
[19:46:01 UTC] *** wildeep__ has joined ##osx-server
[19:46:42 UTC] rtrouton: Sorry, createOSXinstallPkg bails when it detects an encrypting drive.
[19:47:09 UTC] rtrouton: Drives that are already encrypted are fine.
[19:47:46 UTC] gneagle: Also a decrypting drive!
[19:48:18 UTC] gneagle: Or more generally - a CoreStorage volume that is in the process of "converting".
[19:49:02 UTC] *** gmarnin has joined ##osx-server
[19:50:16 UTC] bruienne: yep
[19:50:20 UTC] bruienne: confirmed here too
[19:50:36 UTC] rtrouton: This should make for an interesting write-up.
[19:50:42 UTC] gneagle: WHy?
[19:51:06 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: The next bruienne can find it on Google that way.
[19:51:07 UTC] gneagle: You all could have just read the createOSXinstallPkg postflight script.
[19:51:13 UTC] *** vmiller has joined ##osx-server
[19:51:20 UTC] gneagle: But you said "interesting".
[19:51:36 UTC] gneagle: It can be written up, but "interesting"?
[19:51:55 UTC] *** Mikedodge04 has joined ##osx-server
[19:52:06 UTC] rtrouton: gneagle: I post, you decide.
[19:53:00 UTC] gneagle: Here you go: https://code.google.com/p/munki/source/browse/Resources/installosxpkg_postflight?repo=installlionpkg#835
[19:53:31 UTC] Allister: rtrouton: lulz
[19:54:16 UTC] Allister: gneagle: it's self-documenting, right?
[19:55:02 UTC] gneagle: No, but I guess my point is that it's not like this is some "discovery"...
[19:56:30 UTC] gneagle: And the bit about requiring a FV unlock is here: https://code.google.com/p/munki/source/browse/README.txt?repo=installlionpkg#153
[19:57:54 UTC] rtrouton: On that note, heading out for Thanksgiving.
[19:58:00 UTC] rtrouton: Catch you all later.
[20:00:23 UTC] *** ryn has joined ##osx-server
[20:07:24 UTC] *** Rabbid has joined ##osx-server
[20:10:07 UTC] *** swy has joined ##osx-server
[20:10:26 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
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[20:31:08 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[20:32:47 UTC] *** alwaysdns has joined ##osx-server
[20:32:57 UTC] alwaysdns: yo
[20:33:03 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[20:33:16 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[20:35:03 UTC] *** metropolio1 has joined ##osx-server
[20:35:23 UTC] natewalck: alwaysdns whats up
[20:35:31 UTC] alwaysdns: hey natewalck
[20:35:41 UTC] alwaysdns: mighty quiet in there here parts
[20:35:53 UTC] natewalck: twas the day before turkey day
[20:36:00 UTC] alwaysdns: I have a bizarre networking problem
[20:36:05 UTC] natewalck: its dns
[20:36:09 UTC] alwaysdns: I wish
[20:36:11 UTC] justinrummel: DNS!
[20:36:11 UTC] natewalck: :)
[20:36:14 UTC] alwaysdns: I said bizarre
[20:36:24 UTC] justinrummel: IPv6 DNS
[20:36:31 UTC] alwaysdns: aaaalwaysdns
[20:36:46 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[20:38:30 UTC] *** metropolio1 has joined ##osx-server
[20:40:20 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[20:40:26 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[20:41:43 UTC] halloweenhead: are the instructions found here https://code.google.com/p/munki/wiki/Xcode still applicable for Xcode 5.0.2?
[20:42:17 UTC] *** metropolio1 has joined ##osx-server
[20:44:03 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[20:44:22 UTC] alwaysdns: have a server that can ping IP's inside its own network. It can ping but not its real IP. Nobody can reach this server via IP. And, of course, it won't resolve any DNS.
[20:45:37 UTC] alwaysdns: everyone else in the network is fine
[20:45:58 UTC] *** metropolio1 has joined ##osx-server
[20:46:14 UTC] alwaysdns: anyone? bueller?
[20:47:01 UTC] Mikedodge04: alwaysdns: how many interfaces does the box have?
[20:47:08 UTC] alwaysdns: two
[20:47:13 UTC] alwaysdns: only one is plugged in
[20:47:46 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[20:47:49 UTC] Mikedodge04: priority set properly?
[20:47:52 UTC] Mikedodge04: oh ok
[20:49:29 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[20:51:16 UTC] *** metropolio1 has joined ##osx-server
[20:52:53 UTC] *** karlmikaeloskar has joined ##osx-server
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[20:59:20 UTC] gneagle: alwaysdns: What's the output of ifconfig -a?
[20:59:56 UTC] *** Branes has joined ##osx-server
[21:00:15 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
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[21:03:09 UTC] alwaysdns: hang on...now I can't see the server at all. <sigh>
[21:03:48 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[21:04:32 UTC] alwaysdns: friggin' mavericks upgrade. BALLS!
[21:05:33 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[21:06:06 UTC] frogor: metropolio: ... we done here?
[21:06:11 UTC] frogor: Don't make me kick you for a bit ;)
[21:07:21 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[21:09:05 UTC] *** metropolio1 has joined ##osx-server
[21:09:19 UTC] gneagle: Better kick that one, too!
[21:09:28 UTC] frogor: Tsk.
[21:09:33 UTC] frogor: Maybe a +b for a min.
[21:09:34 UTC] bruienne: time for a preventive ban
[21:09:43 UTC] bruienne: that.
[21:09:53 UTC] bruienne: stop that client from rejoining
[21:10:14 UTC] bruienne: kicktoy, as we used to say on undernet
[21:10:44 UTC] *** shellscript has joined ##osx-server
[21:12:06 UTC] alwaysdns: wow...frogor has exploding bombs
[21:12:14 UTC] *** mwohlgemuth has joined ##osx-server
[21:12:29 UTC] frogor: alwaysdns: His client seems to be a little problematic :)
[21:13:52 UTC] alwaysdns: a little
[21:13:55 UTC] *** mlg415 has joined ##osx-server
[21:16:19 UTC] * dknuth wakes
[21:16:29 UTC] * dknuth looks around, sees his shadow, predicts 6 more weeks of Munki
[21:18:57 UTC] frogor: gneagle: Ok, so the issue stems from the fact it's an inline span with no content. According to the CSS / HTML model, that should be 'collapsible as needed' and can ignore an assigned width since there's no actual content.
[21:19:04 UTC] frogor: When you go absolute, you ignore that rule.
[21:19:11 UTC] frogor: And width comes into play
[21:19:13 UTC] dknuth: \o/\
[21:19:18 UTC] dknuth: Absolute is there to help :D
[21:19:24 UTC] frogor: hah
[21:19:31 UTC] gneagle: Absolute won't work though
[21:19:44 UTC] gneagle: Because the middle part has variable width
[21:19:44 UTC] natewalck: frogor Adium fail on metropolio?
[21:19:47 UTC] frogor: gneagle: Understood. But I think you can use padding / margin
[21:19:51 UTC] frogor: natewalck: Apparently.
[21:20:02 UTC] frogor: gneagle: So you could do a left/right padding/margin and I think it'll get honored.
[21:20:22 UTC] frogor: Padding is what you'd want
[21:20:24 UTC] gneagle: on the alt-right-cap span?
[21:20:24 UTC] alwaysdns: oh. this is fabulous....client knew it wasn't working so he moved the ehternet cable into the other port. <sigh>
[21:20:30 UTC] frogor: As that would be 'internal' to the alt-right-cap
[21:20:41 UTC] alwaysdns: so when it comes back, gneagle , I will get you that ipconfig
[21:20:52 UTC] alwaysdns: er, ifconfig
[21:20:53 UTC] gneagle: Doesn't matter now, does it?
[21:21:11 UTC] alwaysdns: yeah, it does. It's busted when it's plugged into the proper port. He thought he was helping.
[21:21:22 UTC] frogor: gneagle: Trying out padding-left here did make it 'expand' out. Just would need to find the right tweaks.
[21:22:20 UTC] frogor: Height looks off now, but height doesn't look like it's actually defined.
[21:22:34 UTC] *** Rabbid has joined ##osx-server
[21:23:19 UTC] *** halloweenhead has joined ##osx-server
[21:23:40 UTC] frogor: Oh or.
[21:23:47 UTC] frogor: Might be able to cheat by having it switch to block model.
[21:23:52 UTC] frogor: But in that case, why not just use a div
[21:24:05 UTC] gneagle: height is defined elsewhere
[21:24:34 UTC] frogor: Ah, block moved it down, I see.
[21:25:56 UTC] frogor: Hmm. display: inline-block might work
[21:26:31 UTC] frogor: Yay
[21:26:35 UTC] frogor: That seems to do mostly the right thing.
[21:26:54 UTC] frogor: gneagle: Try that - add in display: inline-block to alt-right-cap
[21:27:44 UTC] gneagle: Nope, screws up the enter span
[21:28:44 UTC] gneagle: Which is odd, because I though ti was inheriting that poperty
[21:29:00 UTC] ryn: is CCC still your favorite disk cloning app?
[21:29:38 UTC] frogor: gneagle: Well, you've got divs mixed in here with spans.
[21:29:47 UTC] gneagle: I don't.
[21:29:50 UTC] frogor: <div class="inner"> ?
[21:29:57 UTC] gneagle: This is Apple html and CSS
[21:30:05 UTC] *** ctdawe has joined ##osx-server
[21:30:06 UTC] frogor: Oh, then Apple does :)
[21:30:07 UTC] gneagle: Trying to leverage as much as possible.
[21:30:11 UTC] frogor: Sure
[21:30:15 UTC] gneagle: I can always tear it all out
[21:30:29 UTC] frogor: gneagle: I noticed with display: inline-block, the 'installed' one worked nicely.
[21:30:34 UTC] frogor: It's just the 'Install' one that doesn't.
[21:30:57 UTC] gneagle: Not here. Both look bad.
[21:31:10 UTC] gneagle: But I might be using slightly different versions of the files
[21:33:07 UTC] gneagle: I probably should just tear it all out and re-implement from scratch.
[21:33:31 UTC] gneagle: Or go back to my original idea, which was to use NSCollectionViews
[21:33:52 UTC] gneagle: Neither approach is a slam-dunk.
[21:34:09 UTC] frogor: gneagle: Oh, wait, my fault. I had forgotten I'd switched to Chrome to diagnose - the render in Safari is indeed busted still. Hrm.
[21:34:09 UTC] *** metropolio1 has joined ##osx-server
[21:34:42 UTC] gneagle: Chrome no good. This is destined for a WebKit web view inside a Cocoa app
[21:34:55 UTC] frogor: Oh I agree, totally my fault there.
[21:35:58 UTC] *** metropolio has joined ##osx-server
[21:36:21 UTC] gneagle: I think a longer ban might be needed
[21:37:37 UTC] frogor: Heh. Agreed.
[21:37:45 UTC] *** metropolio1 has joined ##osx-server
[21:37:52 UTC] natewalck: metropolio1 OMG STOP
[21:37:53 UTC] natewalck: :)
[21:38:50 UTC] frogor: Although, I could have just not kicked him - and let him eliminate himself.
[21:47:09 UTC] frogor: gneagle: Partial - just added into div.multi-button.small span.alt-right-cap {
[21:47:16 UTC] frogor: padding-left: 6px;
[21:47:27 UTC] frogor: Isn't perfect, does need tweaks, but doesn't mess with anything else but itself.
[21:47:34 UTC] frogor: And does come out with a wider end-cap
[21:56:56 UTC] gneagle: Still too tall, but it's progress, and I'll poke at it some more over the break.
[21:57:46 UTC] gneagle: More important of course, is working on integrating JavaScript-to-Cocoa calls and back, and access to the DOM. Sounds tedious.
[21:57:58 UTC] gneagle: Anyway, out. See y'all next week.
[22:30:47 UTC] natewalck: frogor what were you and greg working on?
[23:35:03 UTC] *** Allister has joined ##osx-server
[23:35:22 UTC] *** Branes has joined ##osx-server
[23:35:26 UTC] frogor: Allister: Good, people can get back in.
[23:35:27 UTC] frogor: Weird.
[23:35:51 UTC] *** mosen has joined ##osx-server
[23:36:04 UTC] *** jessep2 has joined ##osx-server
[23:36:05 UTC] *** jessep2 has parted ##osx-server
[23:36:12 UTC] *** jessep2 has joined ##osx-server
[23:36:14 UTC] *** tbridge has parted ##osx-server
[23:36:18 UTC] *** tbridge has joined ##osx-server
[23:36:45 UTC] frogor: Ah, I see what happened. This was sadly inadvertently my fault.
[23:36:47 UTC] tbridge: that oughtta do it
[23:37:10 UTC] Allister: well today's the day to do it
[23:37:23 UTC] tbridge: quiet as church mice
[23:37:36 UTC] mosen: hehe
[23:37:44 UTC] Allister: can someone tell jamf's vp of engineering that favoriting a tweet does not actually respond to it?
[23:38:05 UTC] Allister: like, you actually have to use the keyboard
[23:38:17 UTC] tackittj: Is anyone familiar with ARD issues in 10.9?
[23:38:18 UTC] tbridge: could be they're putting a pin it to come back to it later?
[23:38:33 UTC] tbridge: tackittj I think you mean "plagued by"? ;)
[23:38:43 UTC] tackittj: it's nice to not be alone
[23:38:46 UTC] natewalck: frogor what did you dooooooo?
[23:38:47 UTC] natewalck: :)
[23:38:49 UTC] natewalck: j/k
[23:39:10 UTC] natewalck: brb
[23:39:10 UTC] tbridge: I'm to the point where I feel like I may have to rebuild my entire machine library
[23:40:02 UTC] frogor: lol
[23:40:43 UTC] frogor: What I did was mistype a ban and it tried to interpret a username as channel mode flags.
[23:40:50 UTC] frogor: So it applied any letter it could out of: metropolio
[23:41:06 UTC] Allister: horseshoes and handgrenades
[23:41:20 UTC] frogor: Which turned on: moderated, registered only, paranoid, invite only
[23:41:40 UTC] frogor: t / only ops can change topic was already on
[23:41:47 UTC] tbridge: Oops
[23:41:51 UTC] frogor: Indeed.
[23:42:10 UTC] frogor: I take that back - what I did was free you from your irc shackles.
[23:42:16 UTC] frogor: ;)
[23:42:33 UTC] *** DialsMavis has joined ##osx-server
[23:42:41 UTC] DialsMavis: hi all
[23:42:45 UTC] Allister: was metropolic just freaking out and needed a temp ban?
[23:42:46 UTC] *** ctdawe has joined ##osx-server
[23:43:05 UTC] Allister: DialsMavis: yo
[23:43:09 UTC] frogor: Allister: His client was part/joining like it was going out of style.
[23:43:20 UTC] DialsMavis: so this channel seemed to be invite only for a while there. Has it turned into an exclusive clube?
[23:43:23 UTC] DialsMavis: ;-)
[23:43:32 UTC] frogor: DialsMavis: Yeah, then we decided riff raff was cool
[23:43:34 UTC] DialsMavis: *club
[23:43:51 UTC] mosen: my first thought was that apple had banned technical discussion :)
[23:43:52 UTC] DialsMavis: hahah. yeah down in Australia we're all convict riff raff anyway
[23:43:59 UTC] *** alwaysdns has joined ##osx-server
[23:44:04 UTC] frogor: There we go
[23:44:06 UTC] DialsMavis: so you could always just ban us all based on IP address
[23:44:14 UTC] Allister: jODY_HIGHROLLeR
[23:44:16 UTC] alwaysdns: You like me! You really like me!
[23:44:34 UTC] frogor: alwaysdns: If channels had the opposite of ban, like permawelcome, you'd be on the list.
[23:44:42 UTC] alwaysdns: ::blush::
[23:44:58 UTC] alwaysdns: now somebody tell me why my server isn't connecting to the internet
[23:45:03 UTC] alwaysdns: it's pingable by IP
[23:45:06 UTC] alwaysdns: it can ping IP's
[23:45:08 UTC] frogor: alwaysdns: ... is it DNS?
[23:45:12 UTC] frogor: (I kid)
[23:45:12 UTC] alwaysdns: It cannot resolve DNS
[23:45:15 UTC] alwaysdns: don't kid
[23:45:19 UTC] alwaysdns: not funny
[23:45:33 UTC] alwaysdns: wait - I lied. It can NOT be pinged by IP
[23:45:46 UTC] *** ryn_ has joined ##osx-server
[23:45:56 UTC] frogor: Well, now you're talking about routing or firewalling / traffic intervention.
[23:46:10 UTC] alwaysdns: flat small network
[23:46:20 UTC] alwaysdns: the only change was installing mavericks
[23:46:23 UTC] frogor: Any other computers on same network able to get out?
[23:46:23 UTC] alwaysdns: on everything
[23:46:35 UTC] alwaysdns: all other computers can get out...and their DNS server is the server!
[23:46:45 UTC] alwaysdns: as for firewall....
[23:46:51 UTC] alwaysdns: there is no firewall on this server
[23:46:58 UTC] frogor: Maybe default network route? Multiple interfaces?
[23:46:59 UTC] alwaysdns: as in...no plist for it. nuthin
[23:47:08 UTC] alwaysdns: one LAN interface
[23:47:14 UTC] alwaysdns: I have control of the router too
[23:47:15 UTC] zdw: Does it respond to DNS queries?
[23:47:32 UTC] alwaysdns: no zdw it doesn't. That's how we figured out it had a problem.
[23:47:39 UTC] frogor: What's the configuration on the server? I mean I guess static since it's a server.
[23:47:44 UTC] alwaysdns: I was trying to go inbound and the router won't send traffic to it
[23:47:44 UTC] frogor: Sane gateway and subnet?
[23:48:04 UTC] zdw: Nothing else trying to use the server's IP?
[23:48:05 UTC] alwaysdns: sane? well.....
[23:48:11 UTC] frogor: i mean 'correct'
[23:48:25 UTC] alwaysdns: nope..I changed up the dhcp service to stay far away from the server
[23:48:33 UTC] zdw: Had a misconfigured DHCP range last week which lead to weird "working but not working" behavior.
[23:48:38 UTC] alwaysdns: I'm getting ready to reinstall the OS. I think something's really borked
[23:48:44 UTC] alwaysdns: I even tried the other ethernet port
[23:48:44 UTC] frogor: :(
[23:48:48 UTC] alwaysdns: I know
[23:48:54 UTC] alwaysdns: it's so friggin' frustrating
[23:49:08 UTC] alwaysdns: before the holiday, of course. I'll probably have to work on it all night/tomorrow
[23:49:12 UTC] frogor: Ok. Simple things first. Got another computer nearby you could swap the ethernet? :)
[23:49:14 UTC] alwaysdns: has to be done before I have surgery monday
[23:49:19 UTC] Allister: it's always the MTU
[23:49:22 UTC] Allister: just kidding
[23:49:37 UTC] alwaysdns: Allister: I was actually thinking about that
[23:49:42 UTC] tbridge: got a USB to Ethernet adapter to try?
[23:49:46 UTC] tbridge: or Tbolt?
[23:49:46 UTC] alwaysdns: no
[23:49:50 UTC] alwaysdns: I'm not even onsite
[23:49:51 UTC] alwaysdns: lol
[23:49:54 UTC] zdw: Ah...
[23:50:00 UTC] tbridge: ah
[23:50:05 UTC] frogor: If you could swap ethernet cables with a nearby known-working machine, that would verify the network infrastructure is good and it's a configuration / server issue
[23:50:07 UTC] tbridge: brb, grabbing the dinner.
[23:50:35 UTC] alwaysdns: interesting idea frogor
[23:50:54 UTC] frogor: The machine you swap with would test the cable + router interface of the poor server and vice versa.
[23:51:51 UTC] frogor: (and it would be simple for someone remotely to assist with, ... in theory :):)
[23:51:56 UTC] Allister: the craziest shiz was back in mid-10.6, LACP(bonded ethernet) on Xserve's mysteriously went mute
[23:51:57 UTC] zdw: Is the switch managed?
[23:52:05 UTC] Allister: diskutil repairmepermissions fixed
[23:52:09 UTC] Allister: lie, wtf
[23:52:50 UTC] alwaysdns: no zdw
[23:52:56 UTC] alwaysdns: LOL Allister
[23:53:09 UTC] *** Mac_Write has joined ##osx-server
[23:53:27 UTC] alwaysdns: some days being a sysadmin really sucks
[23:54:07 UTC] zdw: alwaysdns: darn. Having some intelligence in the switch opens a lot remote debug possibilities.
[23:54:25 UTC] zdw: I'd go back to frogor 's suggestion
[23:54:28 UTC] frogor: Also - upgrading to 10.9 (not sure on this one) may have flipped back on IPv6 and if you don't have a IPv6 friendly network but more of a "IPv6 confused" network, I've seen oddness.
[23:54:38 UTC] frogor: (if you'd had it turned off before)
[23:54:47 UTC] frogor: (er, set to link local only)
[23:54:54 UTC] alwaysdns: yeah, I have the owner swapping the machine around and then he'll swawp out cables
[23:55:24 UTC] alwaysdns: oh frogor, my networks are never ipv6 confused. LOL #not
[23:55:29 UTC] frogor: heheh
[23:55:52 UTC] frogor: We've got Cisco gear here and it generally makes nice.
[23:55:57 UTC] * frogor knocks on wood.
[23:56:28 UTC] alwaysdns: nope - ipv6 switch/flip didn't fix
[23:57:06 UTC] Allister: tvsutton: not around, right?
[23:57:32 UTC] frogor: Hah, too bad gneagle left.
[23:57:32 UTC] frogor: http://i.imgur.com/SB2bKZx.jpg
[23:57:52 UTC] Allister: wonder if there's an autopkg recipe example of setting the munki repo
[23:58:09 UTC] DialsMavis: can I just say that the COD podcast made me lol all the way to work this morning.
[23:58:26 UTC] zdw: alwaysdns: can onsite person ping the gateway from the server? Or use ifconfig to see interface stats?
[23:58:29 UTC] DialsMavis: I wish I could've gone to the MacTech conf too
[23:58:48 UTC] Allister: DialsMavis: glad you liked it, wish our quality was a little higher, EQ-wise
[23:59:01 UTC] Allister: I had to do what I could with what I got
[23:59:09 UTC] frogor: Allister: It was a little impromptu :)
[23:59:15 UTC] Allister: a touch
[23:59:24 UTC] * frogor claps like a seal
[23:59:32 UTC] Allister: EDITTTTTT!!!!
[23:59:37 UTC] frogor: DialsMavis: And now you've heard my voice. The internet is strange.
[23:59:38 UTC] DialsMavis: yeah well, aside from being a mac admin/technician I'm also an audio engineer with a specialty in audio restoration